Aged 46, Janet Jackson continues to prove that age ain’t nothing but a number. Case, point, her shoot in the latest issue of Prevention magazine.

The Queen of Pop looks a picture of youth in the feature, which also includes a stint on the cover.

Peep another shot after the jump…


Two days ago, B2K alum Raz B found himself back under the gaze of media when excerpts from his alleged tell all book emerged online.

Excerpts, which made a number of sensational claims regarding his dealings with Chris Brown, Ray J,Bow Wow and his one time band mates.

While That Grape Juice won’t dignify these baseless allegations by shedding any more light on them, we can say they are pretty damning.

So damning, Brown has responded to them via Twitter.

His comments below…


The Voice UK continued in spectacular fashion tonight, with the latest episode of the Live Shows.

Check out highlights from the hotly anticipated show on our sister site – That Grape Juice TV.

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Her vocals may be akin to a three week old can of Coke, but there’s no denying Cheryl Cole‘s value as a ‘live act’.

Tonight, sans a live vocal and Simon Cowell‘s backing, she took to the ‘The Voice UK‘ to perform her new single ‘Call My Name’, her first release since parting ways with The X Factor.

Peep the ‘Ghetto Baby’ belle below…


You’ve see the final product, now peep the behind scenes footage of Chris Brown‘s ‘Sweet Love‘ visual.

Documenting the clip’s journey from conception to execution, the clip makes for very interesting view- showcasing Chris’ directorial and production skills like never before.

Watch the Grammy winner in action below…


Last night, Beyonce made her long awaited stage return at New Jersey’s Revel resorts.

While we’ve already shown you snippets from her set here, this morning has seen more of the show surface online.

Peep more from her return- including a rendition of Lauryn Hill‘s ‘Ex Factor‘- below…


To be honest, we’re not sure why Rihanna even bothers to sing.

We mean, since she spends more time on Twitter, Instagram and in front of the camera than she does in rehearsal studios and recording booths, we feel her time would be better spent doing what she’s good at- than making our ears suffer for what she’s not.


Well take a peek at the above snapa of the star, stripping off for her upcoming fragrance set for release this fall.

Striking a number of suggestive poses- more of which are below- it’s clear the girl’s calling is to model and not yodel.

More evidence below…


All aboard the Alexandra Burke promo train!

In further support of her latest cut ‘Let It Go’, Ms. Burke took her talents to the folk over at CBBC yesterday for a performance of the number and an upbeat chit chat with the channel’s hosts.

Interview and performance below…


beyonce revel

Strong enough to bare them children, and get back to business.

Indeed, that’s exactly what megastar Beyonce did hours ago when  she made her grand return to the stage at Revel resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Does the Queen Bey still have her “sting”? You already know! Watch Mamma Blue work it below!


The moment many-a-Beehive faithful was waiting for happened tonight as the first of four Atlantic City showings by Beyonce came to be.  The first since the introduction of daughter Blue Ivy, fans have been teased weeklong by behind the scenes and other promotions amping the sold out show.

Now, get your first peek at some of the action below:

Needless to say, we already know those stilettos were pop, lock, drop, and twirling all over the place.  If only some of her contemporaries were in the audience taking notes…

Thanks DivaWhispers!

Your thoughts?

As ‘Put It Down’ diva Brandy is working her way back up charts, anticipation mounts steadily for the release of her forthcoming project ‘Two Eleven’.  But while the singer works her way back into the spotlight, recent months have seen her play co-star in a massive promo push for the Monica-assisted single ‘It All Belongs To Me’.

With Mo’s album recently hitting shelves and Brandy’s soon to follow, rumors (flamed by the two) swirled that a joint tour would be in the works.  Well…that was then.

Speaking quite candidly with our friends at BarkBite, B-Rocka weighs in on the prospect of the tour possibilities as well as lending album updates with an all star team of producers (Timbaland, Frank Ocean, Bangladesh, Sean Garrett, and more).

Needless to say, B-Rocka is NOT playing!  This is a must read:


As Beyonce slips on her trusty stilletto’s for the first of her Revel comeback shows in less than an hour, part 2 of the Making Of the Atlantic City extravaganza has surfaced.

Watch Queen Bey live up to her billing below


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