If you were wondering what in the hell was going on with That Grape Juice over the last few days, I return from a trip out to several messages telling me the site was down. I check my mailbox only to see a copyright claim from the RIAA for posting Beyonce’s ‘I Am… Yours’ DVD cover…not even a song/MP3! To say I was not impressed would be an understatement. Not knowing exactly where to point my finger as to the origin of the complaint, all I will say is that, after all the promo/good vibes we throw Bouncy’s way, this wasn’t the best way to pay us back, was it?! We still love her! Stay tuned to That Grape Juice in the coming week for some big surprises (Hint: you may hit us up one day and notice  some major changes…so excited!)

So moving from one talented artist to one who arguably lacks it altogether, check out these snaps of Rihanna on the video set of her as yet  untitled new single (which premieres on Monday 20th October). Not feeling ol’ Billy-Goat’s look at all. The blonde streaks and eye patch reek of contrived-ness. I’m fine with gimmicks as long as there is talent to back it up once it all fades (see: Lady GaGa), but Ms. Fenty’s brand of caca, I cannot get down with. No maam.


Your thoughts?

International star Kelly Rowland looked the picture of fierceness at the MTV Latin Awards this week in Universal City, California. Dressed in SPACE designer catsuit to perform her smash ‘When Love Takes Over’, Ms. Kelly looked the best she has in a long, long time. Loving the look. With the industry today being just as much about what we see as well as what we hear, I’m hoping Kelly sticks to a look like this and makes it her own. Her own ‘theme’, if you like. Work.


Your thoughts?

Kenny Ortega, the acclaimed producer of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ project, has been doing the media rounds ahead of the movie’s simultaneous worldwide release on October 28th. Check out his real interesting chat with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey from yesterday’s episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show (part 1 above, and part 2 below). The vid also includes lengthy exclusive footage from the movie.

I have no qualms in saying this will be a tear-jerker. Admittedly, quite a tough-cookie, even I was welled-up watching this. That said, I feel this movie, in as much as it is about recouping lost money on the tour, I really believe it will be a fine send-off for Mike – with his ‘final’ body of work being solely centred on his immense talent – which lives forever. I’m smiling as I type 🙂

Your thoughts?

Ms. Wifrey is killing it with these interviews; Iron Mike Tyson’s first stint on the show earlier this week was so well-received that he was invited back on for yesterday’s episode. Reaffirming her show as the one to watch, Oprah accepted a request from Evander Holyfield – who Tyson infamously bit his ear off several years ago, to speak with Tyson on the show. A great watch.

Your thoughts?

Timbaland Enlists Beyonce, Rihanna & Co For 'Shock Value 2'The lead single from Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value 2’, the So Shy assisted ‘Morning After Dark’ premiered during the last 24 hours.

Put simply, the track sounds great – with top notch production; it’s just that…how do I say it nicely…it’s top notch production, yet sounds almost identical to the sound he was pimping like a $2 h*e to everyone and their mother about 2 years ago. I mean there’s having an identifiable sound and there’s rehashing; at the moment this feels like the latter.

Hit or Miss?


There have been murmurings for the last week or so regarding an apparent ‘top-secret ‘ industry heavyweights Beyonce and Lady GaGa have collaborated on. Well, Life & Style magazine have now confirmed the joint venture to be a video collaboration for Bouncy’s ‘Video Phone’:

Two of music’s biggest divas, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, are joining forces for Beyoncé’s upcoming single, “Video Phone.” “On Oct. 7, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé were working on the video together at a studio in NYC,” an insider reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “Everything on the set was being kept very hush-hush, and security was extremely tight.”

Both Beyoncé, 28, and Lady Gaga, 23, are known for their showmanship and elaborate costumes, and this joint venture shouldn’t disappoint. “In the video,” says the insider, “Beyoncé wears a feathered dress. And of course Lady Gaga wears something wild. The fashion is sick and insane.”

I literally cannot wait to see this!

Your thoughts?


