Peep Lil’ Mama on The Tyra Banks Show earlier this week. The pint-sized star talked her role on America’s Next Top Model, however much of her airtime was dedicated to the now infamous VMA stage-crashing incident. Oh, I feel sorry for her now LMAO!

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jennifer lopez

After a relatively long hiatus from the industry, Jennifer Lopez is back with new single ‘Fresh Out The Oven’. The Pitbull assisted, Neptunes produced, cut made its debut on the mysteriously titled ‘Who Is Lola?’ Myspace page. With the song evidently being Ms. Lopez’s, it’s evident her team are looking to mirror Beyonce’s ‘Who Is Sasha Fierce?’ campaign. Anyway, back to the song…

It took a few listens, but I’m really liking this one; Jennifer’s strong point always was her up-tempo, more grittier offerings – characteristics this song effortlessly embodies. However, with her last few efforts being somewhat weak and achieving progressively weaker sales, she has a lot to prove and will have somewhat of an uphill struggle re-claiming her place in this forever changing industry. That said, with a banging video (with  killer choreography), as well as good promotion, I feel this could feasibly be the hit Ms. Lopez has been looking for. Good stuff.

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Comeback queen Whitney Houston continues her promotional tour of Europe, just a few minutes ago performing new single ‘Million Dollar Bill’ on popular French show Le Grand Journal. Peep the performance above.

While not Whitney’s best live vocal outing (by a long shot), I really enjoyed this performance; the band were jamming, the back-up singers were on fire and Whitney held her own (at certain times moreso than others). Baby steps, I guess.

That said, word has it Ms. Houston was spotted lighting up a cigarette during her French visit. While it’s no secret that she has been smoking cigarettes in the past, when you’re dubbed ‘The Voice’, it makes little to no sense to be compromising her main instrument. Aside from that, she’s been churning out rather consistent performances since her comeback (Good Morning America aside), so the future looks bright – she was having a great time up on the stage.

Tidbit: Be sure to watch the interview after the performance, there’s a great acapella of ‘I Look To You’. Off-topic, she’s so diva…(“I’ve gone beyond the queen of R&B”) LOL. Got to love the self-confidence.

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mariah update

Despite the fact her new album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ looks set to debut with the lowest first week sales of her career, Mariah Carey is wasting no time in prepping the record’s next single – as well as remix version of ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

According to the uber reliable Mariah Daily, the diva is lining up fan favourite ‘H.A.T.E U’ as the record’s 3rd single. What’s more she is also set to release a more up-tempo revision of ‘Memoirs’, as per our good friends over

Fans who picked up Mariah Carey’s latest Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel most likely noticed the absence of features, but the singer is about to make up for it. Tricky Stewart and Trey Songz spill details exclusively to on Carey’s top-secret remix album.

Details are slowly emerging about the project, which will include remixes to every song on Memoirs. “There’s gonna be remixes to everything,” says Tricky. “I’m actually doing some remixing myself currently ’cause some of these records were so much fun to make. It’s easy to go in and do a remix.”

The mega-producer already has something in mind for the diva’s Foreigner cover. “I’m gonna do a remix to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ myself. I’mma raise the tempo up. I’mma try to make it into something else.”

He may even add a guest to it. “Once I get the beat and if it calls for the right person, I can get anybody on the phone I want to right now, so I will be using my Rolodex for that.”

One of the featured artists on the new project will be Trey Songz, who exclusively discloses to that he recorded a remix to one of Memoirs‘ cuts last month. “Mariah Carey, I believe she’s doing a remix album and I’m on a record entitled ‘Inseparable,'” he shares.

Trey put everything aside once he got the call. “I actually only had a day to do it. I did it on my day off. [They were] very professional, very adamant on wanting to get it done. They made sure we had all we needed. I just went in and got it done.” {Source}

Yawn. With the album now trailing behind even further and looking at a #3 debut, it’s doubtful the decent-yet-not-radio-friendly ‘H.A.T.E U’ will be album to salvage the album in its current form. That said, I am eager to see what she serves up with the remix LP.

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R&B singer Mya continues to razzle and dazzle on the current season of Dancing With The Stars, this week taking on the Rumba. More power to her!

