Apologies for the slowish updates. Business as usual from here on out. A lot to look forward to this week….the Ashanti and Ne-Yo interviews (definitely) and much more.

Anyway, in an exclusive video blog for our affiliate site, hit-maker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins reveals that Pop starlet Janet Jackson has officially severed ties with label Island Def Jam, after one album – this years’ ‘Discipline’. Check it out:

With Janet having been so vocal about her displeasure with her relationship with the label, this hardly comes as a surprise. Here’s hoping that with the success of Janet’s ‘Rock Witchu’ tour, things are on the look-up for Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty!…).

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As reported, the season premiere of The Tyra Banks Show tackled the issue of skin bleaching. You can watch the full episode below (via World Star Hip-Hop). A very interesting watch, I must say:

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Kanye West Takes Aim At 50 CentIt seems the ‘beef’ between Kanye West and 50 Cent, which culminated in Kanye’s ‘Graduation’ besting ‘The Massacre’ last September, has been reignited as both rappers prep new albums. Check out Kanye’s latest blog which takes jibes at the G-Unit general – who rubbished Ye’s latest single ‘Love Lockdown’ (click here to watch 50 ‘performing’ the song):

just woke up from a quick studio nap… I’ve been workin’ on 808s and Heartbreak about 16 hrs a day and Superman passed out for a little bit… I’m in hawaii but I’m still on NY time so I wake up mad early, do some business, blog, jog for an hour, play ball, eat and then hit the stu by noon. While approving the final cut for the Love Lockdown vid, I marvel at the fact that it was written less than 3 weeks ago. I’m very excited about the everything… I guarantee this will be 50’s favorite album of mine. This will be gangster’s album of the year. {Source}

There’s no doubt this is a ploy to drive sales for both projects. In any case, here’s to Kanye winning ‘Round 2’!

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Danity Kane siren Aubrey O’Day features in the latest issue of Complex magazine. As you can probably tell from the pic from her shoot above, this was no tame feature. See an extract from her interview below (the following contains adult content and may not be suitable for minors….I always wanted to say that LOL…sad I know):

Complex: How many Danity Kane albums are you locked in for?

Aubrey O’Day: Seven, not including holiday and live albums.

Complex: Damn! So that means at least five more to go.

Aubrey O’Day: In a perfect world, that’s what appears to be the case. But, as we all know, this world is not perfect.

Complex: So when people hear you’re best friends with (porn star) Jenna Jameson, they think—

Aubrey O’Day: —I’m going to do sex tapes and porn. Jenna and I never even talk about porn. I think one time Jenna and I had a conversation about having sex on your period.

Complex: Oh, running a red light?

Aubrey O’Day: Yeah. There was some new guy I was dating, and it was the first time we were going to go there, and he was weird about it. So I ask Jenna for advice and she’s like, “Honey, it’s just a little war paint, who cares?”

Complex: You seem to like to talk about sex.

Aubrey O’Day: I love porn.

I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into sex.

Complex: All this porn talk raises the question: Would you ever be in one?

Aubrey O’Day: I wouldn’t. I’d like to keep my sex life personal. I’ve had sex on camera with my boyfriend for fun, though.

Complex: Damn, you know those things can leak, right?

Aubrey O’Day: I’ve made all of them delete it right after we watched it.

Where to start? Wow. Aubrey seems to really be treading the fine line between being honest and being too honest. As for the pic(s) (the rest of which you can see by clicking here), it really does nothing to put an end to the barks of ‘sl*t’ oft directed towards Aubrey. Got to love the girl, though.

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The video for R. Kelly’s new single ‘Skin’ premiered today on Yahoo Music. Of the material I’ve heard from his forthcoming LP ’12 Play: 4th Quarter’ (due unsurprisingly in this year’s 4th quarter), ‘Skin’ has definitely been a personal standout cut. The video isn’t bad either…

What do you think of the song?

New Brandy Promo Pics Check out these promotional shots for Brandy’s forthcoming album ‘Human’ (due November 11th). She looks great!
New Brandy Promo Pics New Brandy Promo Pics

What do you think of the pics?
Check out just a few of the many video submissions our ‘That Grape Juice Wants To Rock Witchu’ competition for the tour’s Chicago & Detroit stops:

You can still enter for this week’s installment of the contest by clicking here! Ends September 22nd. Good luck 🙂

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Chris Brown & Keri Hilson On Set Of 'Superhuman' {Click image to enlarge}
Peep Chris Brown and Keri Hilson getting close on the set of Chris’ video for new single ‘Superhuman’. I’ve had the song on constant rotation since first hearing it, so I’m glad it’s receiving the single treatment. I’m even happier for Keri; for, with her album leaking all over the place, this will allow for more exposure…and hopefully more sales, whenever its released.

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Peep the Pussycat Dolls on the set of the video for their latest single ‘Whatcha Think About That’:

Granted the girls look and move great, it’s a shame can’t be said for the single; Nicole’s voice on the all-round wack track is as jarring as ever. What’s more, upon listening to their forthcoming LP ‘Doll Domination’, I can honestly say that it was complete and utter garbage. Still, with their ‘formula’ being so serviceable, I can see it still selling well regardless. SMH…

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Leona Lewis - 'Nowhere Left To Go (ft. Cassidy)'Singing sensation Leona Lewis is set to re-release her smash hit album ‘Spirit’ this Christmas here in the UK. The Cassidy-assisted ‘Nowhere Left’ to go is set to feature on this version of the album – having been (record for, but) left off the US release.About the mid-tempo track, I’m really liking the fact that Leona isn’t being pigeon-holed in the ballad-only category – the song is very ‘current’. Saying that, the song, though not bad, doesn’t really serve up much of substance; what’s more there is a distinct lack of chemistry between Leona and Cassidy on the track (his part feels kinda ‘phoned-in’). Decent, I guess.

Hit or Miss?

{Link removed as requested}

Jay-Z & Stargate Form LabelWith Jay-Z having just finalized his multi-million dollar deal with Live Nation; reports are circulating that the rapper has formed a new record label with hit-makers Stargate – the duo behind big hits from the likes of Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Usher, Mary J and more:

Hot on the heels of his deal with Live Nation, which reportedly has the live music promotions giant contributing $5 million each year in overhead for five years, $25 million to finance Jay-Z’s external acquisitions and investments, plus $10 million per album for a minimum of three albums within the deal’s term, as well as aanother $20 million for other rights including publishing and licensing, Jay-Z is reportedly in the process of starting a new joint venture project with Norwegian based production crew Stargate.

The Stargate team of Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen will join Jay-Z in the formation of the StarRoc record label imprint. {Source}

There really is no stopping Jay these days, is there? With Stargate on board, it’ll be interesting to see what the label will deliver in terms of artists and overall sound.

Any thoughts?

R&B stars Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson took to the stage the Labelle & Charles: 30th Anniversary – ‘An Evening Of Stars’ this week, a show to honor Patti Labelle’s storied career. Check out a lengthy clip of Fantasia performing ‘Lady Marmalade’ and Jennifer performing ‘Over The Rainbow’ below:

Great performances from both ladies. On a random note, it really does go to show that genuine, raw talent can be found on shows such as American Idol.

Anyway, the full show airs in the US January 24 and 25, 2009 on BET and WGN.

What do you think of the performances?

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