World domination isn’t an easy task – just ask Cardi B.

The fiery femcee defines “in-demand” and has had the tallest of tasks navigating through simultaneous releases and features that blow up at the speed of light.

In the process, her second solo single ‘Bartier Cardi’ has sat without a video since debuting last December.

Well, that all looks set to change. Full story below…


Zara Larsson and Brian H. Whittaker celebrate their love in spectacular style for the pages of ‘Paper’ this month.

Shot as Larsson crafts new cuts for her next studio album, the shoot sees the couple reference romantic days of old and reignite interest in their relationship as Brian continues to soar as a supermodel globally.

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March 1st brought with it the highly anticipated return of FX’s breakout series, ‘Atlanta.’ 

The brainchild of Donald Glover (who also leads the cast and nabbed an Emmy for the show’s inaugural season), the comedy’s sophomore season launch ended a 5 month wait for fans who’ve longed to learn the latest of Brian Tyree Henry and co.

With its season 1 premiere episode nabbing an impressive 1.08 million viewers for the network, tuck in to see how viewership stacked up for round 2 (dubbed  ‘Atlanta Robbin Season’).


Britney Spears and Lady Gaga won’t be the only blonde bombshells heating up the already sizzling Las Vegas strip (if newly surfaced reports are to be believed)!

Almost a year to the date Gwen Stefani revealed she was hard at work on the follow-up to 2016’s chart-topping ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ (click here to read more on that), news has it the 48-year-old will be showing off her array of hits as Vegas’ newest showgirl.

Pop the top for deets:


Photo Source: Instagram

Much like Vanity Fair’s, Madonna‘s annual post-Academy Awards bash is one of the evening’s most exclusive events.

In the past courting everyone from the likes of Ellen Degeneres, Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore to P. Diddy, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Katy Perry, and many more, the list of stars vying for entry into the party seems to grow every year…and last night was no exception.

Celebrating its 10th year in operation, reports have it the ‘Into the Groove’ singer’s shindig boasted Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande,  Migos, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B as attendees.  See photos and videos below:


As his official debut album, ‘Sum of My Music,’ continues to win thumbs up from fans across the globe, ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett heats up the promo trail in its support.

Taking to ‘Good Morning America’ this morning to lend the first televised performances of the project’s lead single, ‘Freedom,’ and another album cut, ‘Hurt People,’ the crooner – with the accompaniment of a live band – showed up and out in a big way.

See what we mean inside:


Stevie J may have one of the most recognizable smirks in reality TV, but the sometimes music producer has little to smile about today.

For, he’s heading to jail.

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Beyonce and JAY-Z may not have attended the Oscars, but that didn’t stop the power pair from making their mark.

The couple hosted a celebratory bash for friend Mary J. Blige – who was nominated for two awards for her critically acclaimed role in ‘Mudbound.’

And oh did they bring out the cavalry.

Hosted at Chateau Marmont, the event was of course attended by MJB and notably Nicki Minaj – who has not been seen in months and hasn’t posted anything on social media since last December.

Other major names in attendance included Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Daniel Kaluuya, Diddy, Naomi Campbell, DJ Khaled, Angela Bassett, Usher, Shonda Rhimes, Whoopi Goldberg,  Salma Hayek, Chadwick Boseman, Tiffany Haddish, Janelle Monáe, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Mindy Kaling, Drake, Nick Jonas, Jordan Peele, and many more.

Tiffany Haddish was also in the house – interesting given her “shout out” on Bey’s collaboration with Khaled, Jay, and Future (‘Top Off’). Perhaps, that NDA was signed?

In any case, peep footage of the A-list filing in and pics…


Is Lil Wayne the father of a sixteen-year-old boy named Dwayne Brown?

He’s about to find out.

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Brace yourselves good people.


Marvel may have just revealed the due date for ‘Black Panther’s sequel.

Full report below..


Mary J. Blige has at long last reached a divorce settlement with her estranged ex husband Kendu Isaacs. 

Full story below…


Beyonce and JAY-Z are hitting the road together. Officially.

Full story below…


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