Janet To Perform At The Grammy's It has been confirmed that pop superstar Janet Jackson will be performing at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10th. Renown dancer Blake McGrath, who is part of Janet’s team, revealed the news during an interview with MTV Canada, further stating that Janet is currently in rehearsals for the big show. {Source}
Janet joins the Grammy performer line-up which includes Beyonce and the Foo Fighters.

This one should be interesting; if Janet knocks this one out of the park…her ‘comeback’ will be cemented.

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Keyshia Cole Appears On TRL R&B singer Keyshia Cole stopped by MTV’s TRL, in Times Square, New York, yesterday to promote her latest single, the ballad ‘I Remember’. Cole also spoke about her role in the forthcoming MTV flick ‘How She Moves’.
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Keyshia Cole Appears On TRL Keyshia Cole Appears On TRL Keyshia Cole Appears On TRL

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We all know Mariah Carey isn’t one to cover up her body; and why would she? The 37 year old star looks great in this deliberately suggestive pic, snapped in the Caribbean recently. No doubt the ‘We Belong Together’ singer is making sure her body is on-point in the run-up to the wave of of promo that she will be doing for her forthcoming album ‘That Chick’ (due April 1st)

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Ok, so it’s well known that Ray J has pretty much become an industry joke after a series of flop albums and ‘that’ video with a certain Ms. Karshardian. However, I have to give it to Brandy’s little bro, this new single ‘Sexy Can I’ is actually kinda…well…good. With it’s catchy hook and decent video, the 27 year old star may have hit on his hands. The track is lifted from Ray’s fourth LP ‘All I Feel’, his first with new label Knockout Entertainment, and is slated to be released in April.

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Jill Marie Jones Clears Up 'Girlfriends' Drama Jill Marie Jones, famed for her role as Toni Childs in CW sitcom ‘Girlfriends’, has finally spoken out the true reason behind her departure from the popular show in an interview with Essence. It marks the first time the actress has addressed the issue since leaving the show two years ago. Below are extracts from the interview:

On Why She Left ‘Girlfriends’ Nothing wrong with spreading your wings, which brings me to your departure from Girlfriends. Tracee Ellis Ross said in an interview that the reason you didn’t return was because the cast did not receive the huge raise they were expecting. Is that true.

J.M.J: First of all, let me tell you why I left. I left because I wanted to do movies. My contract was up after my sixth season and people forget that just like the network can choose whether or not to renew your contract, I can also choose and evaluate whether or not I want to come back. My actor’s chair that has Girlfriends and my name on it, you know the director’s chair? Well, on the very last day of my sixth season, I told them to grab my chair and put it in my car for me. Then we had to negotiate a contract that doesn’t happen until they decide that your show is going to be picked up. You end the show in like February and then they don’t decide if they are going to pick you up because the upfronts until May. So why would I take my chair if I thought I was coming back? Believe you me, I would tell you. I’ve never made a decision based on money. I was on the show for six years and I think that’s a good run. There’s so much more I want to do in my career and so much more I want to know and learn, but my departure definitely had nothing to do with money.

On Her Current Relationship With The ‘Girlfriends’ Cast: Do you still keep in touch with the cast?
J.M.J: I’ve talked to them individually at different times. I have so much love for all of them. But are we hanging out and having some wine and cheese on a Saturday night? No. Do I think of them as friends? Absolutely. In a way, I think of them as extended family, like cousins. I’ve talked to them individually throughout this, but I don’t talk to them on a regular basis. I wish them all well and I still watch the show.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

There’s no doubt ‘Girlfriends’ has been kinda lacking since Jill’s departure. Still, it’s good to know there’s no hard feeling between her and the rest of the cast.

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Lil' Kim Parts Ways With Atlantic Records Rapper Lil’ Kim has officially parted ways with longtime label, Atlantic Records, according to The pint-sized star plans to release her next album independently. Check out part of their report below:

On DJ Kay Slay’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Streetsweeper Radio” last week, Kim shared that she harbors no ill feelings toward Atlantic. She said she was afraid to release her music independently several years ago but is now more comfortable in her knowledge of the music business to work her project.

It’s rumored that the MC will join Capitol Music Group’s independent arm, Imperial Records, however Kim’s management was unavailable for comment. Fat Joe is also signed to Imperial.

Lil Kim’s upcoming album, which was originally slated for February, is now tentatively set for April or May 2008.

