‘The Boondocks’ Return A "Strong" Likelihood

Savagely honest, in your face, and insanely funny, ‘The Boondocks’ rocked the Urban arena upon launching in 2005. And for three seasons served up laughs and critical reflection in earnest.

However, 2009 saw the hit series wrap with a bang – after its most stinging season yet (see: Tyler Perry).

And though that was purported to be its final curtain call, speculation has mounted in the years following about a Boondocks revival.

Indeed, cast-members and those affiliated with the Sony Pictures production have routinely teased a comeback. A comeback which is growing increasingly likely, as per the words actress Regina King recently.

Details below…

King, who is the voice of Huey Freeman, said of the show in a radio interview last week:

“I talked to Aaron (McGruder) -the show’s creater- and it looks like they’re working things out. I’m trying to be positive. But you know you say one thing and the next thing you know it just fell apart. But it looks strong like we’re coming back.” {Source}

While we pray up a storm for its safe return, peep a classic episode below!

Your thoughts?




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