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Mary J. Blige Joins The Cast Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’


A high-profile lawyer finds herself in a web of danger and deceit when five students she takes under legal wing murder her husband.

Piqued your interest?

If so, you’ll love the Viola Davis– led ‘How To Get Away with Murder.’

Now available to stream on Netflix, the series returns for its third season next month.

Need another good reason to tune in?

Here’s one.

Mary J. Blige has joined its cast.

Details below…


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Kesha Asks For Sony-Affiliated Judge To Be Removed From Dr. Luke Case


The Pop princess Kesha was disconcerted when a judge ruled that she could not record music outside and away from Sony Music and her alleged rapist Dr. Luke.

Little did she know that the judge was none other than the wife of a lawyer whose firm represented the label.

Today, the ‘Backstabber’ singer has asked for that judge to step down.

Full story below…


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Freshly Squeezed: Introducing… Amber-Simone

John Legend Specifically Requested Newcomer Open On His Tour


In an era of autotune and factory-produced Pop stars, it’s becoming the tallest of tasks standing out amongst the pack.

Yet, for newcomer Amber-Simone it’s a hurdle she’s cleared with ease.

Aged just 19, the rising star has been receiving praise from the most potent of corners. And with resonating reason.

Boasting a vocal that is deliciously androgynous, her appeal is immediately magnified beyond the confines of gender lines.

Lyrically, her youth doesn’t dilute her pen game either. Signed by Universal Music Publishing, Amber is gifted in the art of storytelling. Even with songs centered on well-treaded topics – case in point her sensual new single ‘Body Talk.’

Speaking on the cut, the songbird says:

“‘Body Talk’ is all about embracing control and sexuality. It is my take on the sonics of temptation and this is why the visual element for the track was so imperative. The artwork reflects the story of Adam and Eve, tying into ‘Body Talk’ through the constant themes of lust and temptation.”

Amber’s unique sound and point of difference enchanted John Legend, who enlisted her to act as opener on his multi-city UK tour.

Wonder what he and so many are buzzing about? Hit ‘PLAY’ above! Then, as ever, let us know…

Your thoughts?

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Watch: Chris Brown Accuser Gives First Sit-Down Interview

Baylee Curran Details Diamond-Induced Run-In With Brown


The young woman who accused Chris Brown of holding a gun to her head has given her first interview since she first made the startling allegation.

Speaking to ‘TMZ Live‘, Baylee Curran detailed what she calls a life-threatening incident she says began when the singer caught her admiring diamonds being sold in his home during a party attended by the Reality TV star Ray-J.

Things intensified when she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement Brown presented to her after he is said to have pointed the gun at her.

Her side of the story below…


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Bruno Mars To Chris Brown: “Praying For You”

Hitmaker Lends Support To Singer Following Arrest


Chris Brown has found himself embroiled in yet another drama. This time after allegations of threatening a woman with a weapon.

Currently being debated and dissected many – including the LAPD, the matter has seen the singer fall foul of public favour.

He has, however, amassed support from the celebrity circuit; with several notable names siding with his version of events.

The latest (and perhaps, most high-profile) comes in the form of Bruno Mars, who took to Twitter to say the following…


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Kerry Washington Develops New TV Series About The LAPD


ABC have purchased a brand new TV series from the star of its hit show ‘Scandal.’

Details on Kerry Washington‘s new project below…


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Colin Kaepernick Questions Hillary Clinton’s Credibility As Support For Protest Rises

Athlete Expressed Doubt Over Forthcoming Presidential Election


As support for Colin Kaepernick‘s protest against racially-motivated police brutality rises, a portion of the interview he gave to explain his stance has surfaced after it was pulled from some mainstream news outlet.

In it, he reveals that he is disheartened by the forthcoming Presidential election because he believes he has good reason to trust Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Watch below…


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TV Ratings: Lyrica Lifts ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’


‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s third season seems to have been elevated on a ratings front by the welcoming of the Beyonce-approved creative couple Lyrica Anderson and A1.

Good news for Mona Scott-Young and company below…


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Report: Usher’s ‘Hands of Stone’ Bombs At the Box Office


While R&B singer Usher has had no shortage of hits over his 20+ year career, his box office track record – like so many successful singers before him – has certainly sung a different tune.

With commercial and critical shams like ‘In the Mix’ and ‘The Faculty’ to his credit, fans of the stageblazer admittedly had higher hopes for his most recent cinematic effort, ‘Hands of Stone’ (August 26), which saw him portray legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

Monday night saw those hopes dashed, however, when final figures for the film’s premiere weekend revealed some disheartening numbers.  Get the details inside:


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New Video: Ty Dolla $ign – ‘Zaddy’

ty-dolla-sign-new video

To say that Ty Dolla $ign is on a roll would be an understatement.

After Sunday saw him walk away with his inaugural moonman (for his feature on Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home‘) and offer a sizzling performance of ‘Bacon’ with Nick Jonas, the Los Angeles-born emcee puts the focus back on his solo work – namely his latest single ‘Zaddy.’

Premiering just recently, the song was already making waves thanks to some fair streaming figures and airplay.  Now, in a bid to push it up charts,  Ty’s treating fans to its sci-fi, ‘Ex Machina’-inspired music video. Curious to see what he’s cooked up?

Tuck in below to find out:


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