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Watch: Alicia Keys Shares the Stories Behind Her Biggest Hits


15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys has certainly seen her ivory-tickling hands pen some of the century’s most memorable R&B hits.  From ‘Fallin’ to ‘If I Ain’t Got You,’ the songstress’s prized writing has been honored and earned nods from everyone from the Grammy’s to ASCAP and BMI.

Most recently, Keys was invited by NPR to walk down memory lane regarding many of those hits. Detailing her writing process, she not only revealed the inspiration behind some of those numbers, but also shared encouraging words for up-and-coming songwriters.

Easily a “must see,” tuck in below to hear Keys chat it up about her catalogue:


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Official: Adele’s ’25’ Certified Diamond


For many record labels and artists alike, the status of the music industry – in terms of sales –  is disheartening to say the least.  In fact, numbers are so abysmal, just last week we proposed the idea of reintroducing (and redefining) “silver” certifications just to acknowledge the sales achievements of those struggling to cross the “gold” threshold.

Throughout all of suggestions, guess who remains unbothered?  Adele.

It’s already well known that her latest album, ’25,’ not only set the record for highest first week sales of any album in history, but is also sitting as the best selling album of 2015 and 2016 (to date).  Since then, those mega-sales have combined and gifted the songstress with her latest diamond album.

According to the RIAA, ’25’ has been certified diamond in recognition of 10 million units shifted since its November 2015 debut.


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The Final Numbers Are In!: Usher’s ‘Hard II Love’ Sold…

R&B Vet Bombs On Billboard 200


Usher‘s 8th opus, ‘Hard II Love,’ may have lived up to its title after all.

Indeed, after gaining mixed review from industry insiders and fans alike (see:  thumbs down for “trend-hopping,” “lack of overall theme,” etc.), ‘Hard’ – released September 16th – was predicted to make little impact on the Billboard 200 after a full tracking week.

In fact, analysts projected the project would not only bomb – much like Ush’s ‘Hands of Stone’ movie that preceded it by two weeks – but it would give the Grammy-winning R&B vet the lowest first week sum of his 20 year+ career.

Needless to say, they were right.  Tuck in below to find out the official figures Billboard is reporting:


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Birdman Ordered To Present Financial Documents To Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne‘s ongoing legal dispute against Birdman seems to be turning in his favour.

Full story on the positive development below…


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Fantasia Defends Headlining Slot At ‘All Lives Matter’ Concert


Fantasia has found herself on the receiving end of a firestorm after it was announced that she’d be headlining an ‘All Lives Matter’ concert.

Initially set to be staged in her hometown of Charlotte yesterday, the gig has been postponed until next week for reasons unknown.

But the furore surrounding her involvement remains a very present problem.

Particularly in the current climate, with the advent of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ initiative; which itself was born out the continued injustices against Black people in the US and across the world.

Feeling the heat, Fantasia took to Facebook to defend herself. View the her video statement below…


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Drake’s ‘Views’ Becomes First Album To Reach 1 Billion Streams On Apple Music


Drake‘s ‘Views’ album is undoubtedly the year’s biggest success story, and he’s still adding fresh pages.

Despite changing tides in the industry, the Canadian continues to prove himself a formidable force – both with pure sales and streaming.

And today he’s reached a major milestone with the latter.

Full story below…


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Watch: Lupita Nyong’O Releases New Rap Song





Fans of Lupita Nyong’o discovered that her talents reach above and beyond the silver screen this week when she surprised them with a Hip-Hop freestyle hours ago.

Currently riding high on the ‘Queen of Katwe‘s critical wave, the entertainer introduced the world to her alter-ego Trouble Maker in a short clip which sees her celebrate her career’s highs with sass and song.

Press play to catch her in action below…


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Omarion Accused of Plagiarising Chris Brown / Slapped With Six Figure Lawsuit


In 2014, Chris Brown revived interest in Omarion’s career by featuring on his single ‘Post To Be.’

Alas, it now appears that their creative pairing may have been anything but straight-forward now the former B2K frontman has been rocked by a $300,000 lawsuit.

Full story below…


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New Video: Drake – ‘Please Forgive Me’


‘Controlla’ crooner Drake enjoyed the views from the top of the Billboard 200 for over two months with his latest album ‘Views.’ Now, if his short film is any indication, it looks like he may be inspired to do it again.

Tapping director Anthony Mandler to helm, the rapper/singer has unveiled a new short film titled ‘Please Forgive Me’ (inspired by his most recent chart-topping album).  The visual, which was due to drop at midnight, may have come nearly an hour late, but dedicated Drizzy fans are already raving the set was worth the wait.

Tuck in below to tell us if you agree:


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From The Vault: Aaliyah Soars With ‘Journey To The Past’ Live

This week’s From The Vault ventures to the year 1997 with Aaliyah and her aptly titled ‘Journey To The Past.’ Specifically her live showing on The Rosie O’Donnell Show.

Lifted from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Anastasia,’ the track represented a marked departure from the singer’s slick and slinky strand of R&B.

A rousing Pop ballad, ‘Journey’ saw the late songbird do away with the seductive coos and instead showcase her vocal prowess. And to stellar effect.

She delivered a performance that was powerful, assured, and wilfully and skilfully controlled.

Almost two decades later, this particular showing continues to resonate with us.

Commercially the release never journeyed to the summit of any chart; it hit #28 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary tally, but missed the Hot 100 entirely and only managed a #22 peak in the UK.

Still, what the song lacked in success, it makes up for in enduring live performances like this. For such showings make us nostalgic about times of past; times when singers – regardless of the length of their range – still had to be able to sing.

Aaliyah wasn’t a Whitney or Mariah vocally, yet she consistently showed up and showed out with the skill-set she’d be blessed with; a practice many of today’s talent would be wise to draw from.

For now and forever, we’ll continue to salute this titan talent – one that managed to make a pronounced mark in a tragically short space of time.

Long live Aaliyah.

Tidbit: Did any one notice Tank in his backing singer role?

Your thoughts?

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