Despite Britney Spears much-publicized personal issues, the singer has pressed ahead with the release of new single ‘Piece of Me’ – the video for which premiered today. I must say that the vid is a marked improvement over the atrocity that was the ‘Gimme More’ clip. By no means anything to scream about, the video manages to serve its purpose well.

What do you think of the video?

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It appears Janet Jackson and her new team over at Island Def Jam are not playing this time around. Seemingly out of nowhere, the 41 year old superstar’s new single ‘Feedback’ has surfaced. The Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins produced song is an uptempo dance track that sees Janet re-embrace her mainstream pop sound, whilst incorporating the urban feel that her last couple of albums featured. I’m really liking the track and feeling her swagger on the delivery of the verses. This has me anticipating her new as-yet untitled album, set to drop on February 26th, all the more. Word has it the video for the song is being shot this week! {Thanks all those who sent the track in}

Hit or Miss?


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A number of R&B/Hip-Hop releases drop today, most notably Bow Wow & Omarion’s joint effort ‘Face Off’, Mario’s long-awaited ‘Go!’ and singer/songwriter The Dream’s ‘Hate It Or Love It’. So which, if any, will you be picking up this week?

Your thoughts?
As LeToya Luckett preps the release of her sophomore effort (tentatively titled ‘Lady Love’) for an early 2008 release, a new buzz track has surfaced. Fans of the ‘Torn’ singer have been patiently waiting on ‘Swagger’ to surface since it’s title was revealed back in October. I must say that I’m feeling the track, which features her fellow Texans UGK, Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon, a lot. LeToya’s flow over the gritty production is on-point. The Beyonce reference was unexpected…see if you can spot it.
Just to clarify, this is NOT the first official single from the album. Expect to hear the album’s lead single early next year.

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The official video for the rumored last single from Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ album premiered recently. I say ‘official’, as a live performance version of the video has been floating around for a little while. Anyway, I’m kinda baffled as to why this is just surfacing now; the single was released here in the UK today. About the video: it’s a little weird…almost like a ‘In Remembrance of…’ vid. Here’s hoping life doesn’t imitate art with that one. On a brighter note, the song is great and I feel it caps off what has been an amazing year for Amy – professionally. All she needs to do is sort herself out and sky is the limit.

What do you think of the song / video?

As said when ‘From The Vault’ was first introduced, it’s not only classic music videos that will be featured. Hence, this week’s video comes from Whoppi Goldberg’s 1993 hit movie ‘Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit’. A young Lauryn Hill and Ryan Toby (formerly of R&B collective City High) shine in this now-classic finale performance of ‘Joyful Joyful’. Enjoy:

Great movie and an even better soundtrack. ‘Joyful Joyful’ was just one of many standouts for me from the film. It’s kinda funny how after so many years the film’s impact still stands strong; I know I’m not the only one whose church choir, high-school choir etc tried their hand at this version of the song lol.

Your thoughts?

Rapper Eve had the following to say on the passing of Kanye West’s mother Dr. Donda West this past month:

“We live in a society of quick fixes. The cost is your life. Hopefully, this will make people think more.”

She went on to extend her condolences and added:

“I sent him an email, but I’m sure he got a million and one emails. I want to give him my hugs and blessings.”


I can definitely see where she’s coming from, but…

Do you agree with Eve’s comments?
Though a fact not known by many, R&B songstress Nivea and 2007 breakout star Terius ‘The Dream’ Nash are, indeed, married and have a 2 year old daughter together Navy Talia. Mild rumors about a possible divorce have been mounting for a short while; in a statement to the press, Nivea confirmed them to be true:

I am also sorry to have to report the news of our separation. It is however a mutual decision for the both of us. We see this as an attempt to try and maintain the friendship we’ve developed since our marriage and also to allow growth for myself as well as him. Unfortunately I was not prepared for partnership or even real life for that matter. I am completely and truly grateful and thankful to God for sending him into my life and to him for everything that he has done for me and my family and that includes monetarily as well as spiritually and mentally, especially for myself, which was never his responsibility in the first place. None of you are aware of the real me and I plan to make that as clear as possible on this next album. I come from a sad and scary past that I am still in the process of overcoming and growing past, thanks to the man I love and always will. This is truly the only person I’ve ever known or heard of that is incredibly loving, passionate, wise, psychic, wise, creative, genius, and many more things that I could never put into words. I don’t feel it is fair for neither of us, especially him, to continue this never-ending battle of the minds that he and i have continued for long enough. I want nothing more than for him and I to be happy. His happiness is all i want, for I could never repay him for what he has endured by being my friend, partner, and husband.

Here’s hoping they act in the best interest of their daughter. I’m sure many will see this as inevitable considering The Dream’s success this year i.e. penning ‘Umbrella’ and emerging as an artist, yet from Nivea’s statement kinda paints a very different picture…

Your thoughts?
A teaser snippet of former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams’ new material has surfaced. Though it’s uncertain whether the track, ‘Stop This Car’, will be the lead single from her as-yet-untitled album, it is believed that the song will feature on the singer’s LP – her first non-Gospel solo venture. About the track, I’m really like it and feel the production and vocal arrangement compliments her alternate sound. It kinda has me psyched for what the often underrated ‘Do You Know’ vocalist has in store on this album.

Hit or Miss?

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Keeping the exclusive interviews coming, I’ve just gotten confirmation that That Grape Juice will be interviewing rapper Trina next Wednesday. The Diamond Princess is currently prepping the release of her new album ‘Still Da Baddest’, which drops via Slip-N-Slide/EMI on February 12th 2008. Do feel free to drop any questions you have for her in the comments section. As is usually the case, only legit/genuine questions will be considered. Thanks 🙂

Bow Wow and Omarion were guests on a ‘Sexual Health’ episode of the Tyra Banks show, alongside rapper Eve and Dita Von Teese. I am still in hysterics about what went down when Tyra asked “Stand up if you’ve ever faked ‘it’…” Check it out:

LMAO at Bow Wow! Omarion’s face was priceless. I’m guessing the jokes kinda write themselves with that one…

Your thoughts?

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