Kim’s Atlantic swan song, 2005’s “The Naked Truth,” has sold 394,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

I was kinda surprised by this, simply because I thought Kim had left Atlantic soon after being release from jail in 2006. An increasing number of artists are opting for the independent route, with varying levels of success. It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for The Queen Bee.

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That Grape Juice To Interview Kelly Rowland It is with much excitement that I can confirm that That Grape Juice will be interviewing R&B star Kelly Rowland in Central London on Thursday. The interview has actually been something that’s been in the pipeline for several months now, so I’m real glad it’s come to fruition. With Kelly being a prominent feature on the site, I’m sure you have questions you’d want answered, so please do drop them in the comments section (as usual, only legit/reasonable questions will be considered). Thanks guys.

Pop superstar Janet Jackson continues the promo for her latest effort ‘Discipline’ (due February 26th) with an interview with French magazine MadmoiZelle. Jackson, 41, spoke on a number of things including the new album, tour plans and her relationship with Jermaine Dupri. Check it out:

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Young Buck Speaks On Rumored 50 Cent Beef The on-off rumors about the supposed ‘beef’ between G-Unit members 50 Cent and Young Buck have been rife for several months now. Buck addressed the issue during an interview with our friends over at SOHH. Here’s an extract:

With the rapper noticeably missing from overseas tour dates with the Unit, people have speculated on his relationship with G-Unit boss 50 Cent. Buck says that while the relationship has changed, he wouldn’t call it beef.

“I wouldn’t say that the relationship has deteriorated, ” he explained. “At the end of the day, I been over here getting money and establishing me. My relationship with 50, it is what it is. 50’s becoming bigger by the day.”

“We don’t communicate as much as we used to, but that’s cool because I’m not the type of artist that’s gonna wait for the CEO to make a move for me,” he continued. “I respect 50 to the utmost. Even though at times to the world it seems like 50 ain’t down with me, I still stay loyal to the n*gga because he put me in this position. It’s just he’s more focused on 50 more than anybody. Everybody wonders, what’s up with Buck and Fif? He’s a business man. He gets the final word and makes the [business] decisions for G-Unit. Anything outside of that, you gotta ask 50 about.”

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Amy Winehouse Caught Smoking CrackUK newspaper The Sun has published exclusive pictures of trainwreck-in-waiting, Amy Winehouse, taking a cocktail of drugs -including cocaine – whilst at a party last Friday (January 18th). The paper also reports the ‘Rehab’ singer snorted powdered ecstasy, as well admitting to taking six Valium pills to “bring myself down”. Check out the rest of the pics below (you can watch the video by clicking here):
vAmy Winehouse Caught Smoking CrackAmy Winehouse Caught Smoking Crack

A mess. Why she has been allowed to go on drug binges and whatnot, without facing the legal consequences, is beyond me. For her own good, she needs to be locked up…now. SMH…

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Jennifer Hudson Update The producer behind Leona Lewis’ monster hit ‘Bleeding Love’, Ryan Tedder, has stated that there is a ‘strong possbility’ that he’ll be working on the much-anticipated debut album by ‘Dreamgirls’ Jennifer Hudson. This comes on the heels, interestingly, of Tedder’s confirmation that J Records label head Clive Davis is taking the album in a new direction – one consistant of “high-energy, beat-driven material with soulful hooks.” Here what he had to say about the project:

They made half an album and ended up scrapping it. Clive — wisely, I think — said, ‘No one’s going to buy this. We’re trying to turn her into Aretha Franklin, and that’s not realistic. They scrapped a bunch of songs and started fresh”.

“I heard a Timbland song that was by far the best song she’s done. I do wish, and I know the label wishes, that this album had come out six months ago. But Clive’s smart. He didn’t want to just put out a crap album just because of the momentum” {Source}

It kinda figures. Considering it’s been so long since ‘Dreamgirls’ came out, it was obvious something was up with the project. Still, it’s good to see that Clive is making sure Jennifer delivers the best album possible. I’m real amped about Timbaland’s contribution to the album…it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with

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Usher's Dad Dies Suddenly According to Access Hollywood, R&B star Usher’s father, Usher Raymond III, passed away in an Atlanta hospital on this past Friday (January 19th). As of writing, the cause of death is unknown. Funeral arrangements are set to be announced shortly {Source}
It’s been well-documented that Usher’s father was not much of a feature in the singer’s life. Having walked out on Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, soon after the singer was born, it wasn’t until 2004 that Usher decided to strike up a relationship with him. I guess, despite the unfortunate nature of what’s happened, it’s good Usher was able to establish a relationship of sorts with his dad prior to his death.

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