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Azealia Banks has today drawn the curtains back on her hotly anticipated mixtape ‘Fantasea’.

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It seems not even minor controversies are enough to hold ‘Voodoo’ maestro Frank Ocean from the US Top Ten this week.

Indeed, in what can only come as good news to both he and his team over at Def Jam, his debut album ‘Channel Orange‘ is set to debut on the Billboard 2000with record breaking sales- following its impromptu release earlier this week.

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Last month marked the end of Lil Kim‘s well received ‘Return Of The Queen‘ Tour, which saw her grace many a North American city.

Now peep episode 2 of her ‘Return Of The Queen’ Vlog series, which follows her as she wows fans in LA– accepting a plaque awarded to her by its mayor.

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Lil Kim may have turned ‘insert flattering age here’ today, but it seems she isn’t the only Rap diva with cause to celebrate.

Indeed, in what might put a dampener on her celebrations, today saw her brief acquaintance / long time wig snatcher Nicki Minaj extend her lead as Rap’s reigning chart Queen- landing herself  in  US Chart history books.

Want to know what she’s done now?

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As was to be expected, Frank Ocean‘s sexuality-baring letter has in many ways served as both a gift and a curse to the artist.

For while the ‘revelation’ has seen his art garner attention like never before, he has also found himself at the receiving end of what some might call ‘homophobic propaganda’.

Propaganda, which if a member of his team is to be believed, has led to his debut album being blacklisted by the retail company ‘Target‘.

Unsettling story below…


She’s Pop favorite rookie, rising to fame earlier this year with the radio launch of her first single ‘How We Do (Party)‘.

Now, three years after signing to Roc Nation, Rita Ora readies the release of her debut album next month following the success of her Drake penned cut ‘RIP‘ and a Jay Z headed machine responsible for her gig on Coldplay‘s latest tour.

However, for all her popularity and commercial pull in the UK, there are those who question just how Ora will fare in the US market upon her LP’s States side launch.

A launch, many are hoping will see the starlet enjoy just as much notoriety as label mate J.Cole but more importantly Rihanna, her direct competition.

So now we ask?

Considering her promotional campaign up until this point, do you think Rita has what it takes to ‘break’ the US?

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While the status of JoJo‘s ‘Jumping Trains’ LP remains an unsolved mystery, new footage from the video of the set’s intended first single ‘The Other Chick’ has surfaced.

Originally slated to usher in the album (before ‘Disaster’ was serviced instead), few knew a video was commissioned for the Pop anthem too.

Peep the behind the scenes footage below and join us in prayer in the hope that the finished product actually sees the light of day…someday, one day.


If your name happens to be Katy Perry, it’s safe to say you’ve got quite a bit to smile about today.

For, in what can only mark a monumental moment in her career, this week saw her 2010 release ‘Teenage Dream‘ achieve a mind blowing feat, by enjoying a sales increase of 451% in the space of a single week.

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With season 2 of The X Factor USA set for a September debut, the hype machine has set sail with a titilating new TV spot.

No doubt cooked up to negate the growing murmurs surrounding Britney Spears‘ performance on the judging panel, the clip sees the former stage blazer serve up sass aplenty.

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Following their nasty encounter at NYC’s ‘W.I.P’ back in June,  Chris Brown and Drake’s once cordial relationship remains just as ‘intense’ as it was when the incident occurred.

Now, watch what happened when Drake was confronted on the matter as he left Lisa Vanderpump‘s ‘Villa Blanca‘ yesterday afternoon.

We have to warn you though, ‘the response’ was a little colorful…


{Images Removed As Requested}

Guess which East Coast native was snapped in this ‘captivating’ piece in LA last night.

Hint: She once starred in an episode of MTV’s ‘Boiling Points‘.

Find out who the mystery Lady is below…


All systems are go, go, go for Pink‘s 6th studio album ‘The Truth About Love’ (due September 18th).

With the set’s lead single ‘Blow Me (One More Kiss)’ soaring on both radio and iTunes, the Pop titan has unwrapped  cheeky new promotional shot in support of the project.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for the album!

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