That Grape Juice wishes all of our US visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying the day with your family and friends – stuffing yourselves too!

Making the festivities somewhat International for ‘errrbody’ LOL, we want to know:

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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The Tyra Banks Show dedicated the entire show to a certain Ms. Beyonce yesterday. As ever, with Tyra’s wacky nature, the interview (above) was great. Kudos to Tyra for getting out an awesome interview from Bouncy; they were starting to get kinda samey. You can catch the ‘Single Ladies’ performance below – see if you can spot anyone familiar (Hint: Get Me Bodied – “Snap for the Kids” LMAO):

Blast from the past, no doubt LOL. Beyonce, Jonte and co nailed it LOL.

Your thoughts?

The video for Jamie Foxx’s new single, ‘Just Like Me’ – the first to be lifted from forthcoming album ‘Intuition’ – premiered a few hours ago. Directed by Brett Ratner (‘Touch My Body’), the humorous clip did make me warm to the song that much more. I’m still hoping Jamie comes with (comes with it) on the album itself, which drops December 16th via J Records.

What do you think of the song / video?

Diva Mariah Carey appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to plug her latest fragrance – Luscious Pink.

During the course of the interview, Ellen alluded to Mariah being a pregnant, a point she didn’t let go of easily – and one Mariah didn’t outright deny. Hmmm…

Whatever the case, if Mariah does want to pop a few out, here’s hoping she does soon. Her, Janet and a few others keep talking as if they are spring chickens. Erm no…LOL.

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Aubrey Does Playboy? Word has it former Danity Kane vixen, Aubrey O’Day has done the inevitable (I’m sorry, but it’s true), and posed nude for Playboy magazine.
According to TMZ, O’Day is believed to have shot her feature in a Manhattan studio with photographer Marjus Klinko.
Doesn’t surprise in the slightest…

Your thoughts?
Beyonce held a mini-concert on NBC’s Today Show within the last hour in support of her #1 selling album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’. The LP rocketed to the top spot of the Billboard 200 this week with sales of 482,000. Check out Bey’s performances, live from New York’s Rockefeller Plaza below:

Crazy In Love

If I Were A Boy

Single Ladies

At Last

As ever, awesome, just awesome performances! Ask yourself this, which other female performer delivers the goods like this each and every time? Hell, which male performer (of today) is as good a performer? Forget ‘Hottest Chick In The Game’…she IS ‘The Game’ right now IMO.

What do you think of the performances?

Check out this short preview for Britney Spears’ brand new video for ‘Circus’, the follow-up to ‘Womanizer’.

The full length video will be premiering any day now. I’ll hold my judgement until then…

Your thoughts?

The Beyonce promo train made a stop at The Ellen Degeneres Show today. You can catch the full interview above, in which she talks marriage to Jay-Z, having babies and a whole lot more, as well as her performance of Ellen favourite ‘Flaws & All’ (she performed ‘Single Ladies’ too) below:

Great interview. She nailed the performance too.

Your thoughts?

Brandy Does VIBE MagazineR&B songstress Brandy features in the December issue of VIBE magazine, scans of which you can check out above and below. I maintain, this go round Ms. Norwood is really quite the stunner.
‘Human’, Brandy’s highly anticipated chart comeback, hits stores December 9th.
Brandy Does VIBE Magazine Brandy Does VIBE Magazine

What do you think of the pics?

Top 25 Worst Selling #1 Albums Yahoo Music published a real interesting list recently of the Worst Selling #1 Albums. Though kinda long, it was a very insightful read; after all, labels and publicists are oh-so-quick to tout an artists #1 selling status, yet we often hear very little thereafter. Check out the full list below (which is complied from the 365 albums that topped the Nielsen/SoundScan chart from May 25, 1991 through December 31, 2006), I’m sure some of the entries will surprise some:

1. Omarion, 21, 390,000. This was the R&B artist’s second album in a row to open at #1. Omarion’s solo debut album, O, had achieved the feat in March 2005. But 21, which charted in December 2006, has sold only about half as many copies as that earlier album (see #17). The key song from 21, “Ice Box,” reached #12 on the Hot 100. This was the lowest-selling #1 album of 2006.

2. Jaheim, Ghetto Classics, 446,000. This was the R&B artist’s third album, but his first to reach #1. It charted in February 2006. A key reason Ghetto Classics is on this list: No songs from the album made the Hot 100, whereas two songs from each of Jaheim’s previous albums made the top 30.

