She’s called the Queen for a reason.

Yes, while many would like to write Madonna off as the Margo to GaGa‘s Eve, it appears the former is just as popular today as she has ever been- despite the continuous age bias her cause suffers from.

Because, as of today, she has scored her 12th UK #1 album with ‘MDNA‘.

Details below…


…minus Raz-B.

They once had the world quite literally at their feet. However, doomed solo and duo runs have seen the boys from B2K teetering on the border of Pop oblivion.

So, in adhering to the Industry 101 (see: three flops are better than one), the group (Omarion, J-Boog, and Lil Fizz) have reunited for a new project of sorts. And while little is known beyond the fact they recently recorded together (see: shot above), one things is certain: controversial member Raz-B will not feature.

Indeed, many will remember Raz’s shocking revelations, which left lead singer Omarion none-too-impressed. Remember this…


“Y’all tell me, what’s R&B without the the R?”

In the same way the Jackson siblings have inspired and changed the Pop landscape forever, a certain R.Kelly has left an indelible print on R&B; ensuring he go down in history as the undeniable King of R&B.
This week, That Grape Juice honors His-Highness with a throwback to the year 2002, a year when R. was commanding the world to “bounce”. ‘Ignition (Remix)’ is today’s From The Vault pick.
Unleashed during Fall 02, ‘Ignition’ was exactly the homerun Robert needed to keep his career afloat after some  very public drama saw him garner headlines for all the wrong reasons.
A critics’ favorite, it was the single that helped launch the Pied Piper’s fifth album ‘Chocolate Factory’, an LP that would see him write, arrange and produce every single song.
As with many of his releases, it was a worldwide smash, reaching the pole position of the UK Single Charts while peaking at #2 on the US Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Charts
This here is an excellent example of the authenticity and uniqueness of Kelly, from the minimalistic production to the way he rides that beat, the varied vocal delivery to the outlandish metaphors: classic. Actually we dare you to find any other artist who could pull this song off (or who could come up with a song like this entirely by himself).
If the track itself isn’t enough, its simple yet effective club set video will make you wish you were on a dancefloor ready to ‘have you some fun’.
To every R&B hopeful out there: if you are willing to learn, R.Kelly is the one.

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Chris Brown is in the giving mood.

Because last night, while Rihanna dreamed of scoring a #1 album and Trey Songz wasn’t fantasizing about winning a Grammy, Brown released two new cuts, named ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘See Through‘.

They’re waiting for you below…


With the obituary of the current line-up of the Sugababes all but read, the group’s original faces are gearing up to stage a storming comeback. One backed by a major label, who according to new reports have signed the ladies to a seven-figure deal.

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Another day, another hair colour. Such is the life of Pop pretender Rihanna.

Instead of banging down the door of a vocal coach, the model stays snapping and sharing photo’s of herself, the latest of which reveal she’s ditched that dusty blonde wig in favour of a new black ‘do.

We must say we’re liking what we see, but we’d like it that much more if she’d spend more time searching for some actual talent. Because like Casper, it’s gone ghost.

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Between the orange “red carpet” and host of Skittles inspired colours rocked by your favourite stars, last night’s 25th Annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards didn’t disappoint.

The likes of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and 11 year old Willow Smith all donned wholly Nickelodeon-esque outfits at the Los Angeles based event.

See for yourself above and below…

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Cop a gander of Nicki Minaj!

The femcee took to the stage moments ago at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards sporting a distinctly “Nicki” look. Take from that what you will.

However “out-there” the ensemble, it’s good to see Ms. Minaj covering the right bases. For, if ‘Starships’ and the like are where she’s “at”, KCA is certainly where needs to be.

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Almost a year after being sensationally axed from the X Factor USA, Cheryl Cole is back.

The former Pop force is looking to re-rev her movement with new single ‘Call My Name’, the video for which was shot in Los Angeles today (see pics above and below).

Reportedly produced by Alex Da Kid, the cut serves as the most “important” Cole release yet.

Why, you may ask?

It’s her first solo effort without the X Factor scaffolding. Indeed, it was that well-oiled machine that blew ample amounts of smoke in the face of any and everyone who dare question her clear limitations (see: lack of talent and inability to judge). And yet ironically, it would be that same machine that would ditch her with the swiftness once the vapidity of its “creation” became too obvious to ignore.

In any case, it’ll be uber interesting to see how Ms. Cole fares on this outing. Credit where it’s due, she may not be able to sing worth a lick, but she’s become quite the performer. Paired with the right material, she may well be able to surprise and pierce through her artistic flaws. Time will tell. In the meanwhile, check out more pics below…

Randomness: Did you know Cheryl is managed by Black Eyed Peas frontman,

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R&B songstress Monica took front stage centre during the NCAA Final Four game tonight, performing a stirring rendition of the US National Anthem, ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.

How did Ms. Brown fare? Find out after the jump…


Get a load of Rihanna covering the Swiss publication ‘Friday‘ magazine.

In aid of her new LP ‘Talk That Talk’ and her forthcoming flick ‘Battleship‘, Rita-lite’s cover comes weeks before she releases the video for ‘Where Have You Been’ – her latest single.

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The Voice UK continued in spectacular fashion tonight.

Check out highlights from the hotly anticipated show on our sister site – That Grape Juice TV.

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