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New Song: Cheryl Cole – ‘Only Human’


Cheryl Cole slows things down on ‘Only Human’ – the title track from her fourth solo album.

The anthemic number has been served up as a buzz cut ahead of the LP’s November 10th release and follows official singles ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ (which hit #1) and current offering ‘I Don’t Care’.

With the aforementioned both vying for prize of Worst Songs of the Year, can ‘Human’ reverse the album’s fortunes? Find out below…


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New Song: Danity Kane – ‘Tell Me’


October 28th marks the spot for Danity Kane fans.

The controversial clique may have disbanded, however they’ve put aside their highly publicised differences to release their third and presumably final album, ‘DK3′.

Having already whet appetites with the delicious ‘Lemonade’ and schooled folk on the ‘Rhythm Of Love’, the starlets have unpacked ‘Tell Me’ as the next taste of the LP.

The song, which was penned by member Dawn Richard, was made available as an “Instant-Grat” track for those who pre-ordered the album in the European region.

Take a listen below…


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BET’s ‘The Game’ To End After Nine Seasons


As the age old adage goes: all good things must come to an end. And for fans of hit dramedy ‘The Game’ it’s sadly the show’s turn.

BET have confirmed that the series will officially wrap after its ninth season.

Details below…


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New Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Fast’


Undettered by his critics Jaden Smith continues on in his bid to be celebrated as a serious rapper with ‘Fast’, one of many songs reported to feature on his forthcoming ‘Cool Tape, Vol.2.’

Below, fans of the 16 year old performer will find the song’s official video, dropping as his mother Jada Pinkett-Smith rocks the small screen in the hit TV series ‘Gotham’ and after the release of Willow Smith’s latest bop ‘Your Love.

How Jaden’s creative efforts compare to his sister’s?

Find out after the jump…


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New Song: T.I & Pharrell Williams – ‘Paperwork’


When isn’t empowering female rappers through his work with Iggy Azalea and the ladies of ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’, T.I. can be found churning out hit after hit with hopes of ensuring success for his forthcoming album.

Its name? ‘Paperwork‘, and today has welcomed the arrival of its title track!

Produced by Pharrell Williams, the jam drops days before the album’s October 21st release date and,should it follow in the footsteps of ‘Fancy‘ and ‘Blurred Lines‘ (both of which he co-wrote), Mr.Harris just might have another smash hit on his hands.

Find out if he does, below!


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Hot Shots: Ashanti Shows Up & Out In Nigeria With…Ja Rule


She may have new music a-brewing with the likes of Lil’ Wayne and B.O.B., but fans were never more excited than after seeing Grammy winning R&B diva Ashanti reunite with her former The Inc. brother Ja Rule.

With freshly blonde ‘do in tow, Ashanti got social media a-buzzing after unveiling snaps of her recent trip to Lagos, Nigeria with Rule. Wielding an onslaught of hits like ‘Always On Time,’ ‘Mesmerize,’ ‘Happy,’ and more, the Nigerian crowd was thrilled to see the twosome cranking out their greatest chart-toppers.

Could new music be on the way from them?  We can only hope.  Until then, see more photos of Ja and his crowned ‘princess of Hip Hop & R&B’ in action below:


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Watch: Luke James Surprises Couple At Wedding / Serenades With ‘I Want You’

luke-james-options-thatgrapejuice (1)

Luke James is spreading the love with his recently released new album. Literally.

The soul-filled crooner sprung a surprise on a newlywed couple, turning up at their wedding and serenading them during their first dance with his signature hit ‘I Want You’.

Watch the touching moment below…


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New Video: Elle Varner – ‘F**k It All’


Revenge is the name of Elle Varner‘s game this time around.

Indeed, before the December 4th launch of her new album ‘4 Letter Word‘, Varner gets her “Emily Thorne” on in the visual for her new single ‘F**k it All’, taking the law of love into her own hands to make her cheating lover pay for doing just that.

Do things to go to plan?

Love, lust and betrayal below…


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Lil Kim Booed By Gay Fans After Skipping Nightclub Meet & Greet / Faces Fresh Lawsuit


Had rapper Lil Kim fulfilled an obligation made to Fort Lauderdale club ‘The Manor‘, she wouldn’t have found herself in the hot water she finds herself in now, facing a hefty lawsuit and the wrath of her remaining fans.

Why the ‘Not Tonight’ rapper was booed by her own supporters over the weekend?

Find out below…


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Competition: Win A Trip To Bermuda Courtesy Of BACARDI & That Grape Juice

TGJ's Travel Diary To 'Made In America' & How You Can Win Trip Of A Lifetime



This may read altogether quite differently from your typical That Grape Juice post. However, we’re excited to have teamed up with BACARDI to give you a behind the scenes look at our journey to the 2014 Made In America Festival in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

As we type, it’s August 29th 2014 and we’re sitting in London, Heathrow en route to LA for the festivities.

