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Must See: Jennifer Hudson Wows ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ With ‘I Can’t Describe’

jennifer hudson she is diva that grape juice tgj Must See: Jennifer Hudson Wows New Years Rockin Eve With I Cant Describe

The vocal driven gem that is Jennifer Hudson wowed many a music lover nights ago, when she took to NBC’s ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve‘ to perform her brand new single ‘I Can’t Describe.’

Though her staging lacked the vibrancy the song’s upbeat nature called for, her serving of the jam was stellar to say the least, flirting with light choreography and storming the spot with that voice.

So, if you’re anything like us and can’t wait until the release of her forthcoming studio album, put on your dancing shoes and meet us below!


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Weigh In: #Beyhive Sting ’106 & Park’ Audience Member Who Says Beyonce “Needs To Retire”

Beyonce 612x380 Weigh In:  #Beyhive Sting 106 & Park Audience Member Who Says Beyonce Needs To Retire

It is the story swarming headlines as we speak as it marks the fourth time in less than a week the #Beyhive have made news for stinging anti-Beyonce commenters.

Indeed, first TLC‘s Chilli was stung, then Miley Cyrus, Perez Hilton, and now an unsuspecting ’106 & Park’ member who said Bey needs to retire.

Yes, we saw the backlash coming.  But, we didn’t know it would be this harsh:


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Report: Pop Singer Ke$ha Checks Into Rehab

 Report:  Pop Singer Ke$ha Checks Into Rehab

She may be riding high on charts with her latest single ‘Timber’ with Pitbull, but it seems pop singer Ke$ha‘s personal life is seeing her fall to new lows as reports have surfaced the hit-maker has checked herself into rehab.

Details below:


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Cover Star: BrieNurseENT Shares An Amazing Beyonce ‘Drunk In Love’ Cover

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is BrieNurseENT who gave an undeniably rocking version of ‘Drunk In Love’ by Beyonce.  Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Brie definitely gets our applause, applause, applause!  Indeed, the Youtube songstress lent an intoxicating cover of the latest hit by Beyonce.  The way Brie glides down the melismatic portions of the song is A+!

We expect to hear more from this young lady.

Want to hear more from BrieNurseEnt? Check her Youtube page here.

Want to be featured on That Grape Juice’s ‘Cover Star’? Drop an email to [email protected]


Your thoughts? 

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Nicki Minaj’s ‘Boss Ass B*tch’ Boosts ‘Billboard Social 50′ Stock

she is diva nicki minaj that grape juice tgj 1 Nicki Minajs Boss Ass B*tch Boosts Billboard Social 50 Stock

Months may separate the world from her third studio album, but that hasn’t stopped Nicki Minaj from frequenting many a chart by way of 2012′s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ and the numerous Hip-Hop efforts she lent a verse to in 2013.

This year, it’s her take on PTAF‘s ‘Boss Ass B*tch’ that’s brought her good news in the last seven days, whipping the digital community into a sassy frenzy and boosting her stock on Billboard’s Social 50!

Good news below…


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Chart Check: Beyonce’ ‘Beyonce’s ‘Rockets’ To 2 Million Sold Worldwide Mark

beyonce she is diva that grape juice tv that grape juice Chart Check: Beyonce Beyonces Rockets To 2 Million Sold Worldwide Mark

By way of her work ethic, talent and genuine passion for her craft, Beyonce has seen the general public develop a trust in her that’s seen her career go from strength to strength with every passing year.

Sure, while a well oiled PR machine has helped her steer her perception’s ship to favourable waters in times of trouble, it’s the entertainer’s God given gifts that have place her head and shoulders above the rest for well over a decade.

Oh…you disagree? Well, feel free to take that up with the general public who are now on course to make her latest studio album once of the fastest selling releases of the last decade.

Full story below!


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Lord Jamar: ‘Miley Cyrus’ Whiteness Will Propel Her Further Than Rihanna’

rihanna miley cyrus she is diva that grape juice 2 Lord Jamar: Miley Cyrus Whiteness Will Propel Her Further Than Rihanna

As uncomfortable as it is to admit, double standards continue to run rampant in the entertainment industry.

For, when Ciara‘s ‘Ride’ faced bans many a Trey Songz’ visual didn’t, it reaffirmed- even if done unintentionally- that the marketplace that is the music industry is anything but fair.

Now, while the example above highlighted the problem sexism still plays in the female arena, ‘Original Man’ performer Lord Jamar has taken aim at a culture which he says sees Caucasian acts knowingly pull from ‘Urban’ culture…and use ‘white privilege’ to surpass the African American acts they pulled from.

His debate sparking comments below…


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Watch: Beyonce – ‘Self-Titled’ – Part 5: Honesty

beyonce honesty Watch: Beyonce   ‘Self Titled’ – Part 5: Honesty

Beyonce may have nabbed a third week atop of the Billboard 200 with her self-titled visual album, but that hasn’t halted her promotional hustle.

King B webisode series ‘Self Titled’ continued today, with Part 5 which has been christened ‘Honesty’.

Flip the hood to check out Yonce dish more on the process of putting together the blockbuster collection.


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Behind The Scenes: Rihanna ‘Ups Her Model’ For Balmain

rihanna she is diva that grape juice she is diva 1 Behind The Scenes: Rihanna Ups Her Model For Balmain

Roc Nation riot Rihanna pulls from her inner-model for Pierre Balmain‘s ‘Balmain‘ this year, signing on to rock their Spring/Summer campaign!

Sure to keep her hype afloat as fans await her brand new studio album, her dealings with the well-loved company brought with it behind the scenes footage pulled from her shoot with them recently.

What they got up to?

Check ‘em out after the jump!


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Andre 3000 & Future Team Up To Launch…’Benz B*tch’

andre 3000 kelis that grape juice she is diva Andre 3000 & Future Team Up To Launch...Benz B*tch

With hits penned for Ciara and Rihanna, it’s become increasingly apparent that Future’s musical tastes span far wider than his own music would suggest.

Only right then, that he calls on Andre 3000 to showcase his range on a ‘space-age funk’ new number named ‘Benz B*tch.’

Details on the duet below…


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