Some five months after the release of ‘Like This’, Kelly Rowland is finally gearing up to premier the video for the her 2nd single ‘Ghetto’ (ft. Snoop Dogg). Speaking with MTV from the set of her ESPN promo clip – alongside 50 Cent -the singer said the following about the video:

I’m working with Andrew Gura on this video. It’s very, I’d say … gosh, I’m trying to get the right word out because I don’t want to sound crazy. … It’s ghetto. It’s really fly. I feel like everybody has some sort of element of ghetto in them. Think about it. Right? Wouldn’t you say so? And everyone knows what the ghetto is.

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It’s all well talking about it, but her people need to get the video out ASAP! Things seem to be looking up for her though; as well as the ESPN spot, Kelly is set to tour at the end of the year through into early next year. Sources continue to confirm that Kelly is indeed recording new tracks… for a new album, perhaps?

Any thoughts?

R&B singer Keyshia Cole performed her smash hit ‘Let It Go’ during her show at New York’s Nokia Theatre this past Sunday (August 19th). Billed as the surprise of the night, both Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim joined her onstage to perform their song. I’m really loving the performance; Keyshia sounded great and the crowd were hyped throughout – especially when Missy and Kim came out. Great stuff.

What do you think of the performance?

It’s no secret that rumors about Ne-Yo’s sexuality have been circulating for a while now. The singer was asked how the rumors began in the current issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t know. To this day I’m still trying to figure it out. You know what I think it is? It’s because when you see me, when you talk to me, my mannerisms are not-I’m not that. So people see me and they don’t see something that they’re accustomed to and people feel the need to have to categorize stuff. They just can’t let it be “I don’t know what that is.” So they got to do something. He’s not rough, rugged, and raw, so he must be gay”.

Though I will never forget the lipgloss he donned for the ‘Because of You’ vid, he does have very valid points…

What do you think about his comments?

The ‘Making The Band 4’ finale is set to air this Sunday (August 26th) at 10.00pm. I’ve managed to catch the majority of this season since being out here in US (the show hasn’t started back home yet) and think it’s been great. Of the 10 finalists left, my picks for the band are:

From left to right: Brian A, Willie, Qwanell and Mike

I’m really hoping Diddy doesn’t screw over whoever is picked to be in this group as he has done with so many before them; the majority of the guys this year can really ‘sing sing’ and are some of the best vocalists on any season the popular MTV show. Click here to check out the Bryan Michael Cox produced track that will serve as the group’s first single – ‘I Want You Exclusive’.

Remember you can vote for your favourite(s) – which could influence who makes the group (not sure how legit this is though lol). Click here to vote


Who do you think will make the group?

Amy Winehouse is seriously a train-wreck waiting to happen. The ‘Rehab’ singer and her junkie husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, got into a drug-fueled fight at a London hotel in the early hours of this morning – leaving them both bloodied and bruised. Click here to read the full story.
Didn’t she just check into rehab for real? Whatever the case, she needs help fast. Yes, her ‘alternative’ lifestyle was part of her appeal, but it’s all going too far.
Your thoughts?
Sweet Jesus, I’m done! Word has it Mya’s ‘Liberation’ album has been delayed yet again. The CD was re-scheduled to drop on September 18th, but it’s release is now listed as ‘TBD’ (to be decided). I’m doubting if it’ll ever see the light of day – which may actually be a blessing; as sources claim it sounded a mess. Mya really isn’t in a good position and hasn’t been for a while. Maybe shelving this album and starting afresh wouldn’t be a bad idea?

What do you think of Mya’s latest push back?

Former ‘Making The Band’ choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson has spoken out about her now- infamous fight with Diddy – which resulted in her being fired (or leaving – depending on who you believe) the popular MTV show. Having watched the catch-up episodes again yesterday, I definitely agree with her that the show was edited to make her look bad. The camera’s were allegedly still rolling – yet all we got was mangled audio and clips of Laurie Ann acting a diva. Diddy knows he was wrong for that..

What do you think of Laurie-Ann’s comments?

Here is the *official* album cover for Keyshia Cole’s sophomore effort ‘Just Like You’; a previously posted cover turned out to be a promo pic. I’m actually liking this one better.
In other Keyshia news, her current single ‘Let It Go’ (ft. Missy Elliott & Lil’ Kim) has knocked Fantasia’s ‘When I See U’ off the top spot on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop chart. The song also continues to rise on the Hot 100 – currently sitting at #12.

What do you think of the cover?
The Screamfest tour hit New York’s Madison Square Garden yesterday (August 22nd) and looked to be a great show all-round. Hip Hop showed out in a major way with Jay Z, Diddy, T.I, Kanye West and 50 Cent (you read right) appearing on stage together. Check out more pics of the event below:

Yung Joc

Ciara was joined by 50 Cent again

That first pic of 50 standing alone is priceless lol…though I’m sure it was just taken at the wrong time. Kanye and 50 onstage together is kinda suspect, but I doubt their ‘chart battle’ is a publicity stunt (as some will no doubt be thinking) – they were never ‘beefing’ (like that) to begin with. LMAO at Yung Joc – since when did rappers do strip teases?

