Last night an UNCF’s ‘An Evening Of Stars – A Tribute To Patti Labelle’ aired in the US. The show, which was filmed back in September of last year, featured performances from host of artists, including Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and LeToya – whose live showings you can see below:
Fantasia – Lady Mamalade
Jennifer Hudson – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
LeToya – Where You Talk About Love
Jennifer and LeToya really did their thing, nailing both of their performances (Jennifer, in particular surprised, as some of her adlibs showed me things I never thought she could do vocally). Fantasia, however, was off the charts…A-Mazing. While Fanny’s church wailing may not be to everyone’s taste, at a show honoring Patti Labelle, it certainly was apt. Great, great performances all-round. {Thanks Joanna!}
What do you think of the performances?
Introducing...The Saturdays
{Left to right: Rochelle, Una, Mollie, Vanessa, Frankie}
Some of our UK visitors may already be familiar with The Saturdays, who burst on the music scene mid 2008 and have not looked back since, notching up 4 consecutive top top 10 singles on the Official UK charts.
Boasting a sound that crosses and blurs multiple genres lines, the ladies also possess the rare talent of all being able to hold their own vocally (live) and dance as well. Fans of the sound Rihanna has popularised as of late, will certainly enjoy what the ladies are serving up – which is best described as a fusion of Pop/Electronica/R&B. The Saturdays are heading for big things in 2009 IMO. Check out some of their 3 of their singles below, including the soon-to-be released ‘Work’, as well as ‘Issues’ and ‘Up’:
The Saturdays: Hit or Miss?
Apologies for the slow-ish posting this week. Much does go on behind the scenes here at That Grape Juice to make the site the best it can be. That said, I have some very interesting news to share with you all this coming week, so watch this space! In the meanwhile, this week’s classic From The Vault clip is Jade’s 1993 hit ‘Don’t Walk Away’. Though the group failed to sustain any success after this, the track undoubtedly has gone down in the R&B history books. Check it out below:

Your thoughts?

Leona Lewis’ latest video ‘I Will Be’ premiered today. The track will serve as the next release from her ‘Spirit: The Deluxe Edition’ LP (due for a US release February 3rd). About the video, (which stars Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford), it’s pretty decent. Though kinda unremarkable, which let’s face it most videos of today aren’t, it’s refreshing to see Leona in another guise, other than the ‘stand in one place and look pretty balladeer’.

What do you think of the song / video?

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Peep the promotional shot above of Beyonce’s forthcoming movie ‘Obsessed’. The thriller, which also stars Brit Idris Elba and ‘Heroes’ star Ali Larter hits theatres in the US this April.
What do you think of the pic?

Will you be going to see ‘Obsessed’?

Peep the trailer for the latest season of Making The Band 4. After the drama which saw two members of Danity Kane axed, Day26’s so-so success and Donnie’s complete and utter tanking, this season sure ought to be interesting. The trailer definitely has me anticipating what’s to come. The season premiere will be February 12th on MTV (US). 
Randomness: Did anyone else notice that Shannon was nowhere to be seen?
Will you be watching the new season of Making The Band 4?

Review up in bit (there’s a lot of good happening on the behind the scenes front here at That Grape Juice…bare with us)
In the meanwhile…
What do you think of the video?

Review up in a bit…

In the meanwhile…

What do you think of the song / video?

Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige took to the stage at the Neighborhood Ball in honour of Barack Obama last night in Washington, DC. Check out their perfromances below:

Mariah – Hero

Alicia Keys – No One

Mary J. Blige – Just Fine

Introduced by hubby Nick Cannon, Mrs C’s performance…(…)…got better towards the end. The belt-y parts really gave a nod to ‘the voice’ we know and love(d). Not the most apt of songs to sing considering her vocal state, yet one very befitting to the cause.
Alica and Mary nailed it!!!
What do you think of the performances?
Barack and Michelle Obama shared their first dance as President and First Lady last night at the Neighborhood Ball in Washington, D.C. Beyonce was on hand, giving a rousing rendition of Etta James’ aptly titled ‘At Last’. Awesome moment.
It really does feel great to be living through history.
Your thougthts?

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As I’m sure many of you know, Barack Obama today officially became the first ever African-American president of the United States. For those who missed his historic speech, you can watch it above..
What a great day for the world at large. It goes to show, that sky really is the limit.
Your thoughts?

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