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Ashanti Signs Major TV Deal

ashanti 1 Ashanti Signs Major TV Deal

R&B star Ashanti has inked a major deal with Revielle LLC – the major TV production company behind ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘The Biggest Loser’, and ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’ – it has been announced.

The partnership will see the former INC star serve as Executive Producer, overseer, as well as an on-air personality on a music-based competition TV show. Speaking of the deal,  Ashanti said:

“I’m excited about the opportunity to be working with Reveille LLC, one of the tv industry’s heavyweights and I can’t wait to begin production.” {Source} {Thanks Stefan}

Kudos where kudos are due, it’s great to see Ms. Douglas doing her thing outside of being an artist. Folk may get on her for sales, current ‘relevancy’ etc, yet anyone who really knows how this industry works understands that it’s all about diversifying into other areas to ensure you longevity (see: LL Cool J, Ice T, Diddy etc). More power to her!

Your thoughts?

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Brandy Sings ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ – In Her Bathroom

R&B songstress Brandy took to her bathroom again on film, this time offering her rendition of Sam Cooke’s classic ‘A Change Gonna Come’. Put simply, this was off-the-charts! I literally got chills listening to this. If there was ever proof needed as to why Ms. Norwood remains one the industry’s premier vocalists, this is it! The power, the range, the runs… wow…

{Thanks Clint!}

Your thoughts?

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LeToya To Start Work On New Album

letoya vuitton LeToya To Start Work On New Album

In a recent interview with KMELTV, LeToya Luckett confirmed that she is set to begin work on her third studio album in the next month or so. The as yet untitled project will be follow-up to this year’s ‘Lady Love’, which spurned the R&B hit ‘Regret’. Speaking on the direction of the LP, the 28 year old said unlike ‘Lady Love’ – which was filled with more “angry records” the new LP will be a “gumbo mix” of the good and bad times. (Click here to watch to the interview)

As one of those who preferred the more balanced-out nature of LeToya’s debut album over the ballad-heavy/too-long ‘Lady Love’ , I’m quite looking forward to a return to her original formula (mix of uptempo’s, mids, and slow jams). One has to wonder, though, what label the LP is set to be released on, as after the drama current label Capitol have given her, I’d be surprised to see it released there. Either way, I doubt there’s much to worry about; as, should she leave Capitol, I’m sure many a label would be itching to snap her up. Roll on album #3…

Your thoughts?

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From The Vault: Kelis – ‘Get Along With You’

This week’s classic From The Vault video is Kelis‘ year 2000 clip for ‘Get Along With You’, which was lifted from her debut ‘Kaleidoscope’. Directed by Paul Hunter, this video really ushered the emergence of the alternate, left-field Kelis that we grew to know and love. While the former Ms Nas’ industry contemporaries were churning out the same ol’, same ol’, she hit us with this this deep, multi-layered take on the song’s underlying message – how someone’s love and the need to “get along with them” is more substantial than material possessions and even the world itself. Awesome video! I need me some new Kelis ASAP.

Tidbit: Did this remind anyone else of ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’?

Your thoughts?

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New Beyonce Album Set For 2010

beyonce album New Beyonce Album Set For 2010

Superstar Beyonce looks set to launch another assault on the charts in 2010 with the release her 4th solo album. During her ‘I Am…’ tour’s final show here in the UK today (at Nottingham’s Trent FM Arena), Bouncy proclaimed:

“… I’ll see you in a year with a new album”

This comes as hitmaker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, who she has collaborated with many times (see: ‘Lose My Breath’, ‘Deja Vu’ etc), recently posted on his Twitter:

“Yes Get Back out Here!! I mean in 1 month U write for Janet, then Jlo and then leave!! C’mon we got Beyoncé to do!!!”


While I’m sure many will be hollering about how Bouncy needs to sit down and whatnot, come this time next year it will actually have been 2 years since the release of ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ -apt enough time to drop a new record; a record which I, for one, am amped up for. As one of those who at times used to drop the ‘she needs to chill for a bit’ line, it quickly became apparent that a Beyonce-less music scene just ain’t cutting it – at all (see all the dry award shows missing her showstopping performances). If she’s in her prime at present, then why sit it out? Work!

If there’s one hope I have for a new Beyonce record, it’s that it manages to deliver where it’s predecessors didn’t. I mean, I grew to like the ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ CD, yet would have been content with a single disc featuring the deluxe ‘Sasha’ side (including ‘Hello’, ‘Scared of Lonely’), with ‘Video Phone’ removed (not a fan), as well as ‘Ego’ (more befitting to the ‘B-Day’ LP). Joining the tracklist from the ‘I Am…’ side would have been ‘Halo’, ‘Broken Hearted Girl’, ‘Smash Into You’ and ‘If I Were A Boy’…and bingo, there’s a solid album LOL.

