Eve’s forthcoming album’ Here I Am’ has once again been pushed back – this time, from September 18th to October 16th. However, I feel it’s a logical move on the part of the label – as she would have been competing with Chamillionaire as well as the 2nd week sales of the hype snowball that is ’50 Cent vs Kanye West’. Eve will now go head-to-head with Nicole Scherzinger on the new release date.

Your thoughts?

This one has been generating a buzz on the net as of late. Kel Mitchell, of ‘Keanan and Kel‘ fame, stars in this hilarious spoof of R. Kelly and Usher’s ‘Same Girl’. I don’t usually find Kel funny, but I can’t deny that this had me cracking up. Check it out.

What do you think of the vid?

Before I continue, let me just take the opportunity to apologize for taking so long to post the Jagged Edge interview I conducted last month – pure laziness on my part. Will have it transcribed and posted by the end of this week. Flood my mailbox if not lol.
Check out the album cover for Jagged Edge’s upcoming album ‘Baby Makin’ Project’ – due September 25th via Island Def Jam/So So Def.
The video for the lead single from the album ‘Put A Little Umph In It’ has debuted. Click here to check it out.

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R&B songstress Mya performed her new single ‘Ridin’ at the Spotlight Live in New York a few weeks back. I’m really liking the track and felt Mya did the song justice live. Mya’s long-awaited (and serially delayed) album ‘Liberation’ is confirmed for a September 18th release – here’s hoping that the date sticks. Be on the lookout for a potential Mya feature in the weeks and months ahead.

What do you think of the performance?

Continuing his trend of making eyebrow raising comments, 50 Cent names Ciara as the future of R&B – over Beyonce. Check out an extract of the G-Unit leader’s interview with Hip Hop DX:

HHDX: Fifty, I just wanted to know… how’d you manage to get Ciara to forget about Lil’ Bow Wow?

50 Cent: [Laughs] You’re a nut, man! They came at me about doing the song and I heard the joint. It was before her album came out and I was thinking that she’s the future of R&B. People love Beyoncé, but look at how long she’s been around! I think that she’s dope, though. But I’m about the future of the business and her [Ciara] and Chris Brown are just that. They’re going to be the best things out in a lil’ bit. But as far as what people think between me and her, man… [laughs], the video did that.

I suppose the man is entitled to his own opinion, but come on now lol. I’ve always (and continue to) give props to Ciara for avoiding the ‘Beyonce Curse’ that so many R&B chicks suffer from. However, I don’t think any other female is giving Beyonce a run for her money – in terms of being the total package.

Do you agree with 50’s comments?
Prior to now, producer/songwriter Sean Garrett has been renown for the hits he’s crafted for the likes of Destiny’s Child (‘Lose My Breath’) , Usher (‘Yeah’) and Nelly (‘Grillz’). However now, the Atlanta native is set to launch his own label Bet I Penned It Music via Interscope, with his currently untitled album serving as the label’s first release. Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine says of Garrett “Sean Garrett is one of the greatest songwriters to come along in the last 10 years, Interscope will always jump to work with someone like him.” {Source}

I’m happy for Sean. His name has been cropping up on the credits of so many hits in recent years and it’s great that he’s finally set for mainstream exposure. Having already delivered this year on Kelly Rowland’s ‘Like This’ and Chris Brown’s ‘Wall to Wall’, Sean is currently busying himself with the new projects from Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. more power to him.

Any thoughts?

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson recently opened up about the direction of her highly anticipated album. Speaking with Fashion Rocks magazine, the ‘Dreamgirls’ star had the following to say:

“It’s not hip-hop,” she says firmly. “Let’s just say that. I don’t have anything against it, but it’s not the music that I like to sing. There’s some pop in there, and some R&B-soul, but,” she pauses for emphasis, “not hip-hop.”

Not sure how to read into this one. The quote makes it seem like she has a problem with Hip Hop, but I just see it as her telling it like it is. Nothing she’s done prior to now has been Hip Hop influenced, so why would her album be?

Your thoughts?

Pussycat Doll front-woman Nicole Scherzinger is gearing up for the release of her first solo CD ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ – due October 16th. This new track, ‘Super Villain’ – produced by Mad Scientist, is slated to follow lead single ‘Whatever You Like’ as the next song to be released from the album. The more Pop-orientated track is ‘decent’ but that’s about it. Considering how much Nicole was pushed to the forefront of the Pussycat Dolls, her solo material, thus far, has been pretty disappointing. She’s gonna have to do better than this.

Hit or Miss?

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Check out the full length clip of Snoop Dogg’s appearance on the ‘Flava Flav Roast’ which aired on VH1 recently. I’m still laughing about this one – Snoop ripped into everybody on stage lol.

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With an October 18th release set for ‘Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married’, the film’s preview has surfaced. As well as Perry himself, other major names featured in the film include Jill Scott and Janet Jackson.

Click here to watch the trailer

Judging by the trailer, the film looks like it’s gonna be good. Tyler usually delivers with his films/stage-productions and this looks like it’ll be no different.

Will you be seeing ‘When Did I Get Married’?

Bow Wow and Omarion stopped by MTV’s TRL in New York today to promote their forthcoming collabo album ‘Face Off’. Call me a hater or whatever, but I doubt the CD will be saying much. I felt their collabo on ‘Let Me Hold You’ to be pretty underwhelming. What’s more, neither have proved their worth as solo stars; with their recent albums just scrapping Gold status. I’m guessing this joint project is just a way of ensuring each of their fan-bases buy it – hence equalling larger sales overall.

{Click pics to enlarge}

Will you be checking for ‘Face Off’?

As R. Kelly preps the release of the latest ‘Trapped In The Closet’ DVD (due August 21st) , chapter 13 of the ‘Hip Hopera’ has hit then net. Click here to watch it. If you need to refresh yourself with the story up to this point, you can watch the recap by clicking here.
LMAO at ‘Rosey The Nosey Neighbour’ and her husband, Randolph, cussing each other out – too funny. I’ll definitely be checking for the remaining chapters.

What do you think of Chapter 13?
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