Alexandra Burke 'Overcome' Cover
Check out the official album cover for Alexandra Burke’s debut ‘Overcome’, which was unveiled today. While I think she looks great, I can’t help but wonder aloud at how her team opted for this pic – which was lifted from the ‘Bad Boys’ single shoot. I mean it doesn’t correlate with the album’s title. Still, I guess it’s the LP’s content that matters most. Here’s hoping she delivers the goods.
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R&B songstress Alicia Keys stopped by BET’s 106 & Park today to talk about her new single ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’, her new album – which hits stores in December, the VMA’s and a whole lot more. I’m really liking this sassy, more media-savvy Alicia on display here.
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Madonna - 'Revolver (ft. Lil' Wayne)'

‘Revolver’, one of the new songs to feature on Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ greatest hits package, surfaced in its full form today. Featuring rent-a-rapper Lil’ Wayne, the song actually works more than one would assume, considering the names involved. Though nothing profound, the song is infectiously catchy, with it’s easy-on-the-ear verses and rousing sing-along-song chorus. Not bad at all.
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The video for Whitney Houston’s new single ‘Million Dollar Bill’ premiered today, as we EXCLUSIVELY reported it would weeks ago. Directed by Melina, the clip does a wonderful job of capturing the Old Skool essence of the song, yet has modern feel to it as well. Whitney looks stunning in this too. With a bit of a promotional push, I can really see this doing big things. Great video.

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Peep part 2 of Whitney Houston’s much hyped Oprah interview above.
We will post our thoughts on this shortly…
In the meanwhile….
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The second episode of Whitney Houston’s much hyped Oprah interview aired moments ago in the US. While we’ll have the full interview up shortly, check out Whitney’s spine-tingling performance of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ above.
Wow! Whitney nailed this! Undeniably the best live vocal showing I’ve heard from Nippy in the longest of times. To think this was shot a few days after Good Morning America makes this all the more awesome (vocal rest really does work). Here’s hoping Whitney continues to deliver such great, emotive performances. Awesome.
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Alicia Keys - 'Doesn't Mean Anything' (New Single)
The full version of Alicia Keys’ new single ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ surfaced literally moments ago, more than a week before it was initially supposed to debut. In any case, it’s here. The real question here is: is it actually any good?
In short, the answer is ‘yes!’ Very much in the vein of Alicia’s previous smash’s such as ‘No One’ and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’, ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ is beautiful piano-driven mid-tempo ballad, with lyrics given a real vividness via Alicia’s emotive vocal delivery. If there’s one critique that can be levelled here, it’s that the song perhaps sounds quite ‘samey’ in comparison to Alicia’s past material. Still, a great cut, which sits effortless beside her past material – which for the most part are equally as great.
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Beyonce Lines Up Her Own Fragrance
After fronting major campaigns for Tommy Hilfer and Armani, Beyonce recently inked a deal to launch her very own fragrance:
BEYONCE has landed a multi-million dollar deal with fragrance house Coty to launch her own perfume.
The singing superstar is already the face of Emporio Armani’s Diamonds perfume and previously fronted the promotional campaign for a range of True Star fragrances for Tommy Hilfiger.
But the Crazy In Love hitmaker is now branching out with her own signature scent so fans can smell just like her.
She tells, “For me, fragrance reflects a woman’s attitude and unique sense of style.
“While I love various perfumes, I haven’t found a scent that truly personifies me as a woman. Working with Coty, I was able to turn my ideal fragrance into a reality by creating an alluring and sophisticated fragrance; one that’s reflective of my inner power.”
The exact value of the deal has not been made public, but experts predict Beyonce could net as much as $20 million (£13.3 million) over the next three years.
The as-yet-unnamed fragrance will hit stores in spring 2010. {Source}

More power to her!

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Alexandra Burke To 'Overcome' On Debut LP
X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has revealed that her debut album will be titled ‘Overcome’. Now set for release on October 19th, the singer will now avoid a chart-showdown with mentor Cheryl Cole’s debut solo LP, which hits stores October 26th – the same day Alex was to release hers. {Source}
And the award for worst ‘I won a reality TV talent show’ album title goes to….(!) With Alex herself confirming in the very same interview that the album will feature just 3 ballads, I’m struggling to understand the logic of the record being named after a such a cliche ballad (which ‘surfaced’ months ago). This especially with all signs pointing to the LP being an uptempo, danceable affair (see: ‘Bad Boys’). But really, where is the correlation? Here’s hoping, silly title aside, the album actually delivers. Despite numerous plays I’m still on the fence as to my take on ‘Bad Boys’ – it’s either marginally passable, and at best a grower, or completely awful. Anyway…
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As I ready my popcorn for the 2nd episode of Whitney’s interview on Oprah, which starts in about 1/2 hour, I continue to SMH at this video which I stumbled upon earlier. Without pre-empting it, all I’ll say is that this is both shocking and nasty. Where the hell are her parents? Hot mess.
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Alicia Keys - 'Doesn't Mean Anything' (Snippet)As Alicia Keys readies her fourth studio album for release later this year, a very brief snippet of the LP’s lead single ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ surfaced. While it’s a little difficult to give a definitive view of this one, I must say I’m liking the sound of it. Similar to ‘No One’ in that it sounds chartable, yet unique in that it has a qualitative edge to it, this is sounding like a winner. Of course, it could end up being trash once the full version premieres on September 29th, but all signs are positives at present.
Tidbit: Did you know Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’, which features Alicia, is currently #1 on iTunes?

Hit or Miss?

Following the media storm that ensued following Kanye West’s behaviour at this past Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper took to the Jay Leno show last night to apologise and express his regret regarding the situation.
I’m all for second chances, and ultimately do believe Kanye’s career isn’t as damaged as some are hyping it to be (I actually think this will blow over pretty quickly), however he needs to genuinely recognise that as much as he may believe his own hype, the ‘media’ are very much the ones in the driving seat and can throw him off his pedestal at any time. One need not look any further than the stars that have come and gone before him.
Tidbit: Did anyone else recognise the tone of the interview changed dramatically at the mention of Kanye’s mother?
Anyway, check out Kanye joining Jay-Z and Rihanna for a performance of ‘Run This Town’ later on the show:
Ok, I guess. To think Rihanna’s live vocals aren’t offensive to some is beyond me. Sigh…

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