Leona Lewis is heading down the aisle!

The 33-year-old ‘Bleeding Love’ belter is officially engaged to longtime beau Dennis Jauch.

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Ciara elevated in a major way with viral smash with last month’s launch of new song ‘Level Up.’

Issued as the first taste of fresh material from the Grammy winner’s upcoming new album, the song quickly caught traction on social media – thanks largely to its dance-dominated video.

Choreographed and directed by Parris Goebel, the visual’s routine became quite the sensation and spawned over 20,000 remakes (see: #LevelUpChallenge).

With the cut continuing to rise in popularity, CiCi is taking fans behind the scenes (via TraceMe) to see how the clip came to fruition.

Head below to see Mrs Wilson fly to New Zealand, learn “the” choreography in just two days, and show her inspiring process.


Cop a gander of Lupita Nyong’o!

The stunning actress makes for a striking figure a-front of PORTER magazine.

Ever an arresting sight, the actress lives up to said billing on the cover and within its inner pages.

However, in now trademark form, she was sure to pair the fierce feature with an insightful interview.

Armed with the momentum of her turn in Marvel mega-success ‘Black Panther,’ the Kenyan wonder is presently producing on a TV miniseries based on Chimamanda Adichie’s bestselling novel ‘Americanah,’ which she’s also set to star in.

Within the inner pages of PORTER though, she takes a moment to reflect on her rise and its broader impact — on her life and the lives of those just like her. Indeed, she speaks at length about her goals of expanding beauty standards and how her success narrative can open the door for others.

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The inoffensive Pop icon Britney Spears has been accused of exploiting her gay fans by a drag queen who claims she is usin the LGBT community to shift perfume!

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Beyonce blazes the hotly anticipated September issue of Vogue magazine.

Eagerly awaited, this edition of the fashion bible is reportedly the last from editor Anna Wintour and saw Queen Bey gifted full control over the direction of the shoot and accompanying feature.

The diva supreme handpicked 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell to lens to spread and in her interview goes into abundant depth about why.

Elsewhere, in her most intriguing insight into the world of Beyonce in years, the singer opens up about body image, pregnancy complications, her heritage, her journey, and much more.

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As enduring Pop forces go, few can rival the resonating impact of ABBA.

The Swedish quad, made up of Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid, debuted almost 50 years ago and have gone on to etch themselves into the history books with their colossal collection of infectious Pop classics. Indeed, from ‘Mama Mia’ to ‘Waterloo,’ who doesn’t have a favourite ABBA track?

And now, after a 35-year hiatus, the group are reuniting for the release of not one but two new songs in December. With ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ being first up.

As anticipation builds, let’s reflect on the immeasurable impact the ensemble had on the UK during the height of their heyday.

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The rigors of the road can be rough on even the most seasoned performers. Case in point Pink, who has been admitted to a hospital in Sydney, Australia today.

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Saturday saw Britney Spears slide into Brighton, England to rock fans with a show built for gay pride as she gears up to return to Vegas for another residential outing!

Only right then, that she celebrate what may be her most-celebrated LP, ‘Blackout’, with fans during the performance.

How? By offering her LGBT supporters a fresh look at its standout tracks with help from new arrangements, moves and mashups.

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Eric Benet has urged music lovers to beware of black artists who normalise anti-black violence with their music and visuals.


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Rihanna‘s brilliant spread in the September issue of ‘British Vogue’ leads the way for her next studio album and the projects she is launch to support its unveiling shortly.

Sound exciting? Well, get a load of this. ‘Vogue’ has now released footage from the meeting the superstar took with its Ghanaian editor Edward Enninful to plan the shoot!

It makes for a great watch.

Why? Its showcasing of the musician turned mogul’s input and involvement in and with the career-defining moment.

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August 11th will bring with it the return of ‘Iyanla’s: Fix My Life‘ and with it…an episode starring ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star Cynthia Bailey.


Her quest to help her sister find the strength to leave what may be a soul-crushing and spirit-burning situation.


Madonna is no stranger to controversy and as her 60th birthday approaches she’s in the midst of more drama.

Moments ago on social media, the Pop royal shared a snap with Donald Trump‘s infamous slogan – “Make America Great Again.”

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