Mary J. Blige guested on ‘The Jay Leno Show’ last evening. The singer performed the second single from her  forthcoming ‘Stronger With Each Tear’ LP, entitled ‘I Am‘. To date, the song has peaked at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #18 on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart.

As usual, Blige sounded and looked amazing. She is one of the few acts who can deliver consistent performances, even during a tumultuous promotion schedule. Although her vocal performances have a few imperfections at times, her presence is enough to make the casual listener overlook such blemishes. Good stuff.


Beyonce sizzles in the commercial for her first fragrance ‘Heat’ (her own, as opposed to endorsing another brand). The 28 year old superstar sings classic ‘Fever’ in the clip.

Bouncy’s continued quest for world domination presses ahead with the release of ‘Heat’ in early 2010.

Your thoughts?


Those keeping up with Monica‘s awesome new BET show ‘Still Standing’ will know that the R&B star and her team had been mulling over the lead single from her forthcoming album of the same name (due March 9th). A few hours ago on Twitter, however, the 29 year old revealed that her label are going with a dual-single release:

MonicaMyLife: @thelarryjackson just called me and were doing a dual single release as planned bit the songs are One In A Lifetime & Love All Over Me

As a fan and an avid viewer of her show, Ms. Arnold had a wealth of great material to choose from and it appears the final choice was a wise one. Both ‘One In A Lifetime’ and ‘Love All Over Me’ are fantastic tracks. Here’s hoping they are smashes for her!

You can listen to both tracks below:

One In A Lifetime:

Love All Over Me:

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

Mariah Carey appeared on another episode of TBS’ Lopez Tonight a few hours ago, giving a live rendition of ‘It’s A Wrap’ from her ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP.

Though I actually found the performance quite good (especially the vocals), Mariah’s stage movements (or lack of, should I say) made for somewhat uncomfortable viewing. Surely, if you can’t move in what you’re wearing, wear something else? Just saying…

What do you think of the performance?

Fierce five-piece The Saturdays stopped by BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge yesterday to perform their latest single ‘Ego’, which looks set to give the ladies’ their 6th top 5 single in little over a year.

I really enjoyed this stripped back version of the song, which really served as a reminder as to why I’m really rooting for these ladies. Though a bonafide Pop act, the group’s vocals have much in the way of collective potential – especially their shining star Vanessa (her belting and runs are amazing).

What do you think of their performance?


The hotly anticipated DVD/Blu-Ray release of Michael Jackson‘s ‘This Is It’ movie is set for January 2010 in the US and February 2010. Check out the official trailer for it (featuring all new footage, earlier dance rehearsals and much more) below:

Your thoughts?

Literally moments ago, Covergirl model Rihanna debuted the video for her new single, ‘Hard’. The clip was directed by Melina and features rapper Young Jeezy. To date, the song has peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is quite a spectacle! The outfits, the glamour, the guns and the swagger, all tied together with on point editing, created one of the best videos put forward by the aspiring singer. The concept behind the flick suits the lyrics well and Rihanna certainly brought the fire to the set. This is certainly a great look for her to kick off the new year.


Young singer Alexandra Burke appeared on ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’ earlier today. The entertainer performed ‘Broken Heels’ from her ‘Overcome’ album. The LP has thus far been certified platinum in the UK since its October 19th release.

Alexandra has certainly done better performances. With her over-reliance on the backing track and her somewhat sluggish movements across the stage, I felt rather underwhelmed by the entire production. Nonetheless, given her generally consistent showings throughout her rigorous promotional campaign, I attribute this one to possible exhaustion.


Continuing along the promotional trail for her new LP ‘The Element of Freedom’, Alicia Keys appeared on The Today Show this morning to perform her solo rendition of ‘Empire State of Mind’. Ever-consistent, Ms. Keys turned in yet another stellar performance – one which further solidifies my like for her solo version of the song over the Jay-Z collabo – though I seem to be somewhat alone in that sentiment (??)

What do you think of the performance?

tgj end of year awards

Voting for the 3rd annual That Grape Juice: End of Year Awards is now open!

After reviewing your suggestions on the provisional nominee list, a few tweaks, additions and omissions have been made, so as to make the whole sha-bang a more fair affair. All in the name of fun, these awards will allow you to vote as many times as you want and vote simultaneously for as many choices as you want too! Voting ends December 24th

Winners will be announced on Christmas Day – December 25th!

So what are you waiting for?!…………….

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Diva Mariah Carey stopped TBS’ Lopez Tonight show last night to promote her current project ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’, performing her hit ‘Obsessed’, as well as sitting down for a chat with the comedian. You can watch the performance above, while the interview is after the ‘read more’ link.

About the performance; Ms. Carey-Cannon was clearly having a bit of an off-day vocally with this one. While she moved somewhat more lucidly across the stage, the vocals were really lacking – made worse by the fact she mixed the sub-par vocals with pre-recorded ones (which is sadly becoming a trademark of hers these days). On the plus side, she looked great!


Jennifer Lopez appeared on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ this evening. Demonstrating what seems to be a complete 180 in the label’s decision to scrap the struggling record, Lopez performed the struggling ‘Louboutins’, which has yet to debut on the Billboard charts. The singer’s ‘Love?’ album hits stores in March 2010.

Although clearly lip-syncing, Lopez delivered an electrifying performance. By including an element of entropy and changing the previous choreography, she captured my attention from beginning to end. Furthermore, the fact that she was able to do most of the moves in those Louboutin heels is quite a feat in itself. Good stuff.

Sam Edit: Lip-sync or not, she KILLED IT!


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