3. Johnny Cash, American V: A Hundred Highways, 491,000. This charted in July 2006, nearly three years after Cash’s death. It was the country legend’s first studio album to reach #1. His only other #1 album on The Billboard 200 was the live Johnny Cash At San Quentin in 1969. So this wasn’t really a dud. This is the only album on this list that had first-week sales of fewer than 100,000 copies. (It bowed with lukewarm sales of 88,000.)

4. Juvenile, Reality Check, 505,000. This was the rapper’s eighth album, but his first to reach #1. It charted in March 2006. The key single from the album, “Rodeo,” peaked at #41, a drop-off from such previous Juvenile releases as “Slow Motion” (featuring Soulja Slim), which hit #1 in 2004.

5. R. Kelly & Jay-Z, Unfinished Business, 524,000. This was the second collaboration by the superstar pairing. The first, The Best Of Both Worlds, peaked at #2 in 2002. But that first album has sold a healthier 933,000 copies. This was the lowest-selling #1 album of 2004-as well as the lowest-selling chart-topper of the Nielsen/SoundScan era to that point. (It may have been undercut by Jay-Z’s collaboration with Linkin Park, Collision Course, which was released just five weeks later.) Unfinished Business charted in October 2004 with first-week sales of 215,000. That’s 41% of its total.

6. Marilyn Manson, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, 526,000. This album, which charted in May 2003, was Manson’s second #1, following Mechanical Animals in 1998. Both of these releases were the lowest-selling #1 albums of their respective years. The Gothic shock rocker is the only artist to have the lowest-selling #1 album of the year twice in the Nielsen/SoundScan era.

7. LeToya, LeToya, 529,000. This was the solo debut by LeToya Luckett, a former member of Destiny’s Child. LeToya left the group in early 2000, after the release of its top 10 blockbuster, The Writing’s On The Wall. LeToya has sold about one-twelfth as many copies as that album has. The album charted in July 2006. The single, “Torn,” reached #31 on the Hot 100.

8. Prince, 3121, 530,000. What’s a legend like Prince doing on a list like this? Anybody can have an album that under-performs, to use a favored industry euphemism. 3121 charted in March 2006. It was Prince’s fourth album to reach #1; his first to do since Batman in 1989. “Black Sweat” was the only song from the album to make the Hot 100. It spent one week on the chart at #60.

9. Private Parts soundtrack, 562,000. The rock soundtrack to the Howard Stern comedy/biopic charted in March 1997. It was that year’s lowest-selling #1 album. In fact, it was the lowest-selling #1 album between May 1991 and May 2003, when a Marilyn Manson album did even worse (see #6). It’s also the lowest-selling #1 soundtrack from 1991-2008 (except for the two-week old Twilight, which will quickly surpass it). Apart from the four oldies on the album, no songs from the album made the Hot 100.

10. Gridlock’d soundtrack, 585,000. This soundtrack charted in February 1997, five months after the movie’s star, 2 Pac, was shot to death. The album features two 2Pac tracks, one a collaboration with Snoop Doggy Dogg. No songs from the album made the Hot 100.

11. Busta Rhymes, The Big Bang, 613,000. This was the rapper’s seventh album, but his first to reach #1. It charted in June 2006 with first week sales of 209,000. A single, “Touch It,” had run its course by the time the album was released. The follow-up, “I Love My B***,” stalled at #41 on the Hot 100. By contrast, five Busta Rhymes songs from previous albums made the top 10.

12. Bruce Springsteen, Devils & Dust, 650,000. This was The Boss’ seventh #1 album; his first since The Rising in 2002. But it has sold less than a third as many copies as that album has. Devils & Dust charted in May 2005 with first-week sales of 222,000. It was that year’s lowest-selling #1 album. The title song stalled at #72 on the Hot 100. It spent just one week on the chart, compared to 11 weeks for the title song from The Rising.

13. Madonna, American Life, 674,000. This was Madonna’s fifth chart-topper; her first since Music in 2000. But this has sold less than a quarter as many copies as that album has. American Life charted in April 2003 with first-week sales of 241,000. That’s 36% of its total. The album included Madonna’s 2002 hit “Die Another Day” from the James Bond movie of the same name. The problem: No other songs from the album cracked the top 30.

14. India.Arie, Testimony: Vol. 1: Life & Relationship, 688,000. This was the R&B artist’s third album, but her first to reach #1. It charted in July 2006. The single, “I Am Not My Hair,” had one fleeting week on the Hot 100 (at #97). India.Arie’s 2001 breakthrough hit, “Video,” logged seven months on the chart.

