Pink is heading back to Pop!

Yes, after revealing the name of her new LP here, the ‘Most Girls’ maestra has now confirmed its release date.

Want to know when you can get your hands on it?

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Get into this snap of The Beyince clan, striking an ‘Independence Day’ pose earlier on today.

Uploaded by the family in celebration event, the pic sees Tina Knowles, her daughters Beyonce and Solange and her niece Angela Beyince sporting relatively casual looks with acclaimed director Melina Matsoukas .

This, four nights after Beyonce graced the 2012 BET Awards with husband Jay Z, Kanye West and the latter’s latest endeavor, all of whom watched the star pick up two of the night’s award- one of them being ‘Best Director‘.

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July 13th marks the release of ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift‘ starring Jennifer Lopez, Ester Dean, Nicki Minaj and ‘Practice‘ genius Drake.

However, before the flick hits theaters, get into behind the scenes footage from its recording sessions, which sees the Rapper record lines for his ‘mammoth’ character Ethan.

Footage, which also features the aforementioned Ester Dean.

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Following a very open letter addressed to his fans this morning, Frank Ocean has received an influx of support from a number of his contemporaries, applauding for him for taking what many agree was ‘a brave step’.

From his Odd Future sibling Tyler The Creator to ‘Cosmic Journey‘ belle Solange Knowles, peep their moving messages below…


Nas calls on Amy Winehouse for the cut ‘Cherry Wine’, pulled from his new album ‘Life Is Good’.

Produced by Salaam Remi, the cut made its way to UK radio and now- for the very first time- fans can listen to it before the Rapper’s LP drops July 17th.

Enjoy below…


Jermaine Riley takes it all the way back with his latest release ‘The Old Me’, unveiled on his official site this week.

Pulled from his  forthcoming ‘Ten Eleven Twelve’ mixtape, the free download awaits your first listen above.

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Download here.

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It’s been a long time coming, but the UK’s reigning Pop Princess Rita Ora is gearing up for the release of her debut LP ‘ORA‘.

Today, in a bid to generate buzz for the project, she unveiled what is believed to be its cover and hinted at a possible UK release date.

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Congratulations are in order for Pop Princesses Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj today.

Easily two of 2012’s more notable acts, the ladies have scored quite the feat on the UK Singles Chart, enjoying not one but two songs each on the chart’s ‘Biggest Selling Singles Of 2012 So Far‘.

Full list below…


After speculation surrounding his sexual orientation arose two nights ago, acclaimed lyricist Frank Ocean has addressed the mattern an open letter posted on his official Tumblr account this morning.

Without further delay, read his courageous words below…


It’s been a difficult few years for Nelly. Indeed, sans 2010’s ‘Just A Dream’, little else has caught on for the St Louis native in recent years.

However, the multi-Platinum star looks set to remedy that with new single ‘Merry Go Round’. The cut, which is all sorts of blazing, features collabo king Chris Brown and was produced by Da Internz. 

Listen to the hit in waiting after the jump…


Pop rebel Pink is pressing on full steam with her new project. After springing a surprise on fans with the set’s debut single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, the Grammy winner has unveiled the title of the cut’s housing album.

Find out what the star has christened her latest collection of gems below…


July 13th marks the release of ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift”, starring Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Rap Svengali Nicki Minaj.

So, before the epic adventure hits theaters, Minaj took to Flicks And Bits to discuss her character ‘Steffie’, her admiration for co star Latifah and why her family still can’t believe she landed the role.

Her comments below:

On Steffie:

Well, Steffie, she’s a cutsie little ladybug, and of course I call everyone ladybugs if I really love them. But of course she’s not a ladybug, she’s huge, but she’s so beautiful.

She’s a mammoth, she has blonde hair and she does really cute stuff with her hair. She does her lashes, she does stuff with Mascara. And, you know, she’s cutsie! I think she’s great.

On her family’s reaction to her scoring the role:

 I can’t believe I’m in an ‘Ice Age’ movie. My nieces and my little brothers, they’re freaking out. They think I’m making it up. They won’t believe it until the movie comes out that I’m doing a voice in ‘Ice Age 4.

Then on Latifah:

I’ve looked up to her for so many years, she embodies everything that I’d like to do, you know? She went from acting, she does acting, animation voices – she’s everything to me.

To be a part of something she’s a part of makes me very proud. Just working in that environment, the people on the movie were dope people. Everyone was so encouraging. When I was working on it I was like, “This is the best job in the world!”

Watch above…

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