What do you think of the pics?

As reported last week, Kanye West was interviewed in the current issue of Complex magazine. The ‘Stronger’ rapper also did a photo-shoot for his feature; I don’t know what to think about these pics – they’re ‘different’ for sure lol.

{Click pics to enalarge

What do you think of the pics?

Former B2K member Raz B has finally addressed the persistent rumors surrounding his sexuality. Speaking out via MySpace, the singer denied being gay, however I’m thinking the way he went about it had the opposite effect. Here’s what he had to say…(it’s long):

Let me put something out on the table right now. Here is my official response to all these gay rumors going around about myself.

1. Yes I heard the radio interview Fizz did.

2. No I am not upset with him and we do not have beef.

Now, a lot of people seem to believe I am gay. Well I am here to say IT’S NOT TRUE. I have expressed that many many times and frankly if some people can not understand that and still want to be ignorant about the subject matter then so be it. As I said before in a magazine interview and excuse my language, but I love pussy..I love the female body and I just have love for women in general.

I have nothing against the gay community, yes I support them. Why discriminate against someone due to their sexual orientation? I’m not close minded and I’m not stuck in a primitive decade. They have feelings to because they are human just like a hetrosexual male or female. Who is anyone to judge just because others discriminate against it? In a way that’s no different than being a racist. I said in a way..I didn’t say it was exactly the same, so don’t send me messages saying “it’s not the same thing” if u disagree.I have love for everyone even if they do hate my guts.

The Bible says “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. (Matthew 5:38-44) ” In my case it’s all love and I do my best to look the other way.

Aside from that, people feel that I am gay because I have performed at the gay pride festival a couple of years ago. Well ya know what, that community is an audience like any other people. Why deprive them of a performance because of their sexual orientation? I am not the only musician who has performed for that group of people. Musicians who are on a bigger status have performed there, so why pinpoint me out and make me out to be the black sheep? Lets also get another thing straight, I never performed at a gay club. I made an APPEARANCE at one club, which means I signed autographs. Again, I’m not going to not fullfill my commitment to a group of people who were willing to come out to visit with me just because of their sexual perference.

Also just because I did the whole mohawk thing, doesn’t mean anything either. I was trying a different look and it certainly grab attention, which was my intention, but who knew it would grab so much negativity. And last but certainly not least, JUST BECAUSE I DID NOAH’S ARC DOES NOT MAKE ME GAY. I did it for the purpose behind the meaning of that particular episode which touched on HIV. Nothing more, nothing less other than receiving a pay check for it.

Do you know how many straight male actors have played gay roles? The Rock, Will Smith, The male actors on Will and Grace, Taye Diggs, Robin Williams, Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Marlon Brando, Forest Whitaker, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.The list goes on, so therefore if they can act in such roles and continue on in life without the world wondering about their sexuality, then why can’t I? If I didn’t feel comfortable with the role then I wouldn’t have taken it. It’s called acting, that doesn’t mean I live that lifestyle.

So please hear me and understand me, I am in no way shape or form a gay male. I have nothing against that community. But I would appreciate it if people would stop with the false accusations. If you just asked me the question in recent times, this is not against you, I’m pointing this out for other purposes.Indeed I do realize majority of the public could careless in what I say and believe what they want, but overall it doesn’t matter because myself, my family and my friends know the real me. If you seem to have an issue with what I stated, then I don’t know what to tell you, but God Bless.


What do you think of Raz B’s denial?
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Nas and Kelis are featured in the latest issue of Fashion Rocks magazine. The couple – who tied the knot in 2005 – speak on a number of things including their married life, how they met and their upcoming MTV reality show. Check out extracts from the interview below:

Sometimes I feel like ‘This is cool, man; I have TV cameras following me everywhere I go,’ he says sipping a margarita from a plastic cup. “Other times I want to crawl under a rock.” His mouth turns down stubbornly. “I feel like an idiot – ‘Did I really agree to this?’ It feels self-absorbed and self-indulgent.”

“It’s going to be great, baby,” says Kelis in the calming tones of someone used to this conversation. “It has to be great, because if it’s not great we won’t let them put it on TV.”

“Before I met Kelis, I wore Gucci or whatever was hot,” says Nas, with admiration in his eyes. “I didn’t dress badly, because there’s no excuse to disrespect the gods of the stage with some bummy shit: I always say you better rob, cheat, or steal threads to look good up there because hip-hop is about being fresh from your head to toes. But this is a whole different level. Kelis has really made me get my spirit up and step up my clothes game.”

{Click here to read the full interview}

I’ll be sure to check out their show whenever it airs – I’m sure these two will make great viewing.

Your thoughts?

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