15. Diddy, Press Play, 700,000. This was the rap icon’s first #1 album since 1997, when, as Puff Daddy, he topped the chart with No Way Out. But Press Play has sold less than one-seventh as many copies as that album has. Press Play charted in October 2006. The album’s key track, “Come To Me” (featuring Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls) went top 10 on the Hot 100. (By contrast, No Way Out contained four top five hits.)

16. Rod Stewart, Still The Same…Great Rock Classics Of Our Time, 719,000. This was the English star’s first pop/rock album following four million-selling Great American Songbook collections. It charted in October 2006. The Songbook albums were trending downward in sales, from a high of 3,221,000 for the first to a low of 1,112,000 for the fourth. A fifth Songbook outing would probably have sold about what this did. So this wasn’t a bad showing, just not as good as many figured. It was Stewart’s fourth #1 album.

17. Omarion, O, 758,000. This was the R&B artist’s solo debut album, following a pair of top 10 albums with the teen group B2K. O charted in February 2005. The title song reached #27 on the Hot 100. Omarion is the only artist with two albums on this list. (There’s another dubious distinction.)

18. Nas, Hip Hop Is Dead, 764,000. This was the rapper’s third #1 album, following It Was Written in 1996 and I Am… in 1999. But it has sold only about a third of what those albums have sold. Hip Hop Is Dead charted in December 2006, with first-week sales of 355,000. That’s a whopping 46% of its total. The title track, featuring, peaked at #41 on the Hot 100, lower than such earlier Nas hits as “Street Dreams” and “I Can.”

19. Incubus, Light Grenades, 773,000. This was the hard rock group’s sixth album, but its first to reach #1. It charted in December 2006. The key track, “Anna-Molly,” peaked at #66 on the Hot 100, a far cry from the top 10 showing of the band’s “Drive” in 2001.

20. Godsmack, IV, 815,000. This was the hard rock group’s second consecutive full-length album to reach #1, following Faceless. But this has sold about half of what that 2003 album has sold. IV charted in May 2006 with first-week sales of 211,000. The key track, “Speak,” reached #85 on the Hot 100.

21. The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley, Body Kiss, 815,000. This was the veteran R&B group’s second #1 album; its first since The Heat Is On in 1975. Body Kiss charted in May 2003. R. Kelly wrote and produced the key track, “What Would You Do?,” which stalled at #49 on the Hot 100.

22. Led Zeppelin, How The West Was Won, 818,000. This live, three-disk compilation charted in June 2003. (It’s the only album on this list that comprises more than a single disk.) This was the legendary hard-rock band’s seventh #1 album; its first since 1979’s In Through The Out Door.

23. LL Cool J, G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith The Greatest Of All Time, 822,000. This was the rap superstar’s ninth album, but his first to hit #1. G.O.A.T. charted in July 2000 with first-week sales of 209,000. It was that boom year’s lowest-selling #1 album. “Imagine That” was the only song from the album to make the Hot 100. It peaked at #98.

24. Various Artists, The Neptunes Present…Clones, 827,000. Pharrell Williams was featured on six tracks on this hip-hop collection. One of them, “Frontin'” (featuring Jay-Z), went top five on the Hot 100. The album charted in August 2003 with first-week sales of 249,000.

25. A Tribe Called Quest, Beats, Rhymes And Life, 828,000. This charted in August 1996, making it the oldest album on this list. It was the lowest-selling #1 album of 1996-and the lowest-selling chart-topper of the Nielsen/SoundScan era to that point. (It took the unwelcome title from Depeche Mode’s 1993 album, Songs Of Faith And Devotion.) Beats, Rhymes And Life was the New York-based rap trio’s fourth album, but its first to hit #1. No songs from the album made the Hot 100.

Granted some of the names/releases on the list have stories behind the poor sales, it’s still pretty compelling stuff all the same.

Your thoughts

I kid not when I say I’d literally been wondering where the hell Ne-Yo’s follow-up to ‘Miss Independent’ was, when the clip for ‘Mad’ surfaced today. The Stargate produced cut serves as the third release from his well-received ‘Year of the Gentleman’ LP.

About the actual video, I’m liking it a lot. With most of Ne-Yo’s vids being more or less all-singing/all-dancing affairs, it was pretty cool seeing a more story-driven clip to accompany this song – which IMO on it’s own isn’t that great. Good stuff.

What do you think of the song / video?

Check out footage of Beyonce on the set of the video for her latest single ‘Diva’ this past week in Los Angeles. Looks like it’ll be an all ‘Sasha’ affair with this one.

Randomness: Is that a ladies foot in the boot of the car she’s blowing up? She’s a bad….LOL.

Your thoughts?

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