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Billboard named Beyonce its Woman of the Year at a lavish luncheon this past Friday (October 2nd) at New York’s Pierre Hotel. The baddest chick in the game sat down with Oprah’s pal Gayle King for an interview, in which she discussed her career, her unconditional love for her family, and the run-away success of ‘Single Ladies’. Ms. Knowles-Carter also addressed the now-infamous Kanye West outburst during the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

Perhaps, focussing on the least important part of whole clip, I do find it genuinely quite hilarious how Beyonce can come across so wholesome and sweet and then turn on ‘Sasha’ at the drop of a coin! As much as it pains some to swallow, Bouncy really is the business; an artist whose talent justifies the hype.

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Check out the official album cover for Leona Lewis’ sophomore effort ‘Echo’ (due November 17th).

Absolutely stunning; she truly looks model-esque. A classic cover for sure, however whether or not the music will serve as a worthy parallel remains to be seen.

While the record’s lead single ‘Happy’ isn’t rocking my world, the album’s list of hit-making contributors is. Ms. Lewis has clocked up studio time and churned out songs with the likes of Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Claude Kelly, Xenomania, and Toby Gad for the record. Here’s hoping they serve up the hotness.

What do you think of the  cover?

Usher’s eagerly awaited new single ‘Papers’ premiered literally moments ago…literally. If you were thinking the Sean Garrett penned cut was going to detail the drama his relationship with ex Tameka Foster, then boy were you right. The piano driven track is largely engaging due to its lyrical content; with a chorus which sings ‘Damn near lost my mother, done been through so much drama, turned into the man I never thought I’d be, I’m ready to sign them papers’.

While I’m sure the song, which is pretty decent, will get tongues wagging because of its lyrical content, I’m a little on the fence as to my take on Usher airing out private life on record. On the one hand, it’s an open door into what was apparently his reality over the last year or so…a very, very vivid account. However, having gone the same route and pimping out his relationship with TLC’s Chilli during his ‘Confessions’ project, I’m wondering whether it’s been done in good taste. Who am I fooling, though, this really does make for an interesting listen and sure does make Usher that much more noteworthy this go round!

‘Papers’ is lifted from Usher’s forthcoming LP ‘Raymond vs Raymond’ (formerly ‘Monster’), which hits stores in December.

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Your Top 5 Songs Of The Moment?You know the deal; That Grape Juice, once again, wants to see what you all are listening to. Which 5 tracks have you got on constant rotation at the moment? Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to Urban music; could be something new, Throwback, religious, even something you made yourself LOL. Drop a comment in the comments section. Mine are – in no particular order:

1) About A Girl – ‘Sugababes’ (ft. Keisha)
2) Wordshaker – The Saturdays
3) Up Out My Face – Mariah Carey
4) T.O.N.Y – Solange
5) Tik Tok – Ke$ha

What are your ‘Top 5 Songs Of The Moment’?


have released their annual Hottest MCs In The Game list, which takes a number of factors into consideration. Check out who made the list and who charted where below:

01 – Jay-Z
02 – Lil Wayne
03 – Drake
04 – Kanye West
05 – Rick Ross
06 – Gucci Mane
07 – Young Jeezy
08 – Fabolous
09 – 50 Cent
10 – Raekwon

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It chick of the moment Lady GaGa took over Saturday Night Live last night, performing her smashes ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Love Game’ and ‘Poker Face’, as well as the lead single from the re-release of her debut ‘The Fame: The Monster’, ‘Bad Romance’. Peep the performances above, as well as a supposed-to-be-funny-but-not skit she did with Madonna (yes, you read right!) below:

Despite the crappiness of the Madge skit, you know Ms. GaGa is here to stay, when she has an informal endorsement from The Queen of Pop!

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The legendary Whintey Houston is over here in Europe to promote her comeback LP ‘I Look To You’, this evening stopping by German TV show Wetten Dass to perform the album’s title track – which you can watch above.

Yes, Nippy! I was on the edge of my seat the whole performance, hoping and praying that Oprah wasn’t a fluke; and Whitney proved herself yet again. Great performance. By no means a perfect performance, yet one that really does reinforce the fact that the ‘voice’ is still there – legitimately. She sounded the best she has in years. Awesome. {Thanks Tamone, Trent and everyone else who sent this in!}

Tidbit: Let’s ignore the awkward interview at the end LMAO!

What do you think of the performance?

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