The claws are (still) out with Elton John versus Madonna.  The Queen of Pop has certainly found herself reigning atop pop legend Elton John‘s sh*tlist as the two have embattled in a nearly year-long feud.

While Madge has oft-played the silent card (unlike her persistent digs at pop princess Lady Gaga), John has been more than vocal about his distaste for the Material Girl.  Such distaste is displayed at maximum when the ‘Bennie & the Jets’ singer flew into a list of insults composed for the pop queen – even going so far as to calling her a ‘c*nt’ and saying ‘her career is over’.

Get into this interview with Australia’s ‘Molly Meldrum’ and hear John’s kind words for Gaga and not so kind for Miss Madge (start at 7:07).


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Despite coming under fire for his alleged obsession with the late star, Drake has unveiled a brand new cut named ‘Enough Said‘ featuring vocals from ‘More Than A Woman’ darling Aaliyah.

Without further delay, listen to the opinion starter below…


It’s been a Mariah Carey heavy week here at TGJ – and with ample reason too.

After titillating teasing, the premium diva debuted her hotly anticipated comeback single ‘Triumphant’ on Thursday, with a series of remixes following thereafter.

Ever keen to plough through the smokey hype, the latest episode of The Business asses whether the track packs enough “umph” to punch its way to the top of the charts. Some of your comments also feature. Hit ‘PLAY’ to see if yours made the cut!

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A testament to their support shown to them by their respective fan bases, this week has seen Pop firework Jessie J and Rap chart topper Nicki Minaj enjoy sales boosts in the United Kingdom.

Curious to see how both ladies fared in this week’s chart check?

Get into it below…


While Katy Perry may have won the public over with ‘One Of The Boys’ in 2008, it’s safe to say the only debutante worth paying attention to that year was Lady GaGa.

Indeed, despite hitting the ground to a slow start, GaGa‘s arrival with her debut LP ‘The Fame‘ has become one of Pop’s more romanticized occurrences- hailed a breath of fresh creative air in a time where gimmicks by Rihanna and co. had well and truly run dry.

Ironically, despite boasting her lowest first week sales to date, the album seems to hold a special place in the heart of many a ‘Monster’- some of whom flood videos from its era with comments like the below:

Lady GaGa Honduras:

I Miss This GaGa

Ouroroborobo 747:

 It was simple because of how low the budget was. A lot of artists work best with very little and making something out of nothing. If you have big budget things then it can begin to look contrived if you’re not careful.

 This is the artistic direction she should of kept.. god its a mess now.. I have hope she’ll get back to her roots and her inspired, simple, style.

So with her new LP reportedly boasting a similar vibe, we ask:

Is ‘The Fame’ A Classic Album?


Fortune‘ may be less than a month old, but it seems Chris Brown is already moving onto pastures new- by way of new material.

Today on social networking site Twitter, he unveiled a brand spanking new cut believed to appear on a forthcoming mix tape, which includes the profound lyrics:

I don’t need no ni**as in my section, all bitches, all bitches, all bitches, all bitches.

Get into the jam below…


This week’s From The Vault pick comes courtesy of defunct R&B duo, Zhané and their timeless smash ‘Hey Mr. DJ’.

R&B at its finest, ‘DJ’ was the first single from their 1993 debut, the aptly titled ‘Pronounced Jah-Nay’ (in case you were wondering). It was a Billboard Hot 100 smash, charting at #6 and managed to crack the Top 40 of various other countries like the U.K and Australia where it peaked at #26 and #9 respectively.

The funky cut was accompanied by a fitting “bloc-party” video, which – like much of the 90’s Urban output – evoked a real “feel good” aura. An aura referenced by some today’s artists, ala Beyonce on ‘Party’, yet one generally overlooked in an era which sees most trying to embrace the “dark” and “edgy”.


Zhané scored themselves a few hits after ‘DJ’, such as ‘Groove Thang’ and ‘Sending My Love’, but ultimately called it quits as golden-decade of the 90’s drew to a close.

Though the journey ended rather abruptly for the talented pair, solace can be sourced in that they cooked up a hit which remains ever-fresh.

Zhané, we salute you.

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R&B crooner Trey Songz today unwrapped new promotional single ‘Hail Mary’.

Already previewed in snippet form, the Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy assisted cut featured on the singer’s fifth studio album, the aptly titled ‘Chapter V’ (due August 19th).

With his “lane” at its most competitive (see: Chris Brown, Usher), can Songz serve up something that’ll help him pull ahead of the pack? Find out after the jump…


In an age where the casual listener has very little interest in supporting albums, it’s become quite apparent that Rap/Hip Hop is one of the only fields left to impressive first week numbers on the Billboard 200.

For, when Rihanna‘s lackluster 198,000 units for ‘Talk That Talk’ are placed next to Drake‘s 631,000 units moved with 2011’s ‘Take Care‘, there’s no denying that US Rap continues to pull number of stunts and tricks on its Hot 100 heavy Pop counterpart.

Now, by way of his latest album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t‘, Rick Ross is set to join an elite group of Rappers making major waves on the Billboard 200.

Details below…


This November, Brit sensation Jermaine Riley releases his brand spanking new mix tape ‘Ten Eleven Twelve’.

So, in a bid to whet the appetites of his ever growing fan base, he releases the scorching cut ‘What The Night Does‘.

Tuck in above…

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Get into this intense teaser from the upcoming movie ‘Sparkle‘, starring American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and the late icon Whitney Houston.

Featuring the pair – who play mother & daughter -in a heated scene, the preview arrives before the flick hits theaters August 17 and awaits your first look above…

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Last year’s ‘Born This Way’ catapulted Lady GaGa from superstar to megastar; a feat made all the more remarkable when considering her humble three years in the limelight.

Naturally, then, it’s a given that anticipation for the paw purveyor’s 4th studio album is at fever-pitch.

Hence, it’s little wonder why the singer’s army of Monsters are rejoicing at the star’s apparent reveal of the LP’s title, ‘ARTPOP’. Taking to her aptly titled social network,, the 26 year old shared the shot above with the message:

“New ink new album”

What’s more, it’s not the only shots posted with the supposed album title featured. Flip the hood for more…


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