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That Grape Juice On Twitter // Facebook

tgj twitter That Grape Juice On Twitter // Facebook

As many of you may know, you can now follow That Grape Juice on Twitter! Adding to the ever-expanding ways to be apart of the That Grape Juice community, our Twitter page allows you to receive up-to-the-minute updates about the latest posts on the site as well as what’s happening in the Urban Pop Culture world more generally.

What’s more, you, as well as the thousands who have already joined, will be able to keep up with me, ‘Sam’, while I’m on-the-go. I’ll be making use of Twitter’s Blackberry feature, which allows me to let you guys know what I’m up while I’m out and about. That means everything from checking in with you all while on location at an artist interview to complete randomness from the wackiness that is ‘my world’. So what are you waiting for…

Click here to follow That Grape Juice on Twitter!

Be sure to follow That Grape Juice’s Trent as well….

Click here to follow Trent’s Twitter too!

cd8e673d0d6d1c0c846009367162b45f That Grape Juice On Twitter // FacebookThe That Grape Juice Facebook Group has been up and popping for a while now. Work, school, college, home, wherever; I’m sure many of you – like myself – spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook. Yes, it’s ‘that’ addictive!

Why not, then, combine your daily Urban Pop Culture fix with social networking and come be a part of the rapidly growing That Grape Juice Facebook community. Along with the thousands who have already joined (thank you all!), you will be the first to get word on upcoming interviews, competitions, view exclusive pictures and much much more. The discussion board/wall also gives you the chance to interact with other ‘Grape Juice readers moreso now than ever before.

It’s an open group, so anyone can join – invite all your friends too!

Click here to join That Grape Juice On Facebook

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New Song: Monica – ‘Everything To Me’ (Single / Extended Version)

MonicaMyLife New Song: Monica   Everything To Me (Single / Extended Version)

As previously reported, the first single to be lifted from Monica‘s forthcoming ‘Still Standing’ LP is ‘Everything To Me’.

A shorter edit of the song, which is the most added at Mainstream and AC radio this week, had been floating around for a few weeks. However, the director of  single’s video reportedly required a longer track, hence a bridge and a few other tweaks have been added. After initially not being too big on the song, it’s starting to grow on me. Take a listen below:

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Alexandra Burke Lines Up ‘The Silence’ As Next Single

alex 4 1 copy Alexandra Burke Lines Up The Silence As Next Single

It has been confirmed that next single to be lifted from Alexandra Burke‘s smash debut LP, ‘Overcome’, will be ‘The Silence’. The stirring ballad, which you can listen to below, was produced by hit-maker RedOne and is set for release March/April.

As one of the few songs that I out rightly love on Ms. Burke’s record, I’m glad it’s receiving the single treatment. Alex delivers a stunning vocal performance on this one; a performance which is sure to further solidify her status as one of most gifted acts to emerge in recent years. In any case; for those who’ve yet to hear it, check out the song below:

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Chilli’s VH1 Reality Show To Premiere March 28th

chilli2 Chillis VH1 Reality Show To Premiere March 28th

TLC star Chilli is the latest known name to jump on the reality TV bandwagon. However unlike the likes of Monica and Fantasia, Chilli’s show will not centre on her music career. Instead, the singer, real name Rozonda Thomas, is looking for love (Flava Flav and Ray J style) with her new VH1 show ‘What Chilli Wants’. Check out the casting call sent out for the show, which is set to premiere on March 28th, below:

She is known as a superstar around the world. Her exotic looks have been featured in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful.” She is a Pop and R&B Legend, and one of the best selling artists of all time… and she is looking for one man to show her some TLC.

Known to millions of fans worldwide as a music icon who put the “sexy” in CrazySexyCool, she has the fame, the fan-mail, and the friends to last a lifetime. Her name is CHILLI, and she is ready to meet the man whose heart of gold can shine with her own.

Doron Ofir Casting, in association with FremantleMedia North America and VH1, are seeking eligible bachelors of caliber for the possible introduction to a legendary artist who is ready to groove with the man of her dreams.

Are you worthy of meeting the woman behind the music, behind the reputation, behind the stardom? Get ready to meet the real deal, because once you take away all the fame, a remarkable woman awaits you.

Now casting single men who appear to be between the ages of 25 and 40, who have the sex appeal, personality, good looks, success and heart to date a major music artist who is looking to find her true love. {Source}

While I will reserve full judgement until I actually see the show, this sure as hell looks embarrassing on paper. Has it really come to this? Moreover, what happened to her supposed solo deal and album ‘Bi-Polar’? SMH…

Your thoughts?

