Michael Jackson Album Update According to the New York Post, the King of Pop Michael Jackson is making serious moves to ensure his ‘comeback’ LP is a winner:

He’s [Jackson] hired music producers RedOne and Akon to mastermind his new album, and the trio began working together at the Palms recording studio in Las Vegas Wednesday. “Michael is producing the album himself and then will sell it to a record company when he’s finished,” our spy said. To maintain the utmost concentration, “Michael has banned his kids from the recording studio. He realizes this is very important and doesn’t want any distractions.” Jacko has also sworn off women for the time being, despite never seeming to care much for them anyway. Jackson – who supposedly had been seeing his children’s nanny, Grace Rwaramba – told pals, “He’s not going to be involved in any personal relationships with women until he gets this record done. He’s dumped the nanny – she’s not around any more.”

The ‘no women’ thing made for a good laugh; it’s Michael, come on now. In any case, I’m really amped for MJ’s new record. The concept of Michael selling the album to a major label who will then distribute and market it is the most logical option for the LP’s chances of success IMO. Can’t wait.

Any thoughts?

With R&B star Ne-Yo’s ‘Closer’ burning up the airwaves in the US, it’s apt that the song’s video made its debut today. Evidently, someone’s been watching more than a few Michael Jackson videos, but it’s all good. I’m really liking the song and feel the video compliments it well. ‘Closer’ is featured on Ne-Yo’s third studio album ‘Year of The Gentleman’, which will be released on June 24th.

What do you think of the video?

R&B star Estelle performed her chart-topping smash ‘American Boy’ on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday (April 24th). I really enjoyed her showing; it’s great to see UK artists receiving recognition in the tough-to-crack US market.

The Londoner’s latest LP ‘Shine’ is set to hit stores across the US next Tuesday (April 29th)

What do you think of the performance?

New Solange Photoshoot As previously reported, Solange Knowles is set to release her sophomore effort ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ on August 26th via Geffen Records. These exclusive new promotional shots for the 21 year old were shot by Leslie Kee. She looks stunning, having blossomed into a very beautiful young lady.

{Click pics to enlarge}
New Solange Photoshoot New Solange Photoshoot New Solange Photoshoot

What do you think of the pics?

Diva Mariah Carey performed a set today on Good Morning America to promote her ‘E=MC²’ LP. During her rendition of ‘Touch My Body’ a technical slip-up occurred. To say things didn’t go as planned would be an understatement. Check it out:

On the one hand, I’m in hysterics, on the other I’m thinking, damn. Absolutely inexcusable. Here we have someone who is commonly referred to as one of music’s greatest voices, inadvertently exposed lip-synching on live television. SMH at Mariah asking her backing singers to stop singing her part, when it was obviously her pre-recorded backing track playing up. Knowing full well I’m probably volunteering myself to be ‘Lamb Stew’, this really was like watching the death of ‘The Voice’. I mean, come on now; when she tried reaching for the notes at the end she sounded like she’d been chewing on cigarette butts. A mess.

Anyway see the performances of ‘I’m That Chick’ and ‘Bye Bye’ below:

I’m That Chick

Bye Bye

Your thoughts?

Remembering Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes Today, April 25th 2008, marks six years since the tragic passing of TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes. The flamboyant, much-loved star was killed in a car accident in the Honduras in 2002. Lopes was 30 years old.
Despite it being so long since she passed onto eternity, I still find myself having not digested the fact that she is actually gone – I’m not sure I ever will. This is nothing to be sorrowful about, however, as it stands as a testament to the immeasurable impact Lisa had on so many.

Rest In Peace ‘Lisa Left Eye’ Lopes

1971 – 2002
Snipes Sentenced To 3 Years In PrisonActor Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday (April 24th) for three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns – the maximum requested by federal prosecutors. Snipes will not have to surrender immediately; the judge ruled he could turn himself in at a later date:

“The law is very clear: People must pay their taxes,” Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman said. “There is no secret formula that eliminates a person’s tax obligations.” {Read the full story}

Good. We all have to be held accountable for our actions. With the vast amount of wealth he has amassed over the years, tax evasion seems like the stupidest crime he could have committed.

Any thoughts?

Michelle Williams On The Set Of 'We Break The Dawn' Video

Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams shot the video for her new single ‘We Break The Dawn’ this past Wednesday. Wow, she really is keeping within this ‘Unexpected’ theme; I really didn’t anticipate Michelle channeling her inner-diva as much as the pics convey. She looks stunning. Be on the lookout for the video’s premiere in the weeks ahead.

{Click pics to enlarge}

Michelle Williams On The Set Of 'We Break The Dawn' Video Michelle Williams On The Set Of 'We Break The Dawn' Video Michelle Williams On The Set Of 'We Break The Dawn' Video

What do you think of the pics?
The winners of CW’s ‘Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious’ were revealed yesterday; Nicole, Natalie, Chrystina and Tiffany are the ladies who made the final cut. During the show, the video for the group’s debut single ‘Like Me premiered alongside the clip for their buzz single ‘Stupid Sh*t’. Check out both vids below:

Like Me

Wow. For a new group they are pretty good, real polished. Though the song is hardly groundbreaking, it’s processed, ‘fast-food’ music at its best. The striking similarities between Girlicious and the Pussycat Dolls can be attributed to the fact they were both founded/managed by Robin Antin – the brainchild behind PCD’s success. IMO these girls possess more potential for the simple fact that a) there isn’t 10+ of them whose names are a mystery and b) *all* of the members actually sing. With Danity Kane running things at the moment, Pussycat Dolls due out very soon and now Girlicious, the girl-group scene is heating up this year. Check out the girls ‘Stupid Sh*t’ video..which is well…as the title suggests (LOL) below:

Stupid Sh*t

What do you think of the songs / videos?

Jennifer Lopez To Star In Reality Show According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is set to produce and star in her own reality show for TLC networks:

The new show, which is currently in production, will follow the actress, singer and producer as she mothers her two newborn babies, Max and Emme, and manages other aspects of her career, including launching a new fragrance. Lopez said regarding the project: “I’m thrilled to be part of the TLC family. I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together.” {Source}

I guess when all else fails, reality TV is the way to go. In all fairness to Jennifer, this may actually give her a platform to try and salvage what’s left of her music career.

Will you be checking for J. Lo’s reality show?

UK singing sensation Leona Lewis performed her chart-topping single ‘Bleeding Love’ on American Idol last night. Check out the performance below:

She nailed it! With the undeniably huge audience that American Idol commands, this was, perhaps, Leona’s biggest showing in the US to date, so it was great to see her do us proud. After this, it wouldn’t surprise me if the song ascends to the top of the Hot 100 again. Great performance.

Random: UK’ers, Leona’s doing it BIG right now, does anyone remember Leon Jackson LMAO?!

What do you think of the performance?

It appears the release of R. Kelly’s forthcoming album ’12 Play: 4th Quarter’ may be sooner than we think; the video for the LP’s first single ‘Hairbraider’ premiered yesterday. For his sake, this had better be a buzz single of sorts, as it’s not cutting it as a lead single at all. With Kelly’s last few releases, it’s been the great singles that have compensated for, otherwise, lackluster records IMO; so, dropping this kinda has me wondering about what the album will be serving up.

What do you think of the song / video?

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