Long time TGJ readers will know we love our ladies – so we’re amped to see Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora do their thing – especially given buzz for their current hit ‘Black Widow’. What’s more, as many times as we’ve “seen” Kanye West in the flesh, we’ve yet to “see” him perform live. A fact which makes the titillation that much…titillating! Then, of course, there’s Kendrick Lamar – who’s headlining the first day of the extravaganza. We’ve been sworn to relative secrecy, but we’re hearing that his hotly anticipated new album (due later this year) is packing heat of dizzying degrees. So, we’re keen to see whether he rocks LA Grand Park with new material. After all, in recent times he’s developed quite the penchant of sorts for hitting folk with the “new-new” when they least expect it (see: ‘Control’ verse).

Anyway, phones away. We’re up, up and away. See you in LA!

TGJ Was Here

As the opening of this feature highlighted, when we set sail on our trip to LA, the “plan” was to share our experience in a regimented format. Think “Day One, Day Two, Day Three”.

However, as TGJ’s Patrick and I arrived at the entrance gates for the Made In America Festival, it quickly became apparent that “structure” wouldn’t form the basis of was to be quite an experience.

For, beyond the huge signs that WELCOME/d us (literally, yet warmly), we peeped a spectacle that was rich in variety. Indeed, from fashion, to race, to gender, to the various accents overheard, the crowd Made In America commanded bled dynamic diversity; a fact that will have founder Jay Z brushing his shoulders off with a wink and a smile. But, we’ll get to that shortly.

Where To Go, What To Do?

For this year’s festivities, L.A Grand Park was set up like a fun-fair of sorts. The stages, which each provided the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, were stationed within respectable distance of one another. A setup that made bouncing from one to the other an easy and strangely enjoyable feat.made-in-america

And bounce folk did. Almost like ping-pongs. The whole process was rendered even more fun in light of the stylised names each stage had been christened. Indeed, there was a juvenile enjoyment to be sourced from racing to the Marylyn stage…then to the James Dean stage…to the Dylan stage.

Beyond this, one of the many characteristics of Made In America that warmed us most was how engrossed attendees were in all that was going on. A point particularly notable given the sonic differences of the acts assembled to form this year’s bill. Indeed, it became routine to see folk rocking out to a Rap act to run over to fist-pump to an EDM DJ on the next stage. Kumbaya sounding, perhaps, but it really reminded us how powerful music is an agent to unite us as people – something we since learned creator Jay Z set out to achieve with the festival. It’s particularly noteworthy, because as a figure whose triumphs has transcended beyond the Hip-Hop arena, it’s almost as if – with Made In America – the mogul has cultivated a spectacle that mirrors the diversity of his own success narrative.

The Music

Given the super-stacked bill, we had a clear idea of whom we wanted to see. After all, for as much alternative talent we were able to soak in, we were keen to vibe out to TGJ music!

And vibe we did.

Say what folk will, but Iggy Azalea delivered a commendable set for a freshmen performer. ‘Fancy’ naturally got the crowd “turnt up”, but given that the anthem was smartly placed at the end of her set, it essentially forced the thousands in attendance to pay attention what else she served up. And what exactly did she “serve up”? Sass, braggadocio, and a headline-grabbing kiss with Rita Ora.

Conversely, Kendrick Lamar had his hometown crowd in the palm of his hand. The Compton native journeyed through his growing, yet potent discography with engaging ease. Yet, more notably, he did so with the clear understanding of how to entertain a crowd. And while the set was received exceptionally, the deafening roars of applause for ‘Poetic Justice’ and his ‘Control’ verse easily relayed what folk enjoyed most.

Closing the action-packed extravaganza was the incomparable Kanye West. And that’s by no means a description riddled with rhetoric. There, quite literally, isn’t a performer like controversial Kanye.

For, while late by almost an hour (naturally), the superstar wordsmith delivered a dynamite set; one that was highly stylised and sewed together concepts that rarely feature in Hip-Hop showings. Visuals of the ethereal pervaded the performance, which also boasted luminous lighting. Juxtaposed against the dark Los Angeles sky, it made for a stunning climax.

And though not the last song performed, something about Yeezy’s ‘Good Life’ showing – at that place and that time – resonated with us. As we stood there, we begun to think about how “good” Kanye’s show was, how “good” the entire weekend was, and how “good” it felt to be there amidst fellow music lovers. The song playing wasn’t just the soundtrack to a rapper’s ‘Good Life’…it was the soundtrack to ours too!

Wait, there’s something in it for you too!


Enjoyed reading about our LA experience? Well, you could be heading out on one of your own!

We’re giving YOU our readers the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Bermuda courtesy of BACARDI! As ardent lovers of music That Grape Juice and BACARDI have paired up to give you the chance to attend a once in a lifetime musical experience. In honor of the year of their creation (1862), BACARDI are sending 1862 guests to the Bermuda Triangle for a 3-day/cross-genre music spectacle featuring Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding.

Want to enter the sweepstakes? We thought as much! Enter below…

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