In any case, it’s great to see Darkchild involved with the project. Can’t wait to see what comes of their re-teaming, as well as the LP more generally.

Are you anticipating Beyonce’s new album?

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New Song: Rihanna – ‘Hole In The Head (ft. Justin Timberlake)’

rihanna fenty New Song: Rihanna   Hole In The Head (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Check out ‘Hole In The Head’, the Justin Timberlake assisted bonus track from Rihanna’s new ‘Rated R’ LP.

Judging by Ms. Fenty’s uberly nasally vocals here and the track’s overall sub-par aura, there’s no surprises as to why this was left on the cutting room floor. Though, I must say I’m feeling her swagger-heavy delivery. No, the song is not awful, rather distinctly average – at best.

Hit or Miss?

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That Grape Juice American Music Awards Coverage

american music awards 2009 nominations That Grape Juice American Music Awards Coverage

As with all the major awards shows, That Grape Juice will be providing live on-the-minute coverage of the American Music Awards 2009, which take place this tomorrow (November 22nd) live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. News, commentary and of course performances, That Grape Juice will be the spot for them all!

The AMA’s this year boasts a performers list unlike any other in recent years, with the likes of Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys all taking to the stage, this will be unmissable!

Our coverage will consist of two main post areas:
*Your Shout!: Here you’ll be able to express your thoughts on everything AMA related i.e. rumours, spoliers and of course the actual show as it’s taking place. Anything and everything goes; randomness, observations, views etc. I’ll be dipping in and out of this one myself, as I too will be watching live (UK and non-US folks will have to hit up That Grape Juice on the day for the online link lol)
* Performances: All the show’s performances minutes (it’s hoped lol) after they’ve aired. Visitors who’ve seen our coverage of previous award show’s will know what I mean!
So for ‘net’s most thorough live coverage of one of music’s biggest dates on the calender, do be sure to keep it locked on
That Grape Juice!
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50 Cent Blames Leaks For Album Failure

50 cent bisd 50 Cent Blames Leaks For Album Failure

Former ‘it’ rapper 50 Cent has been on the interview trail over the last few weeks attempting to promote his new album, ‘Before I Self Destruct’. In two of those conversations, the mogul elaborated on why he thinks his new LP is set to debut with numbers far below his usual standard. Here are excerpts from the discussions with Hot 97 and Jenny Boom Boom TV respectively:

“With the actual outcome of the project, once the record leaks from the international plant, what more can I do,” 50 explained in an interview [with Hot 97]. “I can’t, I held the record long enough to get it to them, to mix and master it and for them to ship it and then it leaks from the plant internationally, I’m like come on, then that’s it. They lost the ball. You know what I mean, if the numbers look funny to me, it’s they fault.”

“All you gotta do is get the response,” Fif explained to radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “The response is so well, so good, that I know the record is a hit. So whether they consumed it from actually purchasing it or they got it off the web or wherever they got it from, when they hear it and enjoy it, they end up at the show. How can I focus on album sales now when it’s to the point where my record is released four weeks before schedule. The marketing, everything that’s planned to sell the actual record, is happening four weeks late, now that the record is out a month early. You know, those things are happening after they had an opportunity to hear it and it’s confirmation to the doubters that the record wouldn’t be good.” {Source}

As usual 50 serves up a long list of excuses to compensate for his short-comings. People have not been anxious for his material since his marketing scheme feud with Kanye West in 2007, and even then their were whispers that his days as Hip-Hop’s biggest star were numbered. Maybe if he spent more time perfecting his craft rather than instigating conflict with other artists, he might be able to produce a quality LP like ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ instead of the filth that we have been subjected to for the last 5 years. Get it together 50.


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New Video: Keri Hilson – ‘I Like’

Check out the video for ‘I Like’, Keri Hilson‘s contribution to the soundtrack for German movie ‘Zweiohrküken’. Though nothing amazing per se, I’m quite liking the song. Kudos to Keri for expanding her profile outside of the US.

What do you think of the song / video?

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Sugababes Perform ‘Get Sexy’ (With Jade) At Children In Need

The new-look Sugababes took to the stage at the BBC’s annual Children In Need special which aired last night. Amelle, Heidi and Jade gave their first live rendition of the Keisha-heavy ‘Get Sexy’, which to put it politely was passable at best. The vocals were a hot steaming mess – this coming from one who knows they can all sing. Their ‘About A Girl’ performance, which you can watch below, was marginally better, but still nothing to scream about. After watching this, it’s vividly clear that they need more time to gel as a group, because this was not the business.

What do you think of the performances?

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