Less than a month separates fans from the season 3 return of FOX’s hit musical series, ‘STAR.’

And, with anticipation only growing as its September 26th premiere approaches, the network is looking to amp excitement for the Lee Daniels-directed drama by unveiling a high octane preview.

Lending hints to some of the happenings of its explosive season 2 finale (which looked to have the fate of a number of major characters hanging in the balance), look inside for your first taste of what the show’s tertiary run is serving:


‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada‘s seeing her name bounce across headlines after a heated, on-screen confrontation with a co-star saw her hurl a racial epithet – a move that’s landed her in hot water with the show’s fans.

CeCe Gutierrez, a newcomer on the series, was the recipient of the attack as she was branded “Lee Lee” by Lozada during the altercation.  Sending viewers into an uproar, Evelyn eventually took to social media to offer an apology for her comment but it appeared to be too little too late as some fans of the VH1 reality TV show are petitioning its executive producer and star, Shaunie O’Neal, to fire her for the infraction.

More inside:


The fun-loving performer Traci Braxton is making positive moves amidst the confusion surrounding ‘The Braxton Family Values.’

The show follows the lives of the Braxton sisters but found itself faced with confusion after its cast walked out over what sources say are problems with how much they are being paid to bare their souls on-screen.

Now, after her sister walked out, Traci has braved the storm by calling on a number of her famous friends to join her (Phaedra Parks being one of them) as she films the show solo.

How she feels about it?

Find out below…


‘Black-ish’ creator Kenya Barris most recently made headlines for a highly publicized departure from ABC, which was followed by the signing of a multi-million dollar Netflix deal.  But, before he brings his exclusive content to the streaming service, he reportedly sold ABC a reboot of classic television comedy series, ‘Bewitched’…with a twist.

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The Democratic party is in need of a major shake up and Viola Davis believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just the woman to make it happen!

Shunned by some more established members of the party who fear her grass roots-based success disrupts their agenda, Ocasio has now learned that the ‘How To Get Away with Murder‘ star wants her to win big and use her expertise to fix race relations in the U.S.

Watch Viola’s glowing endorsement of the authentic political heavyweight below…


Madonna‘s brilliant filmography is the subject of today’s Retro Rewind.

Under the microscope? Her very first movie ‘A Certain Sacrifice.’

In it, the performer plays a wild lady named Bruna who lives with two lovers who assault her when she tells them that she is leaving them for another lover.

What happened next?

Find out below…


Ginuwine is keen to keep his brand fresh and afloat and now intends to do so with help from an unscripted TV shows.


The model Younes has found himself in a spot of legal bother now that footage of himself assaulting a man in front of Odell Beckham Jr and Drake in West Hollywood!

Catch Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend in intense action after the bounce…


Omarosa‘s mission to expose Donald Trump for being the racist she says he is intensified this week as news of Michael Cohen‘s legal woes dominates the mainstream news cycle.

Who she shared fresh thoughts with? Jamal Simmons.

In their conversation, she lifted the lid on his plot to birth a race war, why she isn’t afraid of being harmed by Trump or his powerful supporters and how her book ‘Unhinged’ takes her fans to a journey into her very dark & painful past.

A past, that saw her father murdered and her mother rise above the odds to elevate her children to greatness.

Her inspiring thoughts below…


‘Insecure’ is back for its third season and already has us hooked!

The HBO comedy has struck a chord with millions thanks to its wonderfully witty and immersive take on the story of two friends – Issa and Molly.

Anchored by Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji, the series is set in Los Angeles and follows the ladies as the navigate love, life, and all else in between.

Episode 3 of season 3 airs this Sunday. Peep a preview for ‘Backwards-Like’ below…


Donald Trump‘s supporters were left shaken (and stirred) yesterday when his lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to multiple counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud.

Worrying for Trump, as Cohen claims his campaign finance violations took place because the President asked him to carry them out. Worrying, because using campaign finances for anything other than its intended purpose is a serious crime.

Keen to shed some light on the matter? Omarosa…Trump’s most lethal nemesis. How she did so? By shocking viewers of MSNBC by releasing a video she secretly recorded on the-then candidate’s plane!

Watch the startling footage below…


Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye, one of the stars of the Idris Elba-fronted movie ‘Beasts of No Nation‘ has revealed that he is homeless and has been begging for food and water.

Why? He is yet to receive the money he is owed for the important part he played in the movie.

Why? His representatives- who told him he’d be able to access his money when he turned 18- won’t tell him where said cash is stored.

His story below…


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