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‘Black Widow': US Music Lovers Throw Support Behind New Rita Ora Music

rita ora that grape juice dkny Black Widow: US Music Lovers Throw Support Behind New Rita Ora Music

After overshadowing a number of her Brit-Pop sisters with her debut album’s sales, Rita Ora now seems to have amassed a US fan base hellbent on taking her music straight to the ‘Hot 100′ heavens before the release of her debut LP in the country.

Why talk of Rita “killing it” in markets near and far is anything but PR mashugana?

Find out below..


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Finally: Mimi Faust Admits To Staging ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Sex Tape Drama

mimi faust that grape juice 2014 110 600x283 Finally: Mimi Faust Admits To Staging Love & Hip Hop Sex Tape Drama

As unconfirmed reports suggest B2K star Raz B has joined the cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘, ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is set to continue on on its winning ratings streak this week, thanks to words uttered by cast member Mimi Faust.

Viewers of the hit TV series will remember that Faust claimed the unveiling of a sex tape recorded with a boyfriend came after the footage was obtained by an unknown third party and passed onto Adult Entertainment company ‘Vivid.’

Unfortunately, after the tape’s arrival, the star soon found herself on the receiving end of criticism aimed at her by those unconvinced by her story, pointing the figure at said boyfriend who many believed filmed the tape with the intention of passing it onto ‘Vivid’.

How Mimi has now helped to prove them right?

Her bean spilling explanation below…


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‘Don’t Tell Em': Jeremih Flies Flag For R&B With Top 40 Single

jeremih that grape juice she is diva 10 Dont Tell Em: Jeremih Flies Flag For R&B With Top 40 Single

Congratulations are most certainly in order for Universal’s Def Jam!

That’s right, after taking Iggy Azalea‘s ‘Fancy’ to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and making a commercially viable star out of the once obscure Jhene Aiko, the label have bagged themselves another smash hit with Jeremih‘s latest effort!

How the R&B star is flying the flag for the genre on the ‘Hot 100’?

Good news below!


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Kim Kardashian To Release 352-Page Book… Of Selfies

kim kardashian selfish thatgrapejuice 600x400 Kim Kardashian To Release 352 Page Book... Of Selfies

Move over Karrine Steffans!

Kim Kardashian is gearing up to release a new book.

Expectedly, the project isn’t challenging the reality star mentally. No, no. Instead, it’ll play to her biggest strength – her looks.

Details below…


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Rihanna Wows In ‘W Magazine’ With Naomi Campbell & Iman

rihanna 123 321 Rihanna Wows In W Magazine With Naomi Campbell & Iman

Rihanna has made quite the career out of moonlighting as a musician. However, the model embraces her true calling in the latest issue of ‘W Magazine’.

And she isn’t alone.

Fashion royalty Naomi Campbell and Iman join the star for an edgy feature celebrating designers, models, and divas.

She may not be able to work a stage, but oh can Ms. Fenty werk a camera! More pics below…


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Katy Perry Voted “Coolest” Pop Star Among Teens

katy perry tgj that grape juice 2013  600x357 Katy Perry Voted Coolest Pop Star Among Teens

‘Mannequin’ singer Katy Perry has been named the “coolest” Pop star among teens in a survey carried out by ‘Variety‘ magazine.

How she beat the likes of Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Lady GaGa and Beyonce to come out on top?

‘Variety’s findings below…


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Dawn Richard Releases Statement On Danity Kane Break-Up

danity kane split Dawn Richard Releases Statement On Danity Kane Break Up

With Danity Kane fans still mourning the group’s second split, member Dawn Richard is offering further insight into the events that lead up to the break-up — from her standpoint.

The singer’s statement comes on the heels of the joint letter penned by ex-bandmates Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day – the latter of which revealed that she was punched in the head by Richard during a heated studio session.

In any case, Dawn’s words below…


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Report: Rihanna Producer Blocks Rita Ora From Performing New Single / Forces Star To Pull Out Of ‘Teen Choice Awards’

that grape juice rita ora cavalli that grape juice Report: Rihanna Producer Blocks Rita Ora From Performing New Single / Forces Star To Pull Out Of Teen Choice Awards

‘We Found Love’ producer Calvin Harris may have seen global success with the hit song with its performer Rihanna, but now seems to have developed a hatred of their Roc Nation label mate Rita Ora.

For, weeks after the singer faced unproven claims that she cheated on the producer with ‘I Would’ singer Justin Bieber, she has now learned that he has blocked her from performing the #1 single he penned for her while they were together.

This, being the UK smash hit that was ‘I Will Never Let You Down.’

Why his surprising move is set to hurt Ora’s chances of cracking the US?

Find out below…


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‘Lifetime’ Casts Actors For Missy Elliott & Timbaland Roles In Aaliyah Movie

missy elliott timbaland that grape juice aaliyah movie Lifetime Casts Actors For Missy Elliott & Timbaland Roles In Aaliyah Movie

As they gear up for the release of their Marilyn Monroe biopic, ‘Lifetime‘ has unveiled the actors enlisted to portray Missy Elliott and Timbaland in their forthcoming Aaliyah movie.

Announced after singer/actress Zendaya parted ways with the movie, Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith‘s arrival on the movie has already sparked some controversy for reasons that are pretty obvious when images of Missy and Timbo are placed next to the image above.

So, let us know…

What do you make of ‘Lifetime’s latest move?

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The Stream Scene: Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Lyrica Anderson & Lil Kim

 beyonce keyshia cole lyrica anderson lil kim that grape juice1 600x159 The Stream Scene: Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Lyrica Anderson & Lil Kim

Welcome to another edition of ‘The Stream Scene‘, the ‘That Grape Juice’ original feature shining a light on digital feats made by Pop & R&B’s biggest movers and shakers!

Launched in response to the inclusion of streaming points in many a chart across the globe, each edition will see us breakdown the facts and figures behind by each member of ‘The Scene’s release!

So, which four acts made it into ‘The Click Clique’ this time?

Find out below!


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