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BET Awards 2012: Your Shout!

With the BET Awards 2012 set to get under-way live from Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium in a few hours, That Grape Juice’s ‘BET Awards 2012: Your Shout!’ area goes live right now!

Tonight’s show boasts performances from Nicki Minaj, Usher, Chris Brown, as well as an All-Star tribute to the late great Whitney Houston. Undeniably, Urban music’s biggest events of the year.

Here you can post your views on  anything and everything regarding the show. Pre-Show rumours…Who you’re looking forward to seeing… Who you feel rocked the red carpet, who should have skipped it altogether… Who deserved to win what…performances…and all that good stuff –  before, during, and after the show….

This is ‘Your Shout’!


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Record Breaker: Nicki Minaj Single Rises 118 Spots In 14 Days

Despite the successes of Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill and the like, Female Rappers have oft been forced to ‘play the back’ in the game that is Pop music.

Indeed, perhaps the fault of their labels and management teams, Femcees have very rarely enjoyed chart success with their own material, riding on the backs of hits released by the commercially potent acts whose music they feature on.

Now, in what can only mark the beginning of the end to this pattern, Rap Queen Nicki Minaj has extended her lead as one of Pop’s fastest selling debutantes.

This time, on the UK Singles Chart.

Record breaking details below…


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From The Vault: Britney Spears Rocks VMA ’00

Iconic! That is fittest of description for this week’s From The Vault pick. Ladies and gents, we salute Britney Spears for her epic showing at MTV‘s 2000 Video Music Awards.

Performing a rendition of one of her many signature songs, ‘Oops, I Did It Again’, Britney delivers here a stunning spectacle, marking the true beginning of her storied relationship with the VMA’s. For many, this was the on set of the transformation of the ‘… Baby One More Time’ belle.
Setting sail with a shortened version of her Darkchild-produced cover of ‘Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones, this showing proved to be controversial after a scantily-clad. Spears, who at the time was still catering to an audience of teeny-boppers, stripped down to a sparkling nude outfit on-cue to perform the tongue-in-cheek ‘Oops’.
The said song and parent album of the same name were blockbuster smashes with the track being a global Top 10 hit and the LP debuting at #1. And, as at writing, remains among the best selling albums of all time with sales exceeding 20 millions units.
What’s so special about this performance, as was routine in her early days, was Spears’ ability to “sell” you her product. The choreography in this specific video isn’t particularly intricate or out-of-this-world, her mic stayed “off” the whole show through (after all, it is Britney, b*tch). Yet, her stage presence is just off-the-Richter and she serves up a whole new dimension to a rather cheese-soaked song, relying solely on her natural charisma and the swag she oozed. Both of which see sadly confined to the past.
This is the Britney we became enamored with, not the robot her team have been carting out over the last
six years.
And, while we stay wondering if we will ever see the day the fierce stage-slayer in the clip above returns, we are grateful for artists such as Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Usher for giving us moments as powerful as this VMA’s showing in today’s age.

What are some the most iconic performances of the last few years…for you?

Your thoughts?

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Behind The Scenes: No Doubt’s ‘Settle Down’ Video

Get familiar with behind scenes footage of No Doubt‘s latest clip ‘Settle Down’.

Surfacing online today, the clip sees the band gear up for their new era by way of the visual, set to hit screens in coming weeks.

Watch below…


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BET Awards: Ciara Parties With Destiny’s Child

The stars aligned in LA last night for the 2012 Pre- BET Awards Dinner.

Welcoming the likes of Ciara, Estelle, Destiny’s Child sisters Michelle Williams and Letoya Luckett  to name just a few, the event marked one of the hottest of the year.

Snaps from the night below…



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Hot Shots: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Catch Up In Calabasas

Kim and Kanye hooked up in Calabasas yesterday afternoon, snapped by conveniently placed paparazzi as they made their way into ‘The Commons’, catching a movie with Kim’s sister Kourtney and Scott Disick.

This, hours before he takes to the 2012 BET Awards where he will join ROC pal Jay Z and his wife Beyonce.

More below…


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Alexandra Burke Takes ‘Heartbreak On Hold’ To ‘T4 On The Beach’

Fresh from a recent trip to Miami, Alexandra Burke to the UK’s Weston Super Mare to grace ‘T4 On The Beach‘ today.

Armed with her latest LP ‘Heartbreak On Hold’, killer choreography and her trademark vocals, to say Alex brought it home would be an understatement.

Peep her in action below…


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New Song: Little Mix – ‘Wings’

Say hey to ‘Wings‘, the second single from Brit Pop upstarts Little Mix.

Boasting a refreshingly upbeat sound and those harmonies, the inspiring jam surfaced online this morning and has already whipped up momentum for their debut LP.

We have to warn you though, if you were expecting a ‘Microwave Pop’ Katy Perry throw-away from the girls, this one is not for you.

Find out what we mean below…


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New Song: Kelis – ‘Distance’

It’s been a while, but today saw Kelis return to the scene with ‘Distance‘.

Reportedly pulled from her upcoming LP, the futuristic piece sees the elusive belle beg her love for time apart, supported by a thick veil of production and her ever impressive vocals.

Enjoy below…


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New Song: Ashanti – ‘No One Greater (Ft French Montana & Meek Mill)’

Ashanti calls on French Montana and Meek Mill to complete her Irv Gotti produced ‘No One Greater’, the follow up to  the urban hopeful ‘The Woman You Love’.

Curious to know what her latest effort sounds like?

Listen below…


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