Britney’s ‘Circus’ Due December 1st!

Published: Monday 15th Sep 2008 by Sam
Britney's 'Circus' Due December 1st! After much speculation, Sony have confirmed that Britney Spears will indeed release new album this year. In the press release sent to media outlets this morning, including That Grape Juice, Sony confirmed the album will be called ‘Circus’ and will be preceded by first single ‘Womanizer’:

Jive/Zomba recording artist Britney Spears announces her sixth studio album, ‘Circus’, set for release December 1st. The first single from the album is titled “Womanizer” and was produced by the up-and-coming Atlanta production team The Outsyders. The album release date coincides with Spears’ birthday.

On the heels of an MTV VMA awards sweep, where Britney walked away with three Moonmen awards for “Video of the Year,” “Best Female” and “Best Pop Video” for “Piece of Me,” Jive Records is preparing her latest album, ‘Circus’, a follow-up to her critically well received album, ‘Blackout’. For her latest effort, Britney has enlisted a stellar group of established producers/writers that include Dr. Luke (who wrote and produced the album’s title track, “Circus”), Danja, Max Martin, Bloodshy & Avant and Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Alanis Morissette, Bjork).

Britney Spears is one of the top-selling artists of the last decade,and to date, she has sold in excess of 62 million albums worldwide that include ‘Baby One More Time’ (1999), ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ (2000), ‘Britney’ (2001), ‘In The Zone’ (2003), and ‘Blackout’ (2007), eight #1 worldwide singles and four consecutive #1 albums.

Wow. The latter part of this year is set to deliver some major releases; Beyonce, Ciara, Kanye, and now Britney. Exciting stuff.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Yes no more of that lackluster “performer” who is known as Rihanna. I swear if someone were to give me her resources i.e. beats and glam squad i cud be even more successful. chick does absoluetely nothing but stand there and look oh so edgy. Beyonce is an android, im convinced- one of the best performers of this generation. Xtina’s voice is beautiful and Britney puts on thee best shoes out of all three I can def say i will never forget the Onyx hotel altho the others had amazing tours as well. And my man ‘Ye who is a musical genius. i’m so excited this year i was forced to hear these subpar entertainers and their fans blind adoration. Thank heavens!!!!

  2. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    But performance alone does not measure up to legacy. Beyonce has yet to solidify a classic album. Everything about her return is carbon copy of her past performances and presentations. Beyonce should continue to let her stage ego dominate and overshadow her hype because that’s about the only substance of her fiber

  3. jonnyhco September 15, 2008

    i love getting too copies.she and beyonce always release that good fire.cant wait.

  4. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    YES! Now This is the real album the world is waiting for. Cannot wait! Britney’s last album was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and she always tops her last release so I know this is going to be good. Queen is back b******.

    Sidenote. That date is wrong lol. On her fansite they have a slightly different report. It drops on December 2nd, THAT is when her B-Day is. And she sold 88 million albums not 62.

  5. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Beyonce has had a classic album and that is dangerously in love. I like britney when I was a teenager but nothing is empowering about her. and her performances are okay. I am glad to see that she is getting back on her feet but I still don’t think that she is ready. I am sorry I will not be buying britney I am buying beyonce.

  6. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    This post is for the teenypoppers. LOL

  7. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    6:53 RUDE. Respect people’s taste you can state that u dislike the artists but calling ppl teenybppers which i am not by any means is truly offensive

  8. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    There is nothing “teeny” about Britney Spears LOL!. Her fans have grown with her and her music . Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are for the teeny boppers.

  9. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Wow! It’s going to be an interesting year for music. There’s going to be some tough competition. Like someone said earlier, this is going to be the album Britney’s fans are going to jump on because it looks like she finally is getting her sh*t together. She might not be able to sing as well as some other artists but you can’t deny her huge fan base.

  10. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Brandy – HUMAN in stores NOV. 11th!

  11. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Cool name ‘Circus’ im gonna buy it for sureeeee!!!!

  12. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 15, 2008

    i told you before, 08 is the year of awesome music!!! I cannot wait until Brit Brit shows you b****** who runs sh*t in the music game!! Britney’s album is going to be FIRE and “Circus” is the perfect title. I can’t wait to hear the music and i’m sure there will be a slight change in direction this time around!! I hope she has some hot collabo’s on this album with some artists from different genres of music. Maybe some Tokio Hotel or Metro Station on a track for the pop rock effect. Iduno, i’m just going crazy thinking of what she could drop!!!

  13. Anonymous September 15, 2008


    To me a December release seems kind silly, when the year is almost up.

    I personally think I’d rather release it at the Top of the year. Seems more memorable for the new year to me.



