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Manager: Mariah Readying New Album

mariah23 e1269248581723 Manager: Mariah Readying New Album

After breaking the story exclusively about Mariah Carey shelving her new ‘Angel’s Advocate’ LP, not only has the diva’s manager Chris Lighty come forward to confirm the news, he has also revealed that the situation at her label is in ‘disarray’ and that a new LP is in the works.

It appears management was compelled to speak up on the issue, as word of our report begun to spread on the net; Lighty not only confirmed the news to  Mariah’s top fansite, but also to fans on Twitter. Speaking to Mariah Daily Journal, he said:

“We are looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album. The decision hasn’t been totally made yet. It’s a creative process that cannot be rushed.” In regard to the fate of ‘Angel’s Advocate’, he added “It won’t go to waste”, insisting that they are looking at a means of releasing the tracks.

Yet a much more frank Lighty opened up to disgruntled fans on Twitter, responding to one dissatisfied supporter saying: “That is an issue we are dealing with. The label is in disarray”


It pretty much goes without saying that a ‘quick-fix’ album is not the answer to MiMi’s problems. Granted she may be having a tough time with her label, in being entirely honest, that isn’t the only issue. A change from within Mariah is essential if she’s to enjoy the dizzy heights of success she had just a few years ago again. Such a change is something, I feel, will come over time. For a while now it’s felt as if ol’ MiMi has been making music in ‘auto-pilot’ mode, aka doing it for the sake of it. Surely disappearing for a while, living a little, and giving herself more to experience, would benefit her music and image greatly.

I mean it would be so unfortunate if she dropped another album, still trying to sell her sex appeal – which expired about 10 years ago now.  Time will tell…

Your thoughts?

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Sugababes’ ‘Sweet 7′ Has Sour Debut; Group’s Future In Jeopardy

sugababes sweet 7 1 e1269250212125 Sugababes Sweet 7 Has Sour Debut; Groups Future In Jeopardy

The future of the Sugababes looks uncertain today, as the group’s ironically titled ‘Sweet 7′ album bombed on the Official UK Album Chart. Despite boasting top notch US producers and huge promotional backing, the LP, could only manage a #14 charting – the brand’s group’s lowest entry ever.

Worse still, on the Official Irish Album Chart,  the record could only manage a #35 placing; again their lowest ever charting on that tally too. Ouch.

Reliable word has it that bosses, over at their label Island, are weighing up their options in light of of the album’s disastrous performance and the so-so success of its singles.

A That Grape Juice insider tell us:

“It’s not looking great for the girls. The label are funding the project at a loss, and are unlikely to come anywhere near breaking-even with this project. It’s been a disaster from the moment Keisha was axed. There are serious talks going on at the moment about the fate of the group. Do not be surprised if they quietly ‘take a break’ (never to return) later this year. Keisha-Gate really seems to have sealed the deal”


I can’t say this comes as much of a surprise; it was always going to be an uphill struggle trying to force-feed this original member-less line-up to the public. I mean, despite the album actually boasting some pretty good tracks (‘She’s a Mess’, ‘Wait For You’, ‘No More You’), something was clearly missing, something neither Amelle, nor Heidi, nor Jade, were able to channel.

It’ll be particularly interesting to see how this all plays out in the weeks and months ahead…

Your thoughts?

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Alexandra Burke Performs ‘All Night Long’ On Dancing On Ice

Alexandra Burke stopped by last night’s recording of Dancing on Ice to give the first televised performance of her brand new single ‘All Night Long’. You can check out the performance above…

I’m not particularly a fan of show or its stage setup; despite turning in a great vocal, it appeared Alex was keen to command the stage like she usually does, yet was restricted to standing on the podium while the skaters danced around her. That said, Ms. Burke made the best of an an awkward set-up. Definitely amped to see her perform the song ‘properly’ i.e. with her dancers and all that jazz.

What do you think of the performance?

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Kelly Rowland Performs US National Anthem

R&B star Kelly Rowland was invited to perform the US National Anthem (‘The Star Spangled Banner’) at the new Red Bull Arena last night, as the New York Red Bulls took on Brazil’s Santos FC. Check out how the Destiny’s Child alumni fared above…{Many thanks to Steffan for the video!}

While not the uber best rendition of the song we’ve heard, Ms. Kelly certainly held her own, and really nailed it at the end. Great performance!

Your thoughts?

