Her US Navy may continue to disappoint her on a sales front, but it would seem very few can match the buying power of Rihanna’s British fan base.

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If only she was this hot in the booth.

Yes, despite being guilty of putting minimal effort into her vocal craft, it seemed Rihanna was all too happy to get ‘explicit’ for Italian paparazzi yesterday.

For, during a boat trip in Portofino, the ‘Do Ya Thing’ sensation struck a number of provocative poses for the shutterbugs- as can be seen in the snap above and even racier ones below…


With a new album and television series on the way, to say Kelly Rowland next few months will be busy is an understatement.

So, before kicking off her new campaign, the Grammy winner took to California’s Melrose Avenue for a spot of shopping with good friend La La Vasquez.

Snapped in a number of boutiques, the pair’s sighting arrives before Rowland takes to Australia shoot the aforementioned ‘Everybody Dance Now’ with Jason Derulo.

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Many in the entertainment industry are routinely branded ‘triple-threats’. Yet, while the validity of most claims are merely smoke and mirrors, Pop diva Jennifer Lopez not only embodies the title – she is one of the most pronounced examples.

At a time when the Latin beauty is releasing her first Greatest Hits compilation celebrating a  decade plus of hits, From The Vault journeys back to where it all started. This week’s pick is Jennifer’s debut single ‘If You Had My Love’.
With Darkchild on writing and production duties, J.Lo managed to launch her music career with a resounding bang. Released during Spring 99, ‘Love’ was a Billboard #1 and reached the Top 10 of the majority of the countries it was released in.
For many industry analysts, its worldwide success was largely the by-product of its iconic music video – which, let’s just say, ticked all the boxes. Indeed Jenny is presented as the absolute full-package; this sentiment is echoed throughout the phenomenal dance break which bares strong resemblance dancer’s show reel (see: Jazz, House, Latin Soul). The virtual and voyeuristic atmosphere was also a clever touch as the internet and reality-TV were booming bombastically at the end of the millennium. Put simply, director Paul Hunter did a wonderful job introducing Lopez, the Popstar, as a charismatic, sexy dance maven with global appeal, a description which still fits nowadays.
The ex-Idol judge is among the few people who can proudly say that they have been truly successful in multiple fields of the industry. She has been a professional dancer in the early stages of her career,  has been an in demand actress since the mid-90’s and her musical credentials count many a classic. Still, we want to know, according to you:

Is Jennifer Lopez the ultimate Triple-Threat diva?

Back in May, ‘Magnetic Fields‘ front man Stephen Merritt found himself under the media gaze after he made comments questioning the public’s support of ‘21‘ chart topper Adele.

In an interview with LA Weekly, he suggested that Caucasian artists performing what he called ‘black music’ were often more palatable to viewers than Black artists performing ‘black music’- hinting at an  underlying but unintentional racist streak in Popular audiences.

His comments didn’t end there. In making the comparison between the radio airtime given to Black Rap acts and their fairer counterparts, he concluded:

There is something unsavory about the way audiences sometimes disproportionately favor white artists making black music.

Witness Eminem’s repeated appearances on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks (now Alternative Songs) chart with songs sporting an unmistakably hip-hop bounce like “My Name Is” and “Without Me.” The only way to explain his crossing-over to rock radio is his skin color.

Billed as an exaggeration of a dated issue, Merritt’s remarks came under fire from some That Grape Juice readers who argued their reasons for supporting artists came on the grounds of quality and not race.

However, these found themselves countering arguments supporting the performer’s theory.

Pointing out, that despite the prior success of AaliyahTLC, Brandy, Monica and Janet in the 90s, this generation only boasts three commercially viable Black female artists.

These being, Rihanna, Beyonce and rising Rapper Nicki Minaj.

So now we ask you:

Do you feel race plays into chart success?

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Braxton Family Values is back! Well almost…

Toni, Tamar, Trina, and co are set to return for a “Summer Sizzler” (6 episode mini-series) on August 16th.

And so as to tide fans over for what is being touted as “season 2.5” of the WE tv hit, the ladies have released new promotional shots.

Peep the diva-fied Rob Ector shots below…


Young Money maven Nicki Minaj lends her signature stylings to the latest offering of lyrically challenged rapster Waka Flocka Flame on ‘Get Low’.

Also guesting the rapstress’s fellow Young Money member Tyga and serial hitmaker Flo Rida, the collection of emcees are just three of many enlisted on Flame’s  sophomore joint ‘Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family’.

Taking to Atlanta to shoot the accompanying clip, the Benny Boom-directed visual will see Flame attempt to, via his own saying, ‘put art back into videos’.

Will he succeed?  You tell us after the jump:




Pop queen Madonna‘s ‘Turn Up the Radio’ may have not made many moves on charts since its debut in recent weeks, but the addition of group Far East Movement may change that.  One of four remixes set to be available for download on August 5, this version of the track is making its rounds on the web days in advance.

As the Material Girl’s ‘MDNA World Tour’ sees her selling out stadiums across the globe, Laidback Luke has lent his hand at remixing the third single from her 12th studio LP ‘MDNA’.

Is it just what the doctor ordered? You tell us after the jump:


Naturally No Doubt‘s comeback, after an almost ten year hiatus, is very much an “event”. Hence, it’s only expected that they’d hit one of the biggest AM slots, Good Morning America, in the run up to the release of their ‘Push & Shove’ LP (due September 25th).

Taking to the Summer Concert Series stage, the Pop quad served up a bevy of their biggest hits including ‘Underneath It All’, ‘It’s My Life’, and latest smash ‘Settle Down’.

Watch Gwen and co in action below…


Rihanna continued her European vacation yesterday, snapped partying with friends on the French Riviera.

With a bottle of beer in hand, the world renown belter appeared to be her usual state of not doing much, soaking up the sun as her label craft her seventh studio album, due for release next year.

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Almost a month after hitting the net, there’s finally some movement with Kelly Rowland‘s hot new single ‘Ice’.

We have it on reliable word that the Lil Wayne assisted cut is set for its “official” radio add date any day now; and so as to ensure it fulfils its chart-topping potential, the track  has been restructured. Initially clocking in at almost 5 minutes, a revised version of the baby-making number premiered moments ago.

Take a listen below…


With his latest LP  ‘Fortune’ still riding high on the Billboard 200, it’s safe to say the project isn’t as doomed as some of his fans had feared it would be.

However, as to ensure the album continues to push impressive units,  the gifted singer has chosen a new single to support the #1 album.

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