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I know I can bring a whole new perspective to the site and take things to a whole other level. So how about a tall glass of “grape juice” with a hot plate of Trini cuisine?!  I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!


Peep the official album cover for Rihanna’s 4th studio album ‘Rated R’. Pretty much standard-fare and expected, granted the album’s title. The cover was shot by noted photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

One can only hope the record itself, due November 23rd, serves up better material than its first single, the lukewarmly received ‘Russian Roulette’, and follow-up single ‘The Wait Is Ova’ – which isn’t sounding like anything to scream about. As one of those who firmly believe Ms. Fenty’s success is a testament to nothing more than the power of the dollar (see: stylists, paid radio play, media-flooding), ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ was a fluke IMO. Hence, I’m rather cynical about the chances of this record sounding like anything other than a dying alley cat hollering over hot beats. That said, believe it or not, I’d love to be proven wrong.

What do you think of the cover?


Hip-Hip innovator Missy Elliot has been hard at work on her upcoming album ‘Block Party’ for quite some time and one of the tracks from the project has surfaced. Produced by The Neptunes, ‘Put It On Ya’ features Chris Brown’s close friend and defender, Teyana Taylor.

Missy always stands out from everybody else on the radio and this song is a testament to that. Although far too long to even be considered as a single (a possible album filler perhaps?), the track is high energy from beginning to end. My main concern is that if this comes on in the club, I’m gonna have to be fully hydrated before I hit the dance floor because this is going to work me over. I’m certainly eager to hear Missy’s album and the longer it takes, the more impatient I get!

Hit Or Miss?

Check out Mya’s performance on Monday’s episode of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ where she performed the ‘Jitterbug’. This has gone on long enough! They just need to announce her as the winner and let the others compete for second place. You better get it Mya!

Your thoughts?

R&B crooner Mario stopped by Good Morning New York today to perform new single ‘Thinkin’ of You’, as well as his hit ‘Break Up’.

We’re definitely supporters of Mario around these sides, however this live showing was just not cutting it. Lazy, sloppy and distinctly run-of-the-mill, this performance didn’t at all convey the fact (IMO) that Mario is one of the premier male R&B vocalists on the scene at present.

I was going to go off on one about how awful his label’s promotion and all-round handling of his project has been (did you know Mario dropped his album last week? My point exactly) However, on second thought, performances like this (aka ‘so-so’ / ‘doing it for the sake of it’ ones), while seeming quite harmless, are what separates your ‘typical R&B singer’ from the Usher’s and co. Surely, if an artist is undeniably doing the damn thing, the label has no choice but to pay attention. Having to admittedly eat a bit of humble pie on this one (as some of my favourites are guilty of the same thing), being successful in today’s industry really is a two way street: the artists need to do their part x100, and the label will more times than not hold up their end of the deal. Perhaps the days of hollering about ‘such and such got crappy promo’ need to end. That said, some labels are taking the p*ss (see: Amerie / Def Jam).

Wow, really off-topic there. In any case…

Your thoughts?

Literally moments ago, Chris Brown’s video for ‘I Can Transform Ya’ debuted on MTV Jams. The video features rent-a-rapper Lil Wayne and has notable cameos from producer Swizz Beatz, who produced the hit track, and Tyrese. The single has so far peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #16 on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart.

All I can say is “GET IT’! This is without a doubt one of the most visually exciting productions of the year, employing almost as much special effects as the ‘Transformers’ movie itself! As one of the people who were still somewhat on the fence about this song, the video has definitely won me over. The graphics were c-ra-zy and were placed perfectly to match the flow of the lyrics without ever appearing random or overdone.

The choreography was insane as well and with all the ‘tutting’ and ‘popping’ that was going on, I felt like I was watching an episode of ‘America’s Best Dance Crew‘ (minus Lil Mama, who somehow managed not to storm the set of the video). All I sense was missing was a dance break where Chris could just go OFF and move like only he can. Either way, this video is fantastic!

Are your eyes spinning like mine



While Diddy’s musical offerings may have you reaching for the mute button, the Bad Boy honcho sure knows how to dish the business when it comes to interviews – well at least when it comes to his recent chat with Elle Magazine. In this revealing interview, which I spotted over at my girl Necole Bitchie, Diddy opens up about the effect his father’s murder had on him, his approach to relationships and more. An interesting, I must say:

Were you a sexually precocious kid?

SEAN COMBS: I was in pursuit of female attention from when I was probably four or five. It started with my mother’s friends putting me to sleep on their laps. But I wasn’t really asleep; I was enjoying the way it felt to lay on a pair of beautiful breasts.

