R&B veteran Brian Mcknight may not have had the best year in 2012, but if his stunning performance at the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl is anything to go by, his 2013 is set to be much better.

Indeed, in a time where recent performances of the historic number have been landing atop many-a-headline, the ‘How Your P*ssy Works’ hitmaker worked over the crowd of anxious football fans in Honolulu with a soaring performance of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ – bringing to light his oft-praised vocal stylings.

While we anxiously await the forthcoming ‘Super Bowl’ rendition from Miss Alicia Keys, we know that if her showing comes close to this one, we’re in for a treat:


 Brandy showed up and showed out in Atlanta hours ago, when she hit Honda’s ‘Battle Of The Bands’ for a performance we can’t get enough of.

Hitting the event with the ever genius Bangladesh, the ‘Wish Your Love Away‘ singer wowed an audience of 40,000 with live servings of ‘Put It Down,’ ‘Wildest Dreams‘ and the classic, ‘Full Moon‘.

Enjoy below…


With a career that’s been enjoyed just as many highs as its lows, it’s safe to say Britney Spears stands one of Pop’s most enduring entities.

Only right then, as she celebrates the global success of her Will.I.Am forged hit ‘Scream & Shout‘, that she shows gratitude to her die hard fans…and if these pics are anything to go by, the Lord.

That’s right, today saw the ‘Stronger’ star arrive at a Californian Church with a close friend- reportedly on her way in to join the congregation in catching the day’s service.

More below…


“My mind is telling me no… but my body’s telling me yes”

This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of the King of R&B himself, R.Kelly and his 1994 classic ‘Bump ‘n’ Grind’.

Released as the second single from the crooner’s solo debut and R&B landmark ’12 Play’, it was produced, written and arranged by the musical genius that is Kelly himself. As it is the case with the great majority of its housing LP, ‘Grind’ deals with Robert’s favorite subject: sex!

The mother of all slow jams, this song is iconic for so many reasons – namely its acapella intro (album mix), unabashed lyrics as well as its suggestive choreography.

Released when R&B actually charted on major tally’s, the jam proved to be a hit for Kellz and claimed the ever-so-coveted #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as spending an impressive 12 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B count. It was also a smash in the UK where it peaked inside the Top 10. It remains a staple of American urban radio with numerous stations still playing it in all its over-4-minutes glory.

The track’s live-performance themed visual, directed by Kim Watson, saw Robert (armed with two female dancers) showcase his best “bedroom moves” to an audience of screaming fans. (Side note: Where have the “live-performance” music videos in the vein of this one, TLC’s ‘Diggin On You’ or Janet’s ‘Black Cat’ gone?)


R.Kelly is undeniably the master when it comes to sensual jams, yet what set him apart from his past rivals as well as the new crop of R&B crooners is his ability to tap into other themes and being excellent at it too. The Pied-Pipper is a man of many tricks.

With the next installment of his ‘Trapped In The Closet’ as well as his new LP ‘Black Panties’ set to drop this year, the year 2013 looks like a busy on for R., and we definitely “see nothing wrong” with that!

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With exactly one week to go before Beyonce‘s blazes the stage at the Super Bowl, the singer and her troop of dancers are in intense rehearsals for what is being touted as her most epic performance yet.

Taking a brief break, Pepsi-Bey posed it up on Instagram in a B-sidebywale jumper which asks “can I live?”

A stylised “talk to the hand” to her critics? Who knows. What is certain, though, is that King B poised to show why she occupies the thrown next week. And we, quite literally, can’t wait!


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Via She Is Diva:

Cop a gander at our girl Rihanna out in NYC last night.

Arriving at the city’s ‘My Studio‘ club, the ‘Styled To Rock’ gem served a cool and casual look just weeks before she kicks off her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ to help push sales of her latest album, ‘Unapologetic‘.

Her trip to the club came nights after she hit ‘Eden’ club in a see through dress, where she exchanged playful digs with members of the paparazzi as she left with her best friend, Melissa.

Watch below…


After teasing with appetizer mixtape Audrey Hepburn’ last Fall, Chrisette Michele is ready to serve up main-course album ‘Better’.

Due in stores later this year, the Motown Records set saw its official lead single ‘A Couple Of Forevers’ unwrapped today.

A Soulful concoction of everything we’ve come to love from Chrisette, we so see this garnering play aplenty on on Adult-Contemporary radio.

Take a listen below…


Alicia Keys continues to blaze many an international stage in support of her latest LP ‘Girl On Fire’.

Serving as apt preparation for her upcoming ‘Set The World On Fire’ world tour, 31 year old’s latest stop was The Jonathan Ross Show here in London town where she performed newest single ‘Brand New Me’.

Watch Ms. Keys soulfully soar after the jump…


Had she promoted it, it would have been her biggest hit since 2002’s ‘Beautiful’, but much like its predecessor ‘Your Body‘- Christina Aguilera‘s Country ballad ‘Just A Fool’ failed to receive a push worthy of its potential.

Now, in what will undoubtedly come as a surprise to her ever loyal fans, tonight saw its writer Claude Kelly reveal that the cut wasn’t written for the ‘Glam’ singer and was in fact penned for her long time chart rival, Pink.

Details below…


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Few artists can weather the storm of an album leak ONE MONTH ahead of its release date, speak less debut at #1 with the same project. However, such was the fortune of rapper A$AP Rocky, who we caught up with in London over the weekend.

The ‘F**king Problems’ MC was in town to promote his scorching debut ‘Long.Live.A$AP’, which topped the Billboard 200 this week and charted at #7 on the Official UK Album Chart on Sunday.

Watch above as the 24 year old dishes on his journey to the “major leagues”, homophobia in Hip-Hop, his album, and much more.

 ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ is available on iTunes now! {US} {UK}

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While this may be difficult for some to remember, there was a time that ‘Single Ladies‘ singer Beyonce wasn’t as guarded she is today.

Indeed, perhaps in a bid to clean up her act before the release of her debut album, 2002 saw this B replaced with a far more demure and at times  closeted version of herself, resulting in what many have come to know as a ‘superhuman’ brand of sorts.

The downside to perfection though, is that it leaves room for some to forget that one is still a human being- a lesson the star learned two years ago upon announcing she was expecting a child with her husband, Jay Z.

Now, according to numerous reports, the chart topping philanthropist has opened up on the matter in her forthcoming ‘Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream‘ documentary.

Her moving words- according to USA Today- below…


As the world of Pop falls deeper into 2013, it’s clear to see that this year will provide no shortage of hotly anticipated music.

Of course, there’s Beyonce‘s fifth studio album, Justin Timberlake‘s third LP and Britney Spears‘ eighth, and now- in serving as one of the year’s newcomers- Elijah Blake readies the release of his debut effort, following the launch of ‘Bijoux 22‘ last year.

So, as to oil his machine before setting its wheels in motion, he releases the lyric video for his single ‘XOX’, featuring ‘Electric Circus‘ Rapper Common.

Enjoy below…


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