Things continue to get better for the once-troubled Pop superstar Britney Spears. This week sees ‘3’ the lead single from her forthcoming greatest hits LP ‘The Singles Collection’ debut atop of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Check out the report below, as well as set pics from the Diane Martel (‘Love, Sex, Magic’) directed video, which is set to premiere October 19th:

Britney Spears will become the first artist in over three years to debut at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 tomorrow.

The singer’s new single ‘3’, which is taken from her upcoming singles collection, has shifted over 255,000 downloads in its first week of release, according to Billboard.

The track is also expected to reach pole position on the Digital Songs countdown and debut at number 49 on the Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay, which is based on airplay audience on all radio formats.

The last song to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 was Taylor Hicks’s American Idol winners song ‘Do I Make You Proud’ in July 2006.

Britney’s first single ‘…Baby One More Time’ spent two weeks at the top spot in 1999 and ‘Womanizer’ enjoyed one week at number one last October. {Source}


I  guess this is pretty much a testament to Britney’s staying power in today’s industry; I say this as I still feel the song is generic as hell and a far cry from some of her more career defining material. That said, I can’t hate on her game…

Your thoughts?


After publically battling her record label Blackground for the better part of a year over the release of her third studio album ‘All I Want Is Everything’ (a period which saw her also file a $500,000 lawsuit against them), JoJo has confirmed that the issue has been resolved. The 18 year old star confirmed on her Twitter page that  the album now set to be released as a joint venture between Blackground and Interscope. {Source}

As a big JoJo supporter, I’m real glad this whole mess has been mopped up, with her able to press ahead. Her last album ‘The High Road’ was the epitome of the business, so I’m definitely looking forward to what she’s gonna be serving up with this one. In an industry that today seems quite short on (successful) raw talent, I’m hoping she manages to sell well after all this drama too.

Your thoughts?

Alexandra Burke stopped by GMTV this morning for a chat, as well as perform her smash hit single ‘Bad Boys’. Peep the interview above, and the performance below:

Awesome performance! She really is giving everything and then some with these live showings; she really performs with the swagger of an older, more seasoned artist.

I must touch upon, however, the fact that she was lip-synching. No, not a big deal at all, because we all know she can sing – no questions about that. However, with the audio here sounding almost exactly the same as the X-Factor performance (aside from the new bridge – which I love, by the way), it’s pretty evident this was a pre-recorded live vocal. Anyone who watched the X-Factor the year she won will know that the beauty of her voice is that it’s raw and not necessarily a polished Pop voice – hence the odd off-note here and there as well as spontaneous adlibbing – none of which have featured in her note perfect -even though she’s dancing – performances. Not downing her at all, just stating the facts. Great performance!

What do you think of the performance?

Former Murder Inc collaborators Ashanti and Ja Rule took to the stage at VH1 Hip-Hop Honors to perform a medley of their past hits. I enjoyed this for nostalgia and that alone; that aside, it was a little lacking in energy, however it was great to see that their relationship is on good terms again.

What do you think of the performance?

Diddy and Dirty Money stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to promote their new ‘Last Train To Paris’ project. As well as that, Diddy addresses his move from Atlantic over to Interscope, as well as the future of his acts over at Bad Boy/Atlantic.

I don’t know if it was just me, but even after Diddy’s ‘explanation’ as to what’s happening with his artists, I was still very confused by what exactly he was trying to say. To be honest, I don’t even think he know’s where he was going with that one. I mean all previous reports indicated that he was starting a new label over at Interscope, with Bad Boy remaining at Atlantic; yet now (correct me if wrong) he seems to be saying his launching Bad Boy over at Interscope with some, but not all of the previous roster. Ugh…

Kinda going a tad off-topic, I can’t help but feel Diddy even still having a rap career is nothing more than an ego-stroke. When everyone and their mother thinks you suck as an artist (and have forever), and you struggle to sell despite throwing MILLIONS at your last project (see: ‘Press Play’), why is he bothering? It sounds a bit harsh, but for a multi-million dollar mogul, you’d think he’d be a bit more business savvy than that. When has anyone ever rated Puffy as an artist? It’s 2009, it’s pretty much a joke thinking that in the world of Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s, that a Diddy rap record is gonna excite folks (see: the chart performance of ‘Last Train”s lead single ‘Angels’).

Your thoughts?

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