Budding legend Beyonce is loving her some Tumblr.

The ‘Single Ladies’ songstress has released fresh set of snaps on the platform, chronicling her personal adventures with family and friends.

Peep pics of King B with daughter Blue, mother Tina, sister Solange, and more above and below…

Still fiercely private (and doing much of her talking on stage), it’s great to see Ms. Knowles-Carter loosening up and adapting to the online age; one which stresses the importance of fans being able to feel connected to their idols.

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Mariah Carey Triumphant

It was the comeback many had been awaiting. Indeed, it’s been three years since Mariah Carey last released a traditional studio album – and seven since she released one anyone actually cared about.

Hence, the so-so reaction new single ‘Triumphant’ has received both critically and commercially is sure to come as somewhat of blow to the diva’s comeback campaign. A campaign which appears to be re-jigging strategy in light of the song’s performance (or lackthereof)

As reported yesterday, the 42 year old’s manager Randy Jackson confirmed that the cut’s housing album is slated for a March 2013 release – essentially auto-rendering ‘Triumphant’ a “buzz single”. A status we have a hard time believing was the “plan” from the outset. For, even the most well-prepared and well-executed projects would never leave a seven-month gap between the first “taste” of the LP and its arrival in stores. Never.

Thoroughly puzzling, it’s a “strategy” which begs the rhetorical question: why release ‘Triumphant’ now? Indeed, there isn’t an answer that could truly satisfy.

Still much loved, Mariah commands a loyal “Lamb” community; yet beyond that ultra dedicated bracket, there isn’t overwhelming “demand” for her in the music marketplace. At least not to the feverish degree that “demands” such a rush-release. What’s more, having signed up to judge ratings juggernaut American Idol, a vast weekly audience awaits Ms. Carey-Cannon when the show kicks off in January. Surely, holding off until then would have benefitted her cause more – ala rival Jennifer Lopez? Instead, she’s left with a first-hurdle misstep which sees the song moving at snail-pace at radio, sitting at #95 on US iTunes, and notable by its absence in the Top 200 of the UK tally.

There is, of course, room for the track to rebound; the debut of its music video is imminent, while its better-received remixes are due on iTunes next week. The latter being particularly noteworthy. In a recent interview with Billboard, Jackson touted the Dancier incarnations of the cut as being “for the fans”. Perhaps they are. Yet, we’re sure he and the rest of Team Mariah, are well-versed in the grey area that surrounds Billboard’s rules regarding the Hot 100. Indeed, unless structurally so different that it constitutes a “new song”, sales of remixes routinely count towards the title track’s overall chart placing. A practice which gives Mimi three lifelines to play with – if counting the original, Vintage Throwback, and Pulse versions of the song.

For us, though, we simply hoped she’d release the right song, more importantly at the right time. Still, what’s done is done. Fingers crossed for a revival of interest in the project, though; as -“new voice” and all- Mariah remains one of the industry’s most enduring and authentic assets. It’s time she stopped selling herself short.

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Pop quad No Doubt officially end their 11 year hiatus from the chart next month with the release of their comeback LP ‘Push And Shove’.

Due on September 25th, the set is lead by current single ‘Settle Down’.

Find out what songs are set to join the track, which has thus far peaked at #34 on the Hot 100, on the album below…


Azealia Banks is feeling generous.

For, no more than a month before the release of her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, she gives fan ‘Succubi’, her latest audio offering.

Get your fix below…


In an industry which sees many a new artist come and go, the names Rita Ora and Frank Ocean have resonated in a powerful way.

Worlds apart musically, the pair share the fact that they’ve been a firm fixture on the lips of many this year. Indeed, Ocean has excelled with his soothing tunes and potent truth, while Ora has kept the hits flowing from her aptly titled debut – ‘ORA’.

With the latter fast approaching its August 27th UK release, the London-bred beauty gave a nod to her fellow breakout star on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge yesterday. For, as well as serving up a show-stopping rendition of a One Direction smash, the Roc Nation star also tackled Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ from 2011’s ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ mixtape.

Check out performance of the song, as well as ‘How We Do (Party & Bullsh*t)’ below…

Beyonce shot the video for ‘I Was Here’ in NYC last night and today- the first snap from the video has surfaced online.

Shot in aid of World Humanitarian Day, the singer/songwriter performed the cut for her fans and colleagues alike- Diane Warren and Teresa LeBarbera White included- at the United Nations General Assembly.

More below…


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the impact Lady GaGa‘s 2011 album ‘Born This Way’ made on both her commercial and branding front.

On a commercial tip it serves as one of 2011’s best US sellers, pushing a sweet  5 million copies worldwide by the year’s end.

However, despite being heralded for being socially aware on a thematic tip, the project saw her once light, bright and refreshing  message obliterated to make room for a cause some felt was a little…stifling.

Now, ‘Turn Me On‘ producer David Guetta has shared his thoughts on the release, and its long awaited follow up ‘ARTPOP’.

Details below…


In taking a break from her increasingly busy schedule, Rita Ora took London’s DSTRKT last night- enjoying downtime with a posse of friends.

Hitting the club in the city’s West End, the one time sneaker clerk’s night marks her latest appearance before the launch of her debut album ‘ORA‘, on August 27th.

 More from Riri below…


Cop a gander at Brit Pop force the Spice Girls, reportedly in rehearsals for tomorrow evening’s Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Snapped in action hours ago, the ‘Spice Up Your Life‘ singers attracted a crowd and paparazzi as they readied their heavily anticipated reunion, believed to see them perform a medley of their greatest hits.

More below…


After racking up praise aplenty with her debut album ‘The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)’, stage blazer Janelle Monae is gearing up to release its hotly anticipated follow-up.

Earmarked for a late 2012 arrival, the LP now has a title. Find out what it’s been christened after the jump…


Check this snap of ‘ARTPOP‘ star Lady GaGa posing it up with a fan in Chicago recently.

Reportedly taken after the pictured Monster spotted the disguised star, the pic surfaces a month before she is set to unveil further details on her new LP and launch the next stage of her ‘Born This Way Ball‘ tour.

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This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is A. Fox. Watch as the songstress takes on Aaliyah‘s Drake-assisted tune ‘Enough Said’ below:

Given the buzz about forthcoming music from late R&B superstar Aaliyah, it should come as no surprise that this week’s cover would be related.

With a tone somewhat reminiscent of Aaliyah’s ever-praised falsetto, Fox definitely succeeds in her attempt to convey the same emotion the late songstress was going for in ‘Said’.  And it doesn’t hurt that Miss Fox also looked to dress the part as well.

For more on Miss Fox, check out her Youtube page here.


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