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Amazon UK are giving folks the chance preview Amerie’s ‘In Love & War’ in its entirety. I’m really liking the sound of it, which makes the fact none of the singles are popping off (and the terrible promotion) that much harder to swallow. In any case…

Click here to preview ‘In Love & War’

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Check out this sneak peek of the video for Omarion’s brand new single ‘I Get It In (ft. Gucci Mane)’, the first single to be lifted from his EMI debut ‘Ollusion’ (due January 12th 2010). In what comes as news to me, Omarion is apparently ‘The King of Dance’, according to this clip. Undeniably talented, I’m definitely thinking it’s a case of (him and his team) ‘speaking it into existence’ and hoping it sticks. Yet the very fact I did a massive ‘WTF’ when seeing that (as I’m sure many others did) means there’s a way to go before ol’ Omari can be claiming such titles. Sensing I’m going a lil off topic (lol), the video doesn’t look bad.

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Following her headline grabbing performance on the UK version of the X-Factor, diva Whitney Houston made a special appearance tonight on the Italian incarnation of the show to perform ‘Million Dollar Bill’.

Having watched this one live, I was the edge of my seat as I am with all Whitney performances these days (for a number of reasons) -but oh did Whitney deliver! Hands-down the best performance of the song to date, and arguably one of Whitney’s best performances since embarking on her comeback. Really a testament to the fact that ‘The Voice Is Back’. Great, vocals, great energy, great performance!

What do you think of the performance?

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Peep these new pics of Kelly Rowland and 50 Cent getting close on the set of the G-Unit general’s new single ‘Baby By Me’, which was shot in Los Angeles last week. Ms. Kelly better get that exposure!!! {Source}

kelly 502
kelly 503

kelly 505

kelly 506

kelly 507

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Chris Brown is looking to reclaim his chart-topping status with not one, but two comeback singles. Along with the previously heard ‘I Can Transform Ya’, The Messenger’s produced ‘Crawl’ will also serve as part of Brown’s dual assault on the charts (no pun intended…no, seriously lol).

Put simply, I’m really liking this one. With its epic-sounding production and great lyrical content, Chris may just be onto a winner with this one. While I’m not at all being ‘messy’, I must say it’s rather ironic that Chris’ material (IMO) craps all over Rihanna’s ‘comeback’ effort. Just saying…

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Peep the latest Rihanna promotional shot, which surfaced today. I can’t agree with that hair….I just can’t.

In other Ms. Fenty news, it has also been confirmed that the Anthony Mandler (‘Disturbia’) video for new single ‘Russian Roulette’ will premiere November 6th on ABC prime-time. All signs point to it having to be the business, as the majority of folk aren’t feeling the song.

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TLC’s T-Boz stopped by Mo’Nique’s new BET talk show last night for a chit-chat. During their hilarious interview, the singer, real name Tionne Watkins, recalled the time she and the TLC ladies held Clive Davis and their then-label Arista/LaFace hostage – at gun point (yes, you read right LOL!). Peep the clip above.

Can you say G-A-N-G-S-T-A! No we don’t advocate violence, but the mere thought of this sends me into fits of laughter.

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Ms. Mya continues to shine on Dancing With The Stars, this week taking on the Argentine Tango. Work!

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International star Kelly Rowland headlined the Loop Live mega-show (with 50,000 strong crowd on hand), which took place in Bulgaria last week. Check out her set below:



Destiny’s Child Medley

When Love Takes Over

Awesome performances!

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Mariah Carey performed a special ‘Stripped’ set for radio Power 105.1 in New York recently. Check out her performances of ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘We Belong Together’, and ‘H.A.T.E.U’ below (the ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ performance isn’t on Youtube yet):

Always Be My Baby

We Belong Together

H.A.T.E. U

I actually really enjoyed these performances; that said I am wondering whether it’s because it largely consisted of older material, which she actually sounded pretty decent singing today (I had a ‘festive’ nostalgic moment listening to ‘Always Be My Baby”. Love it). Watching these though, I can’t help but think Mariah looks a little unhappy. Now never one’s to start mess, I am by no means insinuating anything (and it could simply be due to already knowing certain things i.e. that her LP ‘Memoirs’ is tanking), but something seems a little ‘off’ with her these days. On somewhat of a lighter note, Ms. Carey-Cannon clearly could not move in that dress, which – as much as I’m an advocate for loving your God-given body – was uber ill-fitting. Not a good look. Respectable vocal performances nonetheless.

What do you think of the performances?


‘The wait is finally over’, according to Rihanna’s PR folk (although I’m a little confused though, as no one told me I was waiting on anything). In any case, Rihanna’s brand new single ‘Russian Roulette’, the first from new LP ‘Rated R’ (due November 23rd) made it’s worldwide premiere moments ago. As a sceptic of Rihanna’s artistry and longevity, I’d be lying if I said I went into listening to this expecting it to be any good.

Unfortunately, true-to-form, Ms. Fenty did not live up to her hype (which is surprisingly off-the-charts this time, for what reason I don’t know). The Ne-Yo penned track sounds as if it’s trying to sound ‘epic’, but falls kinda short. Ballads really aren’t her forte, so it baffles me why they didn’t go with something more her (i.e. uptempo, sing-songy).

In the interest of fairness, Ms. Fenty’s vocals, in parts, do sound better. Mind you, I’m not convinced we’ve heard the last of her sheep-bleating (I’ve still got many a prayer meeting to attend before that ever happens). That said, off the hype alone, I imagine this will do pretty well. Hell, I’ll probably be humming this one once the Def Jam promo machine is done (ever heard of the phrase: “eat sh*t enough times and you’ll begin to like the taste!”). Errr…welcome back Ms. Fenty…

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In what has to be one of the more bizarre Tyra Show episodes I’ve ever seen, yesterday’s show tackled the topic of women who abuse their male partners. I won’t spoil it, but this is definitely a must-see.

I sure as hell don’t condone violence either way, but some of this was seriously disturbing; particularly the fact Ms. Kendra looked like she was gonna whoop her guy when they got home!

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