Destiny's Child Reunite...Well, Kinda
For the first time in over 2 years super-group Destiny’s Child came together in the public eye to celebrate the 28th birthday of member Kelly Rowland. The surprise party, which was held in Hollywood’s Opera club last night, was a surprise bash thrown for the ‘Like This’ singer – who recently parted ways with manager Mathew Knowles. As well as Beyonce and Michelle, other celebs in attendance included Busta Rhymes, LeToya Luckett’s on-off boyfriend Slim Thug and Tank. Peep more pics below:
It’s kinda weird seeing the ladies back together. In their time apart, they’ve grown into 3 very fine looking women in their own right. Bring on that reunion album already!
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Peep former Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day’s much talked about Playboy cover finally surfaced today (with the issue itself hitting newsstands this Friday). For those wondering why exactly she looks like a few Photoshop strokes away from being a cartoon, the shoot was carried out by photographer Markus Klinko – the same man behind Mariah Carey’s laughable shoot for both ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ & ‘E=MC2’. With that said, there’s no denying Ms.O’Day looks great.
O’Day recently spoke with MTV about the shoot. Check out an extract of the article:

“You could never imagine how empowering it is to be nude in front of cameras and have people looking at you in that way and seeing you as beautiful,” she told MTV News. “You’re seeing yourself as beautiful. I mean, a lot of the times I think I’m seen as a bad girl, and I think that’s because I’m so open.”

O’Day said that she agreed to the pictorial only after the magazine made Klinko available. He’s snapped portraits of everyone from Mariah Carey to Pamela Anderson, in addition to the cover of Beyoncé’s 2003 album Dangerously In Love, and O’Day knew he’d make her Playboy spread something to remember.

“I only agreed to do it because [Markus] was shooting it,” she said. “He is unbelievably amazing. He agreed with me that we needed to do something classy, iconic and truly beautiful. I mean, I think a lot of the type of way I’m portrayed in the media isn’t always the way I am in my heart. And I think that we were able to capture that with [this shoot].

“It’s going to be very elegant, very iconic,” she emphasized. “We wanted to do something very beautiful and classic. And I’m very excited about, just in general, how liberating the shoot was and how great it’s going to be to express myself and be comfortable with my sexuality. I think in society we tend to put ourselves in boxes and corners and restrict ourselves, and we constantly feel the need to not say this or not wear this … and taking it all off and being nude is the most natural state that you can be in.”

And what does she think her detractors will say about the Playboy spread? Well, to be honest, she doesn’t really care. Because she’s not listening.

“I’m always gonna be true, whether people like it or not. I’m just gonna be me. I’m gonna be real. I’m not gonna do anything because people want me to. I’m not gonna hide something about me,” she laughed. “I think people are scared to be who they are, and if anybody’s gonna go out there and let everybody know, ‘Be who you are … no judgment here,’ it’s gonna be me.”

More power to her, I guess…
Tidbit: The D.Woods and Dawn interviews will be rolled out later this week.
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Jennifer Hudson Readies 'Pocketbook'
According to, Jennifer Hudson is set to follow-up current single ‘If This Isn’t Love’ with the fiery ‘Pocketbook’, which features rapper Ludacris. The track goes for adds on radio February 17th.
While I’m still hoping ‘Invisible’ receives the single treatment, I’m liking that she’s going with something more uptempo this go-round. For those who have yet to hear the song, check it out below:
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As the premiere of the newest season of Making The Band draws nearer, ‘Stadium Music’, the lead single from Day 26’s forthcoming  sophomore LP (due April 14th) surfaced today. The guys have gone on record to say that the new album will offer a much more uptempo sound, something definitely evident with this track. For all it’s ‘umph’, the club-friendly cut kinda falls into generic territory; it’s simply a matter of other artists having released similar sounding records, which, put simply, were better.
Hit or Miss?

Chritina Milian Covers KINGCheck out Christina Milian looking smokin’ on KING Magazine’s 50th issues. You can pick up the issue when it hits newsstands on February 24th.

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The video for The Dream’s new single ‘Rockin’ That Thang’ premiered moments ago. Put simply, the clip, which serves as the first offering from his ‘Love Vs Money’ LP (due March 24th via Def Jam), is pretty decent. Nothing much in the way of innovative-ness (what is these days?), but still good all the same. I’ve also found myself liking the song a lot more too. Good stuff.
What do you think of the song / video?
'Notorious: The Movie': Your Thoughts?
While the Notorious B.I.G biopic hit theatres in the US last month, the movie is set to debut here in the UK on February 13th. That Grape Juice was on hand at the selected press screening hosted by Fox last week in London’s Leicester Square. 
I must say, after being a little pessimistic about the movie upon hearing about it, I was positively blown away. The stellar cast and the very impressive capturing of the 90’s Hip-Hop scene really made for this to be one of the most authentic (feeling) biopics I’ve seen. A great movie. 
(Tidbits: Angela Basset really shines as Biggie’s mother Voletta, while former 3LW star Naturi Naughton really surprises with her turn as Lil’ Kim. Puffy is also a must-see)
With that, we want to know, for those who have seen the movie, as well as those who plan to…
Your thoughts on ‘Notorious’?

