Fans of ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ starlet Miley Cyrus have great cause to celebrate tonight!

For, just days before it’s set to rock the Billboard 200, the star’s new album ‘Bangerz’ has been made available to stream in full, thanks to folks over at iTunes.

Though we won’t be picking up a copy for ourselves, we were definitely surprised by some of the project’s material- most of which, is far more impressive than the performer’s on stage antics would suggest.

Listen below!


Thought you’d seen all there was to see from Beyonce‘s sizzling ‘Rock In Rio‘ set this month?

Well…now would be a good time to think again.

You guessed it, we’ve pulled more footage from the sold out showing, which saw her show up and show out for her Brazilian fans in ways that cement her status as the greatest entertainer to have graced Pop since Michael Jackson.

Why she keeps the likes of Rihanna pressed, stressed and under duress?

Peep the Golden Globe nominated Grammy winning icon in all her glory below!


Peep this snap of Grammy winning chart topper Ciara, rubbing shoulders with Rapper Kanye West and Reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian at Givenchy’s Paris Fashion Week showing last night.

Snapped mid conversation, the well dressed threesome hit the show as Ciara readies the release of her Diane Martel directed video for the single ‘Overdose‘, the follow up to her Urban club smash ‘I’m Out‘.

Press play on the clip below to catch more from Kanye & Kim’s fun night out below!!


Before her new studio album ‘ARTPOP’ hits shelves on November 11th, Lady GaGa has welcomed the success of its lead single ‘Applause’ this week!

Find out why below…


There”s a warm spot in hell for those who “promote” drug use to impressionable audiences.

We”re talking about you Miley Cyrus, the Pop sensation who recently took to “Rolling Stone” magazine to dish on her new album “Bangerz“….and her alleged first hand experiences with a variety of drugs.

Sinister, to say the very least,  her lighthearted take on “MDMA (or Molly)” sees her reach all new lows to push her “rebellious agenda”, going as far as to endorse the drug by hinting at how fashionable it is as compared to the “dated” cocaine.

Full story below…


For fans of David Simon‘s ‘The Wire’, the man above may appear familiar…while being completely unfamiliar all the same time.

Why? Well, six years removed from bidding adieu to his role as Duquan ‘Dukie’ Weems, 21 year old Jermaine Crawford stands tall as an R&B contender gearing up to take the genre by storm with the launch of his solo music career.

Why you can expect to see a whole lot more of him on That Grape Juice?

Meet ‘Janet’ below…


As one of the many stars in David E. Talbert‘s ‘Baggage Claim‘, Jill Scott arrived on the recently revived ‘Arsenio‘ show to promote the comedy, which also boasts roles from Trey Songz and ‘Sister Sister’s star Tia Mowry.

While there, the ‘Jilltro’ performer took the time to dish on the joys of motherhood, and the importance of tough love when raising black boys who grow to become black men in today’s America.

An honest word below…



If a recent interview given to Vlad TV is anything to go by, there’s far more to Chris Brown‘s feud with Frank Ocean than initially reported.


Well, in a conversation given to the aforementioned outlet, Brown’s closest pal Kid Red has claimed that Ocean had sought out drama before the well publicised brawl  took place, and continues to provoke the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ singer to this day.

His estimation of the fight below…


Australian fans of Pop hit maker Rihanna may be forced to question their support for the star this week, after she arrived later than scheduled at the Adelaide showing of her ‘Diamonds World Tour‘.

So late, that some fans were reportedly left stranded at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre when they left the show, only to find that the public transport they had been depending on to reach home safely had ended for the night.

Their response to Rihanna’s tardiness?

Boos below…


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Katy Perry anymore than we already did…she goes and does this.

This, being the release of her ‘Prism’ pulled single ‘Walking On Air‘, which we’re going to be bold enough to call this one of the best singles (from any genre) to drop this year.

At this point, we’d usually explain why this is- but since we’re too busy pre-ordering ‘Prism’ on iTunes, we simply don’t have the time to.

Find out why everyone here at TGJ HQ is enamoured with this jam below!!


As she continues work on her third studio album alongside Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj has found herself on the receiving end of love, signed sealed and delivered by ‘Royals’ star Lorde.

Find out why the ‘Tennis Court’ belle cites the Rapper as one of her biggest inspirations, below…



If you’ve seen Rihanna‘s set at 2011’s ‘Rock In Rio’, you’ll understand why many have billed it one of the worst stage showings to ever ‘grace’ the annual event, laced with more bum notes and giggle worthy dance moves than any paying customer should have been forced to endure.

Only right then, that the good people of Brazil would see the wrongs of yesteryear put right with Beyonce’s arrival at the event two years later, serving as its headlining act and teaching her ever tardy rival just what live performing is really all about.

Peep the ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ star in action after the jump!


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