With the theatrical release of ‘Think Like A Man’ drawing nearer, a new trailer for the Kevin Hart led comedy has been unveiled.

Starring a who’s who of Urban Hollywood, the movie -which is based on Steve Harvey‘s book ‘Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady’– sees appearances of Gabrielle Union, Meagan Goode, Taraji Henson, Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, among others.

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Check these snaps of Rap belle Iggy Azalea in Atlanta’s ‘The Gold Room‘ on Monday night.

In the company of Grand Hustle mentor T.I, his wife Tiny and Brit MC Chipmunk, her sighting arrived in the heat of reports that she is to join Nicki Minaj on her upcoming tour, in support of her debut LP ‘The New Classic‘.

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American Idol favourite Jessica Sanchez lived up to her billing last night, after giving a show-stopping performance of Beyonce‘s ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Her commendable showing gave a nod to King B’s ‘I Am…Yours’ rendition of the track.

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Soulful baritone Toni Braxton embraces the dance-floor on titillating new single ‘I Heart You’, the album mix of which saw its releas today.

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Following their brief ‘get together’ back in 2009, Drake and Rihanna are forever being linked, if not by music then  by reports of the romantic persuasion.

Now, ahead of the release of their ‘Take Care‘ duet, the ‘Over’ MC has revealed his hopes to work on the model’s next album.

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In what is becoming a common occurrence, Beyonce was snapped out about with daughter Blue Ivy last night.

King B and her heiress were accompanied by a towering bodyguard as they entered the unspecified building.

It marks the umpteenth appearance the singer has made this month; a practice we’re sure is just as much to do with heightened media interest surrounding her as it to with her keeping her face “out there” in the run-up to her stage return in May.

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Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for the debut of her hotly anticipated new single ‘Dance Again (ft. Pitbull)’, which drops tomorrow.

And so as to further whet appetites, the 42 year old has unveiled the official cover for the RedOne cut, as well as a lengthier preview.

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An array of awards line their shelves. Millions line their bank accounts and album sales statistics.  Adoring fans line concert venues, fan pages, and front stan wars in defense of them.  Yet, interestingly, even with all the aforementioned, stars like Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Madonna find themselves placed in quite the pop pickle.  For, in their hey day, they revisited, revamped, and, to then contemporary music fans, replaced the divas of old.  Putting the Chers, Diana Rosses, Aretha Franklins, Barbra Streisands, and co.s ‘out to pasture’ while they dominated the pop charts.

But, insert a 20 year fast forward, and they find themselves in (or approaching) somewhat of the same jam.

Redefining the standards of pop excellence, the latter 21st century divas (unlike those before them) used the music video medium to push their agenda.   Glossy visuals, accompanied by high octane choreography, cinematic quality themes, and live performances to match.  But, now the pop queens that paved the way for Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, and more are now finding themselves in their direct competition – sonically and visually.  Some will argue that no copy will ever trump the original, while others say they’ve had their day and should step aside.

We at TGJ want to know:  when one reaches a level of legendary status…what’s to gain from continuing?  You’ve paved the way, had the fame/fortune, and the adulation.  What’s next?  As Madonna’s 12th LP ‘MDNA’ landed on shelves this week, and Janet and Mariah (amongst others 40+ year old divas) are hard at work at their latest offerings,  sales dwindle and once universal praise turns into mock.

The inescapable age/gender bias leads us to ask:

Former Glory Vs. Future Gain:  Do stars who continue to push “pass their prime” ruin their legacies?  Is the gain – at the risk of ridicule, changing one’s sound for the sake of sounding “current”, or dressing/acting much too young – worth the gain of a new generation of followers?

Your thoughts?


Courtesy of Chris Brown’s twitter, comes a brand new song called ‘Sweet Love’ lifted from the singer/dancer’s upcoming ‘Fortune’ album.

What are you waiting for?

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Queen of Pop Madonna is on course to remind heiresses that she is indeed still ruling the charts.  For, just one week after the debut of her Youtube (partially) banned number ‘Girls Gone Wild’, her faithful following have gone to task to put the Material Girl’s latest material atop Billboard charts.

Boasting her best first week number’s since 2005’s ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’, ‘MDNA’ marks Madge’s 5th consecutive #1 album and 8th overall (starting with 2000’s ‘Music’).

Find out how much the ‘Holiday’ hitmaker is expected to move:



‘The Biggest Boss’ Rick Ross slides in for a slice of Rihanna‘s ‘Birthday Cake’.  Lending his vocals to Da Internz-produced cut, Ricky Rozay plays assistant to Ri and controversial collaborator Chris Brown on this revamp.

Does Ricky have the goods to make this sweet track even sweeter? You decide after the jump:


With Chris Brown back on the scene, Trey Songz needs all the help he can get to promote his new single ‘Heart Attack‘ and its  supporting album.

So, armed with a ‘strictly R&B’ agenda and some thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case, he took to ‘The Breakfast Club’ today.

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