  14. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    wooww sam ur excited.
    anyway.. its december 2nd cos tht is her birthday.

  15. nick September 15, 2008

    I CNT WAIT, this yr is bout 2 do it up-MICHELLE, J HUD, JAZ Sullivan, BRANDY, BEYONCE, CIARA & NOW BRITNEY!!? 🙂 O yes ladies, get it —

  16. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    As a Fan I must say that this is the long waited album I’m looking too…

    Many have drop their comment on how good britney where in the recording studio’s.

    beside taking her music to the next lvl and getting powerful lyrics than the one used in blackout, u know they say blackout was a dancing record, but now its more like mature thing when it come to music it self.

    Love eLight

  17. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    everyone talking about britney but wont talk about her lip syncing ass.its funny how all the ppl jumping on her bandwagon but quick to tear down a black female artist. All the britney fans listen to this she this is her live mic feed from a live show this heffa cannot sing

  18. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Another floooop. Poor Britney!

  19. Anonymous September 15, 2008


  20. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    Jennifer Hudson – in stores Sept. 30!

    co-sign on BRANDY- in stores Nov. 11!

  21. South September 15, 2008

    no flop. britney never flops.

  22. Anonymous September 15, 2008

    I think Britney, Beyonce, J. Hudson, Brandy, Whitney, Kanye, etc. are all going for Christmas sales which is a smart strategy to ensure they will not flop. I hope that Beyonce took her time in making this album because she has yet to release an album that I can play from beginning to end and like which is why I never bought her two CDs. Britney’s last album was her best effort. If it was promoted correctly it would have been the top album last year. Something about Britney brings the best producers on board to help her have great tracks and make an album that I can listen to from beginning to the end (I’m only speaking on her last two albums).

  23. Anonymous September 16, 2008

    It's so funny how you people are so excited for someone that doesn't even sing live

    Then talk about how this is the best work she's ever done,knowing she didn't write s*** on that album.

    Britney's garbage & the whole world is not waiting for crap she's putting out.

    That chick is still crazy just like you lil fans thinking that she deserved those awards that Mtv gave to her b/c they felt sorry for her stupid ass

    It's people all over the world that's going thru something worse than her & they ain't getting no awards so her ass shouldn't either,I mean it possible that T.I. is going to jail I didn't see him get no awards

  24. Anonymous September 16, 2008

    YES YES AND YESSSSSS! I CANT WAIT:D Britney is the best and always delivers hot ass music. Blackout was banging and this new album should be no different. She said she put her all into it and has been writting everyday!. Looking forward to hearing the new material. Its Britney B****:D

  25. Anonymous September 16, 2008

    Amazing, can’t wait soooooooo happy

  26. OhLoHeDidnt September 16, 2008

    She's about to takeover again.
    Cannot wait.

    I love Rihanna and I've been a fan of her since "A Girl Like Me". I bought that album and loved it. Anyhow I'm curious to see if Rihanna can keep a hold of her "IT" Girl status once the other former "IT" Girls of music comes back. Britney & Beyonce will demolish her.

  27. Anonymous September 16, 2008

    This album will be amazing. She has been in the studio day and night working on this album. And for the people who think she doesn't write her music, you're wrong. She even wrote for Blackout, even when she was at her personal worst. Also, Blackout was Britney's best album so far so I'm definitely awaiting this one as well.

    To the person who was talking about "teenybopper" this and that. Britney's music is not teenybopper music. Pop music, yes, but not teenybopper. She has transfused both pop with a hip hop/r&b twist that is very danceable and perfect for the clubs. Her fan base has grown with her as well. I have been listening to Britney since I was 12-13 years old, I'm now 21. I highly doubt songs with titles like "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" are supposed to appeal to 12 year olds.

    Also, this will be a great music year. I love Beyonce for her singing chops and her ability to perform. I also love Britney for her amazing perfomance qualities. She is an entertainer, not just a singer. When you watch her she is not just singing, she is telling a story, putting on a show.

    Oh and Britney obviously has an amazing fan base, die hard.

  28. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    ^I love you lol. That was brilliant<3

  29. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    You people are so delusional it's not even funny,Britney sucks & her music is garbage.

    You losers need to grow up & get a life.

  30. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    YES!!!!! I am so stoked. Britney is back. All these other wannabe pop sensations can fall back. The REAL PERFORMER is back. She looks soooo good by the way. I will admit that I missed seeing Britney perform and her videos. She never disappoints. BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    If u dun buy Britney’s ‘Circus’ what album u want to buy ? Honestly nuthin more excited than britney . Top norzh producer , queen b . What u expect more ?

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