R&B star Ciara skipped the Grammy’s this year, opting to perform with Enrique Iglesias at the NFL Pro Bowl Half-Time Show in Honolulu, Hawaii this past Sunday. The pair gave a live rendition of ‘Takin’ Back My Love’, Igelsias’ song which CiCi features on.
About the performance, (it was) not really much of substance IMO. The song itself leaves alot to be desired, one of those things being that Enrique’s voice wasn’t so irritatingly grating. That said, Ciara did her thing; if her vocals were live – she’s definitely come a long way since her earlier live vocal showings.
What do you think of the performance?

R&B star Monica took to the stage at the 2009 BET Honours, which aired last night. The 29 year old performed ‘Not Gon’ Cry’ as a tribute to Mary J. Blige. The few off-notes aside, this was an awesome performance. Monica really captured the emotion in the song, which to-date still stands as one of my all-time favourite Mary cuts. Fantastic performance.
What do you think of the performance?
Chris Brown & Rihanna Drama Update
Peep the pic above of Chris Brown and Rihanna leaving Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party on Saturday, just minutes before the drama unfolded…
It appears the ‘squeaky-clean’ image Brown and his handlers have carved out for him since he burst onto the scene 4 years ago is disappearing with much swiftness as a result of the serious nature of the assault charge levelled against him. It’s now being reported Wrigley have dropped him due to this all:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Chewing gum makers Wrigley on Monday suspended a commercial featuring Chris Brown after the popular R&B singer was arrested on suspicion of attacking a woman widely reported to be his singer girlfriend Rihanna.
The clean-cut Brown, 19, one of the fastest-rising stars of the last two years, was free on $50,000 bail, a day after the couple hurriedly canceled separate performances at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Both the Brown and Rihanna camps were silent on Monday. Police sources told the Los Angeles Times and celebrity Web site that the woman who reported she had been attacked by Brown in the early hours of Sunday was 20-year-old Rihanna, singer of hits “Umbrella” and “Disturbia.”
Wrigley said in a statement it was “concerned by the serious allegations” made against Brown, who was booked by police on suspicion of making a felony criminal threat.
The company said that while Brown should be afforded due legal process “we have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown…until the matter is resolved.”
Brown, who was competing against Rihanna in a Grammy category, was a spokesman for Doublemint gum and his hit song “Forever” was part of that advertising campaign. {Source}
There’s no doubt the sudden uncharacteristic nature of this all has rocked the industry. I’m still very keen to hear the specifics of the case, before passing full judgement. I guess in time we’ll have the answers…
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Kelly Rowland To Be New X-Factor Judge?
It seems things really do seem to be on the up for Kelly Rowland. After redeeming herself in the public eye following her split from Mathew Knowles, the singer is reportedly the front-runner in the search for a new judge on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor to replace Danni Minogue:

The race to replace judge DANNII MINOGUE is also hotting up, with KELLY ROWLAND, now the main contender if the Aussie is axed as expected.

Simon is keen for an American to sit next to him, Louis and CHERYL COLE — and the former DESTINY’S CHILD singer fits the bill.

The source added: “Simon wants his winners to break the States like LEONA LEWIS did, so having an American judge would help that.” {Source}

This would really be a good look for Kelly – most especially in terms of expanding her profile here in the UK. Onwards and upwards, ey…

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Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $10 Million In Child Support
After a lengthy court battle with ex Eddie Murphy, Spice Girl Mel B has reason to celebrate – Murphy has been ordered to pay a whopping $10 Million in child support to the singer over the next 16 years:
Los Angeles, CA (CNS) – Eddie Murphy has been ordered to pay his ex-girlfriend Mel B $50,000 a month for child support to their 22-month-old daughter Angel Iris.
An L.A. court ordered the 47-year-old funnyman to pay approximately $51,700 per month until Angel reaches 18 years old, which would total about $10.3 million.
He has also finally agreed to see his daughter.
Murphy and Mel B – real name Melanie Brown – have spent 15 months fighting in the Los Angeles courts. Both signed non-disclosure contracts, preventing them from discussing the settlements in public.
Murphy originally questioned the paternity of the child, while publicly dumping the former Spice Girl in a 2006 impromptu interview, saying, “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”
DNA test proved that he is indeed the father.
Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born on April 3, 2007, which is coincidentally also Murphy’s birthday. {Source}
I guess justice has been served. Yet, in saying that, many – including myself – will forever find it hard to look at Eddie in the same way again. What kind of person refuses to see their own daughter, even after the DNA test. SMH…
Your thoughts?
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