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Mariah Carey Prank Calls Nick Cannon Live On Radio

mariah and nick cannon Mariah Carey Prank Calls Nick Cannon Live On Radio

Diva Mariah Carey showed her more playful side by surprising husband of 2 years Nick Cannon by prank calling  his radio show today. The ‘We Belong Together’ singer called into ‘Rollin’ With Nick Cannon’ on New York’s 92.3FM during a discussion on ‘Is porn bad for your relationship.’ You can listen to the hilarity which ensued below:

Hilarious! LMAO.

Your thoughts?

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Hot Shots: Ciara At Givenchy Fashion Show

cici1 Hot Shots: Ciara At Givenchy Fashion Show

R&B star Ciara was the talk of the town in Paris today – for both good and not so good reasons. The ‘Love Sex Magic’ singer wowed onlookers at the Givenchy haute couture fashion show on one of the fashion houses ensembles.

However, photographers were reportedly incensed that  the 24 year old turned up some 40 minutes late, as she had been touted as the main attracted to shoot because of what she’d be wearing – and the fact no reason was given for her late arrival. Nonetheless, Ms. Harris did apologise on her way in.

In all honesty, though, who cares about a late arrival when she looked this good. Peep more pics below!

cici3 Hot Shots: Ciara At Givenchy Fashion Show
cici45 Hot Shots: Ciara At Givenchy Fashion Show

Your thoughts?

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‘iamamiwhoami’ (Can You Guess Who It Is?)

This viral video has been making the rounds as of late. At present, all that is known is that clip, titled ’′, is that it’s in support of a highly-anticipated release. What’s more, it was posted under the Youtube account ‘iamamiwhoami’

Any guesses as to who it is?
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Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Nice Airport

kelly kel Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Nice Airport

Check out Kelly Rowland going through security Nice Airport in France today. The Destiny’s Child alumni had been in the city for the NRJ Awards, which she performed at this past weekend. Chilled out look and all, Ms. Kelly looks great.

kellykel 3 Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Nice Airport
kellykel 2 Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Nice Airport
kellykel5 Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Nice Airport

Your thoughts?

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New Song: Christina Aguilera – ‘Spotlight’

caguilerarecord New Song: Christina Aguilera   Spotlight

While Pop starlet Christina Aguilera continues to ready her 4th studio album ‘Bionic’ (due March), a new track  titled ‘Spotlight’ -from her soon-to-be-released movie with Cher, ‘Burlesque’ – has surfaced.

Very much in the vein of the throwback 1940′s sound Aguilera experimented with on 2006′s moderately-successful ‘Back To Basics’ LP, this is an up-tempo fusion of Jazz, Blues, and modern day Urban-Pop. I’m pretty over Christina’s flirtation-turned-full on romance with old skool, however, I guess she gets a pass with this one as it’s for a movie and the fact that fact that it’s actually pretty good. Great production and and even better vocals. Good stuff. {Thanks Oliver!}

Hit or Miss?

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Rihanna: “Beyonce Left Me Starstruck”

riri24 Rihanna: Beyonce Left Me Starstruck

In a recent interview with iTunes, Rihanna recounted her first concert experience, which interestingly happened to be a Beyonce show. Peep what the Covergirl model had to say:

“My very first arena concert was Beyoncé/Alicia Keys/Missy Elliott [in 2004]. I think it was the ‘Ladies First’ tour,” she said.

Despite her bad seats, she will always remember that special night. “I was in like a nosebleed seat, but I was in tears. I could not believe that Beyoncé was right there, and Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott.”

Rihanna was in awe of the artists she now considers her peers. “I was a little starstruck. No, I was verystarstruck, but it was so much fun. It was very inspiring and it motivated me so much.” {Source}

Needless to say the jokes kinda write themselves with this one!

Randomness: I hear a lot of ‘blah blah’ about going in on ol’ RiRi, but it’s only ’cause we care :-). For all Ms. Fenty’s fierceness looks-wise, it’s such a shame that her talent can’t match up. A damn shame. There’s no doubt in my mind that if it did, she’d be a the total package. Instead we have this absolute stunner with zero stage presence, sheep-bleating over hot beats, and kinda making a mockery of the industry in the process. It’s important to stress that no one is going at Ms. Fenty personally (hell, we don’t know her); however it’s more about what she represents – image over any substance.

Your thoughts?

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