The ‘X Factor UK’ have gifted Pop Queen Beyonce a fresh chart run of sorts this week, following the arrival of its 10th season over the weekend.

This, as Brit-Rap Royal Wretch soars to similar heights on the very same tally!

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‘I’d rather be poor and happy, than rich and alone’.

Now hours removed from her stellar ‘iTunes Festival’ performance, Lady GaGa finds her new album ‘ARTPOP’ weaving its way into public favour, after she performed 7 new cuts from the forthcoming release during her set.

One of them, being the moving ballad ‘I Wanna Be With You’, the jam that will no doubt do for ‘POP’ what ‘Brown Eyes‘, ‘Speechless‘ and ‘You & I’ did for ‘The Fame’, ‘The Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way’ respectively.

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It would seem there’s still no love lost between Hip Hop icon Lil Kim and the commercial force that is Lil Wayne, after the latter responded to comments she made about him on her scorching Nicki Minaj diss track Warning’

For, upon the release of Wayne‘s brand new ‘Dedication 5‘ mix tape, the ‘Hardcore’ Rapper caught wind of a jab aimed her way by male counterpart, mocking her long running love affair with cosmetic surgery.

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After facing a $5 million lawsuit sent his way by a 22 year old who claimed she had been sexually abused by he and his entourage, Pop singer Sean Kingston has opted to avoid a trial by settling out court.

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Having wracked up respectable success on the US charts, Brit star Cher Lloyd continues her American cruscade with ‘I Wish’ – the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album.

Joined the self-styled King of the South, T.I, the 20-year-old serves up a delicious slice of Urban-Pop, that smells and tastes like her best offering yet!

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One week after welcoming its first live showing at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady GaGa‘s ‘Applause’ made a fresh appearance tonight, arriving at the iTunes Festival as one of the cuts played during the star’s set.

So, without any further delay, meet us below for HQ footage pulled from GaGa’s explosive showing and be sure to share your thoughts after the jump!


 ‘When I lay in my bed, I touch myself and think of you’.

Lady GaGa turns up the heat on ‘Sex Dreams‘, one of the many gems to be found on her forthcoming LP ‘ARTPOP‘- performed for the very first time tonight at her headlining set at the 2013 iTunes Festival.

Next to ‘ARTPOP‘ and the T.I. featured ‘Jewels‘, this number has already become a fan favourite for any who caught the show via its live stream.

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‘We could, we could belong together’.

It’s finally here!

Tonight, during her sold out iTunes Festival outing, Pop Queen Lady GaGa debuted the mind blowing ‘ARTPOP‘, the track lifted from its supporting album of the same name!

Sure to strike up many a Blondie comparison, the 70s inspired Pop number sees the performer land on ground that’s both romantic and experimental, unique enough to be ‘GaGa’ but wide reaching enough to enamour any who don’t consider themselves die hard fans.

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As you read, the Pop icon that is Lady GaGa wows fans across the globe with her hotly anticipated ‘iTunes Festival’ showing- performed live from London’s ‘Roundhouse‘.

You can’t wait to see what served up? Well, neither could we, so…we’ve found the next best thing. That, being audio pulled from the sold out show.

Audio, which marked the debut of seven brand new cuts to be pulled from her new album ‘ARTPOP‘.

Meet ‘Jewels & Drugs‘ below!


His mother’s the Hip Hop manager who can boast of steering Nicki Minaj‘s career circa 2009. Now, after watching joining the hit VH1 show alongside her client Rasheeda Buckner, reports now indicate that Deb Antney‘s son Waka Flocka Flame is gearing up to join the cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘.



Unfortunately, that’s how many years have passed since Ashanti announced the release of her new studio album ‘Braveheart’.

Now, after suffering many a push back, the LP has now secured a new release date today.

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 Guess which Pop Princess was snapped partying with friends in the city of London last night?

Hint: Since her debut, she can cite T-Boz, Missy Elliott and One Direction as collaborators, recently watching sales of her music surpass the two million worldwide mark.

Not sure who it is?

The identity of our mystery lady below!


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