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The Predictions Are In! Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ Set To Sell…


Lady Gaga has become one Pop’s most notable polarizers in recent years – and adds to that narrative with new album ‘Joanne.’

A marked departure from her dancefloor dominant sound of yesteryear, the singer has swapped her EDM rootings for a stripped back, raw offering.

Similarly, her image has experienced an overhaul; the meat dresses are in the freezer and in its place is an aesthetic that is almost…normal.

The switch-up has delighted some, yet worried others used to consuming their “Gaga” with a generous helping of electric eccentricity.

Together with ‘Joanne’s lack of major hit, it naturally has many wondering how this all will impact the commercial performance of the project.

The biggest indicator arrived moments ago in the form of sales predictions for the set.

Want to know what ‘Joanne’s numbers are looking like?

Join us below…


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Mariah Carey Returning To Carpool Karaoke – And There’s A Twist


When armed with as many enduring hits as Mariah Carey, one doesn’t need a new album to hit the promo trail.

Such is the case for the diva, who is returning to Carpool Karaoke.

Find out what the singer will be buckling up to plug after the jump…


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Watch: Lady Gaga Visits GMA / Talks ‘Joanne,’ Super Bowl, & Amazon Deal

Superstar’s Album #1 In Over 65 Countries


Lady Gaga is #1 in over 65 countries with new album ‘Joanne.’

Still, Mother Monster is hitting the promotional trail to ensure the set hits its commercial mark.

Said journey brought her to Good Morning America this week where she chopped it up with Michael Strahan about a whole host of topics.

Discussed was the Super Bowl – which she’s headlining, the LP, its core message, and the Amazon deal which’ll see it retail for $3.99 (for a limited window).

Check out the cheerful chat after the jump…


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Azealia Banks Issues Formal Apology To Zayn Malik


Azealia Banks has released an official apology to Zayn Malik with hopes of remedying the problems she caused between them.

Read below…


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Retro Rewind: ‘What’s Love Got To Do It (The Tina Turner Story)’


Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to take our readers on an exciting and informative journey to the past.

Today, after fans of the singer Michel’le tuned in in their millions to learn of the abuse she is said to have suffered at the hands of Dr. Dre via her Lifetime biopic, we return to 1993 to shed fresh light on ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It? (The Tina Turner Story).’

In it, viewers are taken beyond and behind the velvet rope to witness the life Tina Turner lived away from the spotlight.

A life, unbeknownst to the world at the time, was filled to the brim with cruel and sadistic abuse dished out to her by her husband Ike Turner.

Directed by Brian Gibson the movie saw Angela Bassett portray Turner and Lawrence Fishbourne take on Ike who pulled from the singer’s book ‘I, Tina’ to tell her story.

In the United States, the release earned over $40 million at the box office and additional $20 million from movie rental services as it generated £10 million in the United Kingdom despite coming under criticism for fabricating incidents that did not actually occur in real life.

One of these was the now infamous “Eat the Cake Anna Mae” scene in which the abusive Ike forces Tina’s face into a cake.

In reality, according to the star’s book, he forced her to eat the cake (sans slamming her face into it) after it was served to her by a waitress despite the fact that she did not order it.

Ready to take that journey to the past?

‘What’s Love’ waits below…


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TV Trailer: Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ Set To Air On SHOWTIME in December [Video]

The ‘Rebel Heart’ tour, a worldwide live trek designed to support the 13th studio album of the same name by Queen of Pop Madonna, grossed a whopping $170 million over its 82-dates.  The sum not only came as one of the highest concert draws of the year, but also gave the Material Girl just the push she needed to nab the title of “highest grossing solo act in music touring history.”
But, if you were not one of the 1 million lucky attendees who got to witness her Madgesty in person, SHOWTIME has just the gift for you this holiday season…
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Are You Buying?: Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’

Singer’s 5th Album Charged To Physical & Digital Shelves This Morning


It’s been nearly three years since the last time we pressed play on a new album from pop eccentric Lady Gaga by her lonesome.  Granted, part of that time lapse was due to forays outside of her main genre with mentor/jazz legend Tony Bennett and work on television via FX’s hit ‘American Horror Story’ series, but much of it was presumed time taken to recoup from the critical and relative commercial failure that was 2013’s ‘ArtPop.’

With word she was set to reconnect with longtime hitmaking partner-in-crime RedOne, fans and critics alike were undoubtedly expecting a “return to form” for the songstress upon the official unveiling of her 2016 efforts.  While they got no such thing in the set’s first releases, ‘A-Yo,’ ‘Million Reasons,’ and, of course, ‘Perfect Illusion,’ diehards were still singing anticipatory praises to the album (‘Joanne’).  The masses – as evinced by the poor performance of each of the previously mentioned tunes on the Billboard Hot 100 – were not so easily convinced.

Fast forward to its release date (October 21st), the album – even at a discounted $3.99 – is being greeted with low buzz and mixed review.  But, as usual, the only reviews we care about are yours – That Grape Juice faithful.

That’s why we’ve come to ask…


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#ICYMI: Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ Gets Huge Spike In Spotify Streams After Presidential Debate


The third and final U.S. presidential debate between hopefuls Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, which aired live on October 19th, is still very much a hot topic among analysts and prospective voters alike.  But, while talk continues all the way until election day, another hot, yet unexpected topic arose from the two’s fiery debate:  Janet Jackson.

Indeed, after the Republican nominee hurled the insult “such a nasty woman” to his Democratic competitor, Google was set alight with searches for the pop queen and her 1986 hit.

Details inside:


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Lady Gaga Slashes ‘Joanne’ Price To $3.99

Smart Move or Last Ditch Effort? You Weigh In


In 2011 Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Lady Gaga earned a seat at a very exclusive table when her album, ‘Born This Way,’ sold over 1 million copies its first week.  Yet, while many celebrated the historic feat, others scoffed and scorned when reports revealed the album would’ve sold significantly less had it not been discounted to $.99 for a brief period of time during its premiere week.

Apparently Gaga remains unbothered by those critics as her latest album, the ‘Perfect Illusion’-led ‘Joanne,’ is getting similar treatment.  The project – her first to debut without a top 10 single leading it to shelves – will possibly get by with a little help from her friends…at Amazon:


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Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ Zooms To #1


Little Mix‘s global reign is imminent.

Good news for Fifth Harmony‘s chart-scorching sisters below…


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