Long live the King is much drawn on term. But for the estate of the late great Michael Jackson, it’s one they’re taking literally.

For, they’ve just extended their relationship with Sony Music. 

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As the music industry braces itself for the outing of several alleged sexual predators, the rapper Nelly will be relieved to learn that he isn’t one of them.


The rape charges he once faced have now been dropped.

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Mark those calendars because  ‘Ocean’s 8’ – co-starring Rihanna – officially hits the big screen in June 2018.

And to drum up buzz, RiRi and Warner Bros are beginning to give folk a closer look at the all-female remake of the wildly popular ‘Ocean’s 11’ franchise.

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Omarosa made headlines yesterday when it was revealed that she had “resigned” from her role in the White House.

The news resonated with many because of how avid a supporter ‘The Apprentice’ star was of President Trump. Even at the expense of how she was perceived by fellow Afro-Americans.

Quite quickly after word of her departure hit the wire, various sources alleged that not only was she fired – she left kicking and screaming. Literally.

Needless to say, in trademark fashion, it was never going to be long before Omarosa hit the media trail to tell her tale.

Moments ago, she sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to relay her side of the narrative. She also hinted that she’ll soon be shedding light on the many concerning things that she observed….“as an African American woman.”

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Lady Gaga‘s comeback is no ‘Perfect Illusion.’  

For Mother Monster has over a ‘Million Reasons’ to be thankful. Over 70 million, to be exact.

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In its 7 years on air, The Breakfast Club has made routine of grilling guests with the questions we all want answers to.

So, when Kevin Hart stopped by today, it didn’t take long before before he was quizzed squarely on the cheating scandal he was embroiled in earlier this year. In fact, it took less than two minutes.

Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee wasted no time tackling the situation – a situation Hart fessed up to while apologizing to his wife Eniko Parrish (who was pregnant with their first child together at the time).

He also spoke on new movie ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ and much more.

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Heart strings were tugged around the world when a video of a young man named Keaton Jones detailing the bullying he claimed to be facing was placed online by his mother Kimberly.

Keen to support the him, thousands donated to a GoFundMe page launched to offer his family financial support with hopes it would ease his pain and perpetual sorrow.

Then something interesting happened.

Members of the Twitter community Black Twitter did a little digging into the family they had donated close to $70,000 to and discovered that Keaton and his mother came from what appeared to be a family of White Supremacists, and that his father is a member of a prison gang named the Aryan Circle.

With this, GoFundMe was forced to block Camp Keaton from receiving any of the money they had hope to bag.

How social media has responded to the news?

With comedy.

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Guess who’s rocking the Billboard 200 with pure sales for yet another week!

Taylor Swift of course.

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50 Cent‘s run in television is proving to be just as successful run in music.

How so?

The critical and ratings-related success he’s had with the show ‘Power.’

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The Rock has been laying the smackdown on both opponents and the box office for over 20 years and he’s being rewarded accordingly.

For the wrestler-turned-actor, real name Dwayne Johnson, is the latest name to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Rocky was watched on by pregnant partner Lauren Hashian, their daughter Jasmine Lia, his mom, and former wife turned business partner Dany Garcia.

The ceremony took place one week before the 45-year-old’s headlining turn in ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ hits theaters on December 20th.

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With a huge headline slot at the Super Bowl Halftime show fast approaching, Justin Timberlake looks set to release new music imminently.

And that’s not just conjecture, the signs are totally tangible.

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Trina is gearing up for a busy 2018.

From the literal start of the year, the veteran femcee will be starring on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Miami.’ A platform she’ll be using towards the promotion of her new album ‘The One’ – which is now due February 23rd. 

At also looks as though she’s prepping for a major collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Something that’s been hinted at previously, but now seems…confirmed.

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