And how did your first time go?

SC: Great, but I’d had a lot of practice from watching this show on cable called Midnight Blue, where they had actual scenes from pornos. Me and Midnight Blue had a Thursday night at one o’clock date—I’d make sure my mother was asleep, take a shower, lock the door, put on cologne.

Wasn’t there an awful lot of talking from Midnight Blue host Al Goldstein?

SC: Yeah, he definitely talked a lot. And he interrupted. But it taught me mind control.

Your dad was shot to death when you were only three. Who taught you how to behave with women?

SC: A couple years ago, my psychologist came to the conclusion that this is one of the big problems I have as far as maturing in a relationship. After my father got killed, my mother said, “I’m never getting married again. I don’t want men around my children.” So I’ve never actually been able to witness a husband and wife’s love. Sometimes when I see it with my friends, I just find myself staring like a child, because I’ve never actually seen it before. It’s one of the sad parts of my life.

So what kind of behavior does this bring out in relationships?

SC: When a relationship gets to a certain point, I probably get scared and become a little self-destructive.

By self-destructive, do you mean going out with other women?

SC: Yeah.

If you get caught cheating red-handed, what’s the best response?

SC: Cry. It might not work, but it at least shows that you care. Goddamn, this is a deep interview. You didn’t ask Will Smith none of this shit!

But we’re making such valuable progress! Just tell me: Are the tears real?

SC: Yeah, it hurts me. One of my weaknesses is that I actually have a conscience.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Wow. This is the first I’ve heard about his father’s passing. Quite unfortunate.

In any case, reading this sure as hell drives home why Cassie and Kim Porter are in the positions they are (see: Monica’s ‘Makings of Me’ LP, track #3). I just marvel at how, knowing this, these chicks still throw themselves at him.…

Your thoughts?


Another song from Amerie’s latest LP, ‘In Love & War’, has surfaced today. That track, which has been getting a lot of buzz from her fans, is titled ‘Swag Back’ and was produced by Jim Jonsin, the production mastermind behind  TI’s ‘Whatever You Like.’ The songstress’ album officially hits stores on November 3rd.

I liked this song. It’s definitely radio-friendly and has the kind of beat that’s made for car speakers. The melody works well with her crisp vocals and she does not get lost in the productions – a problem that affects many of today’s artists who sacrifice their voices in favour of club-ready singles (I’m not calling any names, just initials: KH).

My only problem with the song is that the melody sounds almost exactly like TI’s ‘Whatever You Like.’ Usually I am not a fan of recycled tracks but I think she managed to pull it off really well. Good stuff.

Hit or Miss?


As R&B diva Mary J Blige prepares for the release of her 9th studio album, ‘Stronger’, on December 15th, the track that she recorded for another of her highly anticipated projects has surfaced. The track, entitled ‘I Can See In Color’, will serve as the theme song for the upcoming move ‘Precious’, which will debut in theatres on November 6th.

There is a reason why Mary J is known as the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul’ and I think after listening to this track, everyone will know why. Her vocal delivery, though not pitch-perfect like many of her contemporaries, is raw, powerful and gritty yet relatable and honest. I can’t think of a single song on the radio today that has moved me the way that this track has after listening to only the first 60 seconds.

To be honest I was a bit upset that Mariah Carey’s ‘100%’ was replaced as the film’s official theme song but now that I’ve heard Mary J’s offering, I have no further quarrel. It definitely has my vote for ‘Best Original Song’ at next year’s Academy Awards. Sheer Brilliance.

Hit or Miss?

Peep 50 Cent and Kelly Rowland getting close in this preview for the G-Unit general’s video for ‘Baby By Me’, the lead single from his revamped ‘Before I Self Destruct’ LP. While I could care less for ol’ Curtis, this is such a good look for Ms. Kelly. Multiple different looks and everything – in all of which she stunning. More power to her!

Video premieres November 2nd!

Your thoughts?

Video premieres tomorrow on MTV!

Your thoughts?


Beyonce and Lady Gaga, undeniably two of music’s biggest stars, can’t seem to get enough of one another these days. As well as recently shooting the video for Beyonce’s top-secret ‘Video Phone (Remix)’, it has been confirmed today that the pair also teamed up on ‘Telephone’ (see a pattern emerging?), a new track lifted from GaGa’s forthcoming ‘Fame: The Monster’ album re-release. {Source}

Perhaps more than any of Bouncy’s previous collabo’s, this really does seem like a winning-ticket if there ever was one. Cannot wait!

Your thoughts?

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