Although no stranger to dominating charts on her own, ‘Part Of Me’ maestra Katy Perry is reportedly ready to share a part of her success with a new generation of aspiring singers.  Chatting it up with (and playing cover star to) the latest issue of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, Perry tells the magazine:

“I’m preparing for it now…And when this record label does come to fruition, I’m going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success.”

The unnamed imprint will be just one of many ventures the young starlet is undertaking (see: new album, 3D movie). Until then, the singer’s faithful KatyCats can catch her posing it up in the full spread and behind the scenes footage of her ‘Reporter’ photoshoot. See it all below:


Permanently pouted-lip pop star Trey Songz has never been shy about shedding his clothes for the camera.  So, as evidenced by the aspiring porn star Virginian’s Dewey Nick‘s shoot with ‘Self’ magazine, such habit isn’t one fans should expect less of anytime in the future.  Posing it up with exotic models, Songz can be seen twist and dipping in the July ‘Music Issue’ of the popular magazine.

Readying his 5th LP, creatively titled ‘Chapter V’, the ‘LOL :-)’ singer may be bringing just that to many of his faithful female followers perusing the pages of the mag.  See more shots and the behind the scenes action below:


She may be known for bringing in the Platinums, but it was gold Lady GaGa opted to weart during an outing in Australia last night.

In town to serve up her ‘Born This Way‘ Ball, the Grammy winning gem was snapped leaning out of her car to sign autographs and meet with fans, who can expect her fourth studio album in the coming months.

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If Universal Music‘s plans to purchase EMI‘s recorded music department, the above (Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj) might just become label mates, marking one of the ‘grandest’ acquisitions to take place in label history.

However, in what many a critic saw coming a mile away, the European Competition Commission has objected to the deal, sending Universal a list of issues it has with the proposition.

A proposition, which will see Universal own 40% of  the industry’s recorded music market.

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With the June 26th release date for R.Kelly‘s ‘Write Me Back’ just days away, today saw the welcome surfacing of ‘All Rounds On Me’, a Rock’n’Roll inspired cut by the icon.

Get right into it below…


As the former first Lady of Hip Hop, Lil Kim has seen her fair share of feuds- going to jail in 2005 for a shooting related to her spat with fellow Femcee Foxy Brown.

Ever the fire starter, this week saw the Rapstress weigh in on unlikely rival Drake who mocked her in 2010 during her feud with Rap Queen Nicki Minaj.

Now, she has weighed in on him for the first time this year, giving her two cents on his recent brawl with ‘Fortune’ beau Chris Brown.

Her harsh remarks below…


While Mariah Carey has remained in the media-scrape by way of babies, weight-loss, and live shows, the diva of divas has been on a musical hiatus for more than two years.

That all looks set to change, for it appears the 42 year old is gearing up for a return to the charts.

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A year hasn’t passed since she released ‘Talk That Talk’, but today That Grape Juice can exclusively confirm that Rihanna has begun work on her 7th studio album.

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As one of Pop’s fastest rising stars, it’s safe to say we’re yet to see Rita Ora looking any less refined off camera than she is on.

For yesterday, the star was unknowingly snapped out and about in NYC dressed in what we’d call a ‘forward thinking’ get up, following her stellar set at the city’s ‘Good Morning America’.

More from the stylish starlet below…


Huge single, tanking album.

The above narrative is one Pop pretender Cheryl Cole will be all too familiar with this week. For, following record-breaking sales of her latest single ‘Call My Name’, its housing album ‘A Million Lights’ is on-course to debut with lukewarm sales – and miss the top spot altogether.


It’s finally here!

The biggest bawse Rick Ross has teamed up again with ‘Looking For Myself’ maestro Usher for the sensual R&B hit ‘Touch N’ You’.  We’ve shown you the behind the scenes action of the video, now get into the finished product below:


Tiffany Evans‘ journey to stardom has certainly been one that has been well-documented.  Despite getting tastes of stardom before she could even pose for her first driver’s license photo, the young singer’s road has certainly seen its fair share of bumps.

Now with hopes of starting a new course, the Little Lady is taking the driver’s seat and inviting fans into her world from her own lens.  Whipping out the forthcoming ‘Journey To Take 1’, the ‘Promise Ring’ belter is certainly promising fans that this is only the beginning of many to come.

With her latest EP single ‘If You Love Me’ winning over many-a-listener, the mom-to-be is certainly hoping this mini-documentary will do the same:




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