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Lady GaGa & Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ Hits #1

gaga telephone e1267747258335 Lady GaGa & Beyonces Telephone Hits #1

Pop superstars Lady GaGa and Beyonce will have much cause for celebration tonight, as their smash ‘Telephone’ has hit the top spot on the Official UK Singles Chart.

No doubt spurred on the the song’s epic viddeo, the feat brings GaGa’s tally of #1’s on the chart to 4 (‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Telephone’) and Beyonce’s to 5 (‘Crazy In Love’, ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Beautiful Liar’, ‘If I Were A Boy’, and ‘Telephone’). Impressive!

Your thoughts?

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Official: Mariah’s ‘Angel’s Advocate’ Shelved

mariah2 Official: Mariahs Angels Advocate Shelved

Following our exclusive report on the cancellation of Mariah Carey’s ‘Angel’s Advocate’ LP, there has, today, emerged fresh reports indicating the record has officially been shelved. Prior to now an air of silence has plagued suggestion of the album’s axe, with calls to Carey’s rep going unanswered. However, as per CD Now‘s updated listings, ‘Advocate’ page, which previously indicated a  March 30th store date, now reads ‘Released Cancelled’. Ouch.


It appears ol’ Mimi’s team are set to quietly pretend this remix LP was ever in the pipeline, which – truth be told – shouldn’t prove too difficult; as no one knew/cared for the album in its original form (see: ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ and its sales).

At this junction, it’s perhaps best Mariah gather herself together, re-assess her musical output, and hit us with something worth buying/playing a few years down the line. A serious image assessment during this period too wouldn’t go amiss either.

Your thoughts?

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Justin Bieber Freestyles On Westwood Show

justin bieber 1 Justin Bieber Freestyles On Westwood Show

Teen phenomenon Justin Bieber is currently here in the UK doing the promotional rounds for new single ‘Baby’. The 15 year old’s most recent stop was Tim Westwood’s BBC 1xtra radio show, where he gave an impromptu freestyle.

Peep the Canadian-born singer below dropping a few bars on living in Atlanta, Bieber-fever being more infectious than swine-flu (lol), and ‘hot girls’.


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Sabrina Washington’s Sassy New Shoot

sabrina fierce Sabrina Washingtons Sassy New Shoot

Check out Sabrina Washington in this sizzling new photoshoot for The Mirror. As ever, the former Mis-Teeq singer looks stunning!

Washington’s new single ‘OMG’ is out on April 5th.

Your thoughts?

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Janet Set To Shoot ‘Nothing’ Video

janet J Janet Set To Shoot Nothing Video

Pop superstar Janet Jackson sent fans into a frenzy Friday, with the radio premiere of new single ‘Nothing’, the lead song from the ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ soundtrack.

Jackson, 43, looks set to further please her legion of supporters with the video for the ballad, which is reportedly set to be shot next week (March 24th). As at writing, no further information is available about the shoot.


After a tumultuous 2009, it’s great to see Janet getting back into the swing of things with her career. ‘Nothing’ is an awesome track, and does quite the job of re-affirming her musical relevancy, hence a video (though likely to be used mainly to promote the movie) is definitely welcomed.

That said, I’m really eager to see her make a big splash with her forthcoming new LP (her first as part of her new deal with Interscope Records). A killer (uptempo) first single is a must.

Your thoughts?

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‘Rude Boy’ ‘Rated R’s’ Last Single?

riri cc 1 Rude Boy Rated Rs Last Single?

According to Rihanna‘s production label, SRP Records, the model’s latest single ‘Rude Boy’ is likely to be the last single to be lifted from her moderately successful ‘Rated R’ LP. The news comes in wake of the confirmation that the 22 year old is set to release a lighter, up-tempo album this summer.

This hardly comes as a surprise considering the fact it’s well known a new RiRi LP is in the works. That said, it’s rather telling that after just 5 months, her label have decided to call time on the project, in preparation for yet another assault on the charts with an entirely different record. I mean, if ever there was a template for ‘fast food music’, this would be it; music only designed to satisfy the ‘here and now’, as opposed to stand the test of time.

While such a strategy may bring in the $$$ (as I’m sure her label are hoping it will), it’s rather interesting to observe that the artists that have enjoyed lengthy careers not only boast songs that have gone down as classics, yet also albums too. At the rate Rihanna and her team are going, ‘Rated R’ – despite being her best effort yet – will likely join the pile of forgettable LP’s she’s released (‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ excluded).

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s actually any demand for Ms. Fenty’s next record, considering how soon it’s being released after her last…

Your thoughts?

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