Before they rock the world with new LPs in 2014, Pop purveyor Jason Derulo and Rap Empress Nicki Minaj have the UK to thank for their most recent ‘wins’ this evening.

How the pair’s respective fan bases have showed their support for both acts?

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The groundbreaking producer that is Pharrell Williams has ample reason to celebrate this evening,after his new single ‘Happy‘ became the last single to top the UK’s Official Charts this year!

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While their marketing camps would have their fans believe otherwise, very few acts enjoy global appeal quite as potent as Beyonce‘s, built on the back of her time with Destiny’s Child and sustained by a solo career that’s gone from strength to strength with every release.

Alas, despite sales of over 2 million units worldwide, there are some who seek to paint her 2011 release ‘4’ as a commercial disaster, when it – in all actuality- simply under-performed.

Now, find out how its feel good jam ‘Love on Top’ impacted viewers of RCTI’s ‘Indonesian Idol‘ below…



One year after joining forces to pen the smash hit, Usher‘s ‘Climax’ was brought to life once again recently, when Elijah Blake performed it for fans during his set at the ‘EOS Presents’ tour.

Tributing ‘The Faculty’ star after soaring with his very own ‘Birdz‘, Blake’s rendition of the cut came armed with fresh runs and a slightly reworked arrangement that gave us no choice but to hope it becomes a staple in the singer’s live sets.

Peep the R&B newbie honour his game-changing sibling below…




‘Dreams can come true…’

You don’t believe they can? Well, that to fans of Pop icon Britney Spears, who were given ample reason to rejoice this week when she launched her long awaited Las Vegas residency at ‘Planet Hollywood.’

Why their dreams have come true?

Well, after serving up what many agree is the worst album of her career, the entertainer brought nothing but unexpected heat during the opening of the show!

Heat, that saw her bid adieu to Robo-Britney and reunite the the chart blazing belle many believed they’d never see live on stage again!

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With or without the mess that saw her make many a Pop enemy, Azealia Banks stands tall as one of the best live performers to grace music’s scene.

Fact, not opinion.

So, with stamina that see her lyrics delivered flawlessly each and every time and stage shows that are just as enthralling as they as engaging, it’s no wonder the Rapper continues to pull in audiences all over the globe with every stage venture she launches.

She’s just that good.

Now, with her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ fast approaching, the Rap siren has announced the launch of a European tour today…birthed to support the hotly anticipated release!

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Perhaps in a bid to secure safe footing on Brit-Pop’s ever-changing terrain, Cheryl Cole is plotting a reported return to hit TV show ‘X Factor UK.’

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One’s a reformed Disney darling who has twerked her way to the top of charts while another has taken a more, umm, clothed approach to chart-topping.  But, despite differing travels to Billboard’s heights, the similarly wholesome beginnings of young divas Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande respectively drove them to become household names.

Now that Cyrus has tapped into her inner bad girl, the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer is encouraging Grande to shed her good girl image and follow suit.  In a recent interview with New York Times, the country darling addressed her vixen image, Grande’s image, and her 2013 overall.

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10 years into her solo career and it seems pop superstar Beyonce is hotter than ever.

As if selling nearly 1 million copies (in one week) of her latest, self-titled album wasn’t proof enough, it appears the songstress most recent reign atop the charts is set to be extended for another week.

At the rate the album is selling, it is not only threatening to be one of the year’s top 10 sellers, but also her personal best.  See why below:




$3.8 million.

According to a report published by Bill Werde‘s Billboard today, the above is the amount Beyonce would have earned had illegal downloaders of her self-titled new album paid for the chart-topping release.

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As hew nephews gear up to star on ITV’s ‘Big Reunion 2014’, Pop sensation LaToya Jackson now eyes a 2014 release date for her brand spanking new album, it has emerged today.

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One week before the world bids 2013 adieu, Jeff Bezo‘s ‘Amazon’ have celebrated some of the world’s more ‘commercially viable’ musicians by unveiling their list of the highest-selling material sold by the outlet to date.

Marking the first time the company have released such information, the lists that await you below may spark some controversy- considering the fact that it features releases that were sold at heavily discounted prices by the outlet, seeing LPs that were sold for 99 cents placed side by side with releases that were sold at full price.

Did your favourite act make the cut?

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