They’re baaaaack!

The trio that created ‘We Belong Together’, Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, and Bryan-Michael Cox were all present in the studio last night recording tracks for Carey’s upcoming album due later this year.

The vocal maven was clearly feeling “divalicious” as she hammed it up for the camera in true Mariah Carey-fashion, looking slim & trim. Diva.

See another shot from the inspired evening of music making after the jump and sound-off below.


When aspiring singer/rapper Sabi nabbed the gig of a lifetime as a featured vocalist on Britney Spears‘Femme Fatale’ album the California native must’ve thought she was on the fast-track to superstardom.

Sadly, however, that was not the case.

While ‘Drop Dead (Beautiful)’ will forever go down as a bossy Britney-fan favorite with a silly verse from Sabi about a “pot full of vegetables,” it did little to nothing to jumpstart the MC’s budding career.

Hoping to create some waves of her own–here’s the new single ‘Where They Do That At’ featuring DMV rapper Wale. Listen to the track after the jump and sound-off below.


When not causing controversy with “strange substances”, vocal priestess Rihanna makes her dollars peddling music.

With her latest offering being ‘Where Have You Been’, the 24 year old has been steadily teasing the single’s video – releasing yet another still from the clip today.

Much like the track’s accompanying album and  the model’s career moreover, the shot leaves much to be desired. Here’s hoping the actual video delivers.

Your thoughts?


Say what you will about Nicki Minaj, but we’d dare anyone to question her loyalty to her fans.

Communicating with them daily by way of Twitter, the Rapper- like Lady GaGa before her- has become just as celebrated for her relationship with her ‘Barbz‘ as she is for her polarizing talent.

Not sure what we mean?

Watch below…


As is the case with most talent evaders, stirring up controversy for controversy’s sake is a skill one must learn to master.

Take Rita-Lite for example.

For,while the likes of Azealia Banks, Usher and David Guetta made headlines for their stand out sets at Coachella, the ‘Take A Bow‘ singer has come under fire for tweeting a suggestive photo.

A photo, reportedly  featuring a substance of the ‘powdery persuasion’.

Full story below…


Azealia Banks isn’t messing around.

For, after her groundbreaking set at Coachella last weekend, she has pulled what some might call an power move of epic proportions.

She has enlisted Lady GaGa‘s manager to take control of her career.

Exciting details below…


Love her or hate her, there’s just no denying Rihanna‘s influence on the world.

Rising to fame on the back of Jay Z’s time at Island Def Jam, the last seven years have seen the ‘Battleships’ star become one of Pop’s greatest assets.

So, in honor of her achievements, Time Magazine have named her as one 2012’s Top 100 Most Influential People.

Full story below…


Cheryl Cole is back and keen to illuminate the charts.

After a lengthy spell of silence following her X Factor USA sacking, Cole has today announced the title and release date of her third studio outing.

Find out what the LP is called, when it’s due, and the premiere details of its lead single below!


This week saw vocal hub SWV release their first album in 15 years ‘I Missed Us’.

Hitting the promotional trail in support of the set, Coko and co stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to perform lead single ‘Co-Sign’ and old favourite ‘Anytime’.

Watch the ladies show how it’s done after the jump…


Remember Janet Jackson‘s fabulous Nutrisystem‘s commercial?

Well if ever there was doubt surrounding the legitimacy of the new svelte physique she flaunted in it, it’s dispelled with this behind the scenes look at the ad.

The Pop megastar, who bares an uncanny resemblence to herself 10 years ago (see: ‘All For You’ era), strikes pose after fierce pose in the David Meyers shot feature.

Watch the 45 year old in action below…


Jay-Z‘s new protégée Rita Ora continues to justify her buzz.

The 22 year old Londoner took front, stage, centre at an intimate showcase for Wired 96.5 radio in Philadelphia this week; and proved just why her buzz and fanbase are growing at such a rapid rate.

Watch her rousing renditions of current singles ‘R.I.P’ and ‘How We Do (Party & Bullsh*t)’ below…


It was a wild night in London Town when ‘Take Care‘ MC Drake ‘got into it’ with a nightclub bouncer, hours ago.

Upon arriving at the city’s Funky Buddha, the MC found himself in the middle of a brawl when members of his entourage got into a disagreement with the venue’s bouncers.

Calming the situation down before the situation got too out of hand, Drake and his team were then allowed into the club for its weekly ‘Model Night Out‘ event. This, weeks welcoming  Rihanna2  on his ‘Club Paradise’ tour in aid of hew new single ‘RIP‘, written by the Rapper.

More from the scuffle below…


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