R&B singer Trey Songz recently dropped the video for ‘Missin’ You’, the fourth single to be lifted from his sophomore effort ‘Trey Day’. Check out the vid below:

Though I commend Trey for soldiering it out with this project, both the song and vid are kinda ‘blah’ to me. That said, I hope he starts to garner the praise he deserves as an artist – he’s too underrated IMO.

What do you think of the song / video?
The Game - 'My Life (ft. Lil' Wayne)'Check out this new cut from The Game’s still unreleased ‘L.A.X’ LP titled ‘My Life’. Featuring man of the moment Lil’ Wayne, the mid-tempo, piano-driven track -said to be a future single- is solid in its own right, yet notable more so for certain lyrics:

A shot at Eminem?:
“All the pictures of me and Em, I burned them”

Reaches out to Kanye over mother’s passing:
“Since you helped me sell my dream, we can share my mama now”.
All in all, a great track.

Hit or Miss?

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Foxy Brown Talks Jay-Z In the latest issue of XXL Magazine Foxy Brown tearfully opened up about the current status of her relationship with long-time friend and collaborator Jay-Z:

“A lot of things have happened over the years between Jay and I,” she says of the man who signed her to a multimillion-dollar deal at Def Jam in 2005, nine years after their classic duet “Ain’t No Nigga” gave him his first radio hit.

“But there’s an unbreakable bond that will never die. 50 wanted me to be part of his team so bad. He was like, ‘Look, I’ll do it with Jay, half and half.’ And, of course, Jay said no. At one point, 50 asked, ‘Why do you have so much loyalty to this Nigga?’ Jay and I have history. There are things that he could have done better, as far as his loyalty to me, and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes that he felt he could’ve prevented.” Foxy chokes up. “When I lost my hearing, Jay gave me the respect to go heal myself. He stuck with me along the way. But there are times when I just really needed him, and it wasn’t even about Foxy Brown and Jay-Z. It was just like, ‘I need you to help me save my life,’ and he just wasn’t there.”

The tears are streaming down her cheeks. “I would never denounce him in public. That’s just how I feel. But I’ve been incarcerated for eight months, and Jay’s been everywhere, and he hasn’t mentioned one thing about, ‘Tell her I love her. Tell her to be strong.’ That broke my heart more than anything. When they sent me to jail, I just knew he would be there-everyone came. But he never showed up… My mother always says, Jay also said this, in the tru life freestyle ‘Inga, when a person shows you who they are, believe them. Been showing me all through the years and you just don’t wanna believe it.’” {Source}

Though I’m a firm believer in there being 3 sides to every story (her side, his side and the truth), I can’t help but kinda sympathize with Foxy. Here’s hoping she gets herself together (which is seeming to be the case already) and remind us all why she is who she is – her talent.

Do you agree with Foxy?

Timbaland Enlists Beyonce, Rihanna & Co For 'Shock Value 2' Hit-maker Timbaland recently sat down with MTV to speak about the follow up to his 2007 LP ‘Shock Value’, which is aptly titled ‘Shock Value 2’. Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z are just some of the big names the super-producer has lined up to appear on the album:

“Shock Value is really like the Now [That’s What I Call Music!] compilation,” he said. “That’s my goal for this — not [to showcase] me as an artist. Of course I’ll do my little part, introduce some people. It gives me room to go tour across the world. People request me. I put on a show. I put on a musical show.

“Right now, I have a song with Madonna that I didn’t put on her album. I saved [it] in case I wanna do one for me,” he revealed. “Of course I’mma do one with Beyoncé. Of course I’mma do one with Jordin Sparks, Rihanna. It’s a lot of people. I’mma do one with Jonas Brothers. I’mma try to have 10 major ones.”

On the hip-hop side, Timbo said he’s looking at T.I., already has T-Pain and expects Jay-Z. “Jay was really on the last one, but he wanted to change [the song],” he said. “I said, ‘Look, man, I gotta put out an album. You’re killing me.’ “

This, most definitely, is already shaping up to be better than its predecessor.

Randomness, I know, but wouldn’t it be something if Timbo had Beyonce and Rihanna on the same track ala ‘Scream’ with Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger? Cheesy I know, but that really would be ‘shocking’.

Your thoughts?

Omarion Cuts Hair R&B star Omarion performed at Ghana’s ‘State of the Republic Concert’ last weekend as a co-headliner along with Fat Joe. It appears as though the former B2K front-man has chopped off his locks lol. The long hair-turned short transformation really does seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. That Said…
Omarion Cuts Hair

What do you think of Omarion’s new look?

New Song: Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Darkchild Remix) (ft. Lil’ Wayne, Diddy & Fat Man Scoop)With the chart success of ‘When I Grow Up’, the Pussycat Dolls have reaffirmed their position as one of the hottest girl groups out at the minute. Now, the song’s producer, Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, has lent his talents to this official remix. Complete with an entirely new beat (which samples MJ’s ‘Thriller’), as well guest spots by Lil’ Wayne, Diddy and Fat Man Scoop, this one is a winner. Great remix.

Hit or Miss?

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New Jennifer Hudson Promo ShotsCheck out these brand new promo shots for Jennifer Hudson’s much hyped debut LP. Ms. Hudson’s looking on-point, I must say. Her self-titled set is scheduled to be released September 30th via J Records.

New Jennifer Hudson Promo Shots

What do you think of the pics?

As reported, shock Wendy Williams has a new talk show US’ Fox Network – which is currently airing in select cities. Anyway, things got pretty heated between the mouthy radio personality and former Apprentice star Omarosa. Check out the hilarious clip below:

LOL. Though Wendy held her own, it was pretty funny to see someone stand up to her.

Your thoughts?
Nas Ends Wayne's Chart Reign Nas’ controversial ‘untitled’ LP has ended Lil’ Wayne’s four week rain atop of the Billboard 200 this week, after selling through 187,000 units. The charting becomes the rapper’s fifth album to top the chart, the last being 2006’s ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ which sold 345, 000 copies upon its release during the Christmas period. {Source}

Your thoughts?
Will Smith's Hollywood's #1 EarnerWill Smith has been named the highest earner in Hollywood by Forbes magazine:

Will Smith’s $80 million (£40 million) salary from the past year has made him Hollywood’s top earner.

In Forbes’s Highest Paid Actors list, the star came in first place with Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Johnny Depp landing in second with $72 million.

This year, Smith also broke a box office record after Hancock became his eighth consecutive film to cross the $100 million mark in the US. {Source}

It’s especially great to see Will achieve such a feat as a black actor. It goes to show the doors opened by the Sidney Poitier’s and Denzel Washington’s before him were not done so in vain.

Your thoughts?
It seems the promo push for Jennifer Hudson’s debut single is in full swing; the Oscar winner performed the song on Regis & Kelly this morning. Check out the performance below:
As expected, Jennifer nailed it. For a song that, though solid, kinda lacks the “commercial” factor that seems to equal ‘hit’ these days, Jennifer is selling both herself and the song with these live performances. Good stuff.
What do you think of the performance?
Rapper LL Cool J recently spoke on the drama between Ice T & Soulja Boy. LL’s stance may suprise some {Credit: World Star Hip-Hop}:

Your thoughts?

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