‘American Idol’ has silenced the naysayers. Because, after solid ratings and ample advertiser interest, the revived version of the show has earned itself another season at ABC.

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The actress Jada Pinkett-Smith is coming clean about her feud with her peer Gabrielle Union.

What went down?

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LeVar Burton, the star of Alex Haley‘s ‘Roots’, has revealed that he believes Kanye West‘s views on African-American chattel slavery are fuelled by a chemical imbalance.

West surprised his fans (and pleased Far Right groups) when he argued that enslaved Africans must have chosen to remain in the horrific conditions they were forced into by Europeans for 400 years.

Of course, this struck Burton who has fought to educate the masses on the true nature of chattel slavery through art and activism.

His thoughts on West below…


Those who bemoaned the return of ‘Empire’ will be pleased to learn that its smaller, but arguably better, rival ‘Power‘ is to return to the small screen in a matter of weeks for an explosive fifth cycle.

Fuelling the fray? Familiar faces and few ones, powering through storylines built to push the series to higher levels with each episode.

My daughter is dead, someone has to pay for it.



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Meek Mill‘s friendship with Jay-Z is to bear exciting fruit this year now that they have teamed up to create a documentary about the former’s time in prison.

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The nominations for the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, hosted by Tiffany Haddish, are here for your viewing pleasure.

Unveiled recently as a toast to the year’s best offerings in film and television, the awards show’s nod tally was unsurprisingly dominated by box office champion, ‘Black Panther.’  Leading the pack with a whopping seven nods, it’s followed by Netflix hit series ‘Stranger Things’ (which nabbed six).

Before you see who walks away with the ceremony’s coveted trophies on June 18, look below to see who’ll be competing:


The highly anticipated, reimagined take on the classic fairy tale ‘Robin Hood’ saw its trailer hit the net recently.  And, if the critical response is anything to go by, that anticipation has only increased.

Directed by Otto Bathurst, the film – set to hit theaters on November 21 – stars Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx and ‘Kingsman’ star Taron Egerton as the titular character.  Taking to press, Egerton shared:

“It is an origins film,” he explained. “In our version, we see him as a young man who is disillusioned. He’s fighting in the Crusades and he’s actually fighting for the bad guys and doesn’t realize, and he comes back and his eyes are opened, partly through Little John’s [portrayed by Foxx] intervention.”

See the first official trailer inside:

‘Black Panther’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

As fans of the smash hit movie know, the original project came to a total of four hours before it was sliced down to the length we all know and love today.

Fortunately, Marvel is in a generous mood this week and has decided to celebrate the success of the project and its ‘Infinity War’ spectacle by releasing two deleted scenes!

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As the future darkens for the alleged rapist Bill Cosby his wife, Camille Cosby, has lashed out at his victims and those who called for him to be brought to justice.

A startling statement, which even goes as far as to compare the alleged rapist to the slain African-American teen Emmett Till, below…


We have awesome news for fans of the show ‘Empire’!

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Tiffany Haddish is absolutely the name on everyone’s lips.

As if prepping to promote her new film with Kevin Hart, the forthcoming ‘Night School’ (click here to watch the trailer) and learning her TBS sitcom, ‘The Last O.G.,‘ had earned a second season wasn’t enough good news for the comedienne, now she’s rolling out to red carpet to host the 2018 MTV Movie Awards.

When quizzed on what to expect from her hosting skills, Haddish took to press to say:

“I feel very cute and sexy and vibrant and being the first woman to ever host the MTV Movie & TV Awards, it’s a little bit of pressure but it’s going to be a lot of fun,” she said. “…I’m trying to represent everybody in the whole wide world,” she mused. “I’m just going to be myself and I mean, I got a lot of great jokes and a lot of good commercials.”

Look inside to see the first of many promo videos for the awards show (set to air Monday, June 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV):


Serena Williams is back!

Gliding back into the public’s gaze following the birth of her first baby, the superstar athlete and beloved influencer made her way to ABC‘s ‘The View‘ to discuss her life as it is today.

There, she discussed her return to tennis, the joys of motherhood, finding love, her legacy and how she feels about those who seek to tarnish it with baseless insults.

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