Iggy Azalea has used her platform to cape for a number of causes – including Kesha‘s fight against Dr. Luke who the latter accused of sexual harassment and more.

However, in an odd twist, some are alleging that the femcee’s comeback single ‘Savior’ is ironically produced by… Dr. Luke.

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Pepsi have a rich history when it comes to their celebrity endorsements.

Indeed, for well over 30 years, the drinks giant have tapped some of the biggest names in Pop to create a fizz of excitement surrounding their beloved beverage.

And as this year’s Super Bowl sponsor, Pepsi celebrate their star-studded past with the Pepsi Generations commercial.

Set to air during the big game this Sunday, the spot – titled ‘This Is The Pepsi’- salutes King Of Pop Michael Jackson and Pop princess Britney Spears.

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As streaming continues to anchor itself as the primary means of music consumption, more pressure than ever is being placed on artists to deliver big numbers on-demand.

Indeed, whereas streams of music video and audio used to serve as an additive measure to the more dominant digital downloads, the roles have reversed.

This has caused for the birth and boom of artists whose success is fuelled primarily by streaming such as Migos, Cardi B, and Lil Uzi Vert. It’s also helped boost acts whose traditional sales aren’t quite blockbuster ala Rihanna. There’s evidence too to suggest that it could very well have been a catalyst for established winners such Beyonce pivoting towards visual-driven roll-outs.

However, streaming hasn’t been as advantageous to all. 

See, part and parcel of the streaming push is the rise and prominence of VEVO, whose “machine” like size and reach have allowed them to help build huge followings for the acts who use their platform. These artists have typically been signed to labels of VEVO partners such as Sony Music, Universal Music, and select indie entities.

This, in effect, has made it quite difficult for many acts not in said equation to compete. For, they’re left to use “normal” YouTube channels (often relegated to drive behind the scenes clips and the like) to push their actual music videos. The end result being lower views than their VEVO counterparts. This has especially been the case for indie talent as well Warner/Atlantic acts – with the few exceptions of the latter being Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Jason Derulo. 

It’s also put acts who’ve, for example left Sony for Warner, in an odd position. Because in jumping ship, they give up use of their VEVO (and the millions of subscribers accrued) to begin dropping audio and video on their standard YouTube channels. Most of which are often much less populous.

That all looks set to change, though, following a major new announcement from YouTube.

Head below for more on the exciting move, which is set to benefit the likes of Ciara and Rita Ora, as well as veterans like Janet Jackson, in a significant way…


Camila Cabello may have bagged the leading role in a ‘Westside’ story remake.

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Only two weeks separates the world from the unveiling of Marvel‘s ‘Black Panther’, the Homeric movie fronted by Chadwick Boseman, Angela Bassett and Forest Whittaker.

The movie is projected to earn $120 million in its opening weekend and this has given Marvel good reason to up the ante on a promotional tip this week. Their latest move?

A press conference that sees the movie’s stars and director Ryan Coogler shed a tonne of light on the project and give movie buffs even more reasons to soar into cinemas when it impacts the world on the 16th.

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Jackee’ Harry has shed fresh light on the logistics behind the potential ‘Sister Sister’ reboot during an appearance on the Porsha Williams fronted ‘Dish Nation.’

Why what she reveals may disappoint some of the show’s fans?

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Kylie Minogue is back and she’s dusting off her ‘Dancing’ shoes for her like-titled new single.

Lifted from her 13th studio album ‘Golden,’ the track sets the sonic tone for the LP – which was largely recorded in Nashville and boasts embedded Country influences.

Still, Pop is the name of Kylie’s game and she’ll be aiming to remind the masses of her status as one of the genre’s most iconic divas – after her brief tenure with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation didn’t yield the desired results (see: 2014’s ‘Kiss Me Once’).

As she two-steps her way to the April 6th release of ‘Golden,’ check out Kylie in action below…


As we reported here, ‘Work From Home’ hitmakers Fifth Harmony are all set to go to work…work…work…on the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ stage with four sizzling solo performances.

With Lauren assuming the getup of Amy Winehouse, Ally becoming fly girl Jennifer Lopez, and Dinah dazzling as a character from Disney flick ‘Moana,’ arguably the most highly anticipated of the foursome’s performances will be that of Normani bouncing as Beyonce to the beat of Destiny’s Child‘s 2001 chart-topper, ‘Bootylicious.’

Think you’re ready for her jelly? Look inside and see:


Busta Rhymes is on the comeback trail and has enlisted both Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott to assist him.

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It seems Jay-Z has his eye on the food industry!

Why it may not be long before we’ll all be eating what Jigga man is cooking?

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Cardi B‘s quest to become a household name has been galvanised by Amazon!

For, the global brand has welcomed her into its marketing mark to front a new ad campaign set to catapult the performer into the homes of millions because it’s set to air during the Super Bowl.

This guy wanna go to Mars. For what? There’s not even oxygen there!

Joining her in the Super Bowl commercial below?

Some very familiar faces.

Press play to catch the superstar in action below…


As anticipation heats up for Marvel’s ‘Black Panther,’ rap titan Kendrick Lamar has revealed the tracklist for his specially curated companion soundtrack.

Aptly titled ‘Black Panther The Album,’ the set includes music from and inspired by the movie.

As a K.Dot production, the project naturally spotlights a number of his fellow TDE comrades such as SZA and Schoolboy Q. 

Per the newly released tracklist, the album also features The Weeknd, Anderson,Paak, Khalid, Jorja Smith, and more.

Ahead of the February 9th arrival of the compilation, peep the full songlist below…


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