X Factor 2008: Your Thoughts?

Published: Tuesday 30th Sep 2008 by Sam

I’ve been meaning to drop my 2 pence on the latest series of The X Factor for a while now.

{For those unfamiliar with the show; The X Factor is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 25’s are eligible to enter. The show also birthed the career of a certain Leona Lewis}
Thus far, this year’s show is showing a lot of promise talent-wise. Two of my favourite hopefuls are 19 year old Alexandra Burke and 26 year old mother of 5 Rachel Hylton. Check out their auditions and most recent performances (at the ‘bootcamp’ stage) below:



It’s very refreshing to see the level of talent this year after the utter crap we were subjected to last year (can you say Leon Jackson?). I’m really hoping these talented young ladies go far in the competition.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    both of them can’t win u dumbass

  2. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    sam likes them now !
    soon as one of them have an album and are making hits and rivalling the likes of beyonce thats when sam starts 2 hate them LOL
    he used to like rihanna until she became a world wide name that is !
    and sam ! LOL i believe Ms.Fenty cerpassed the album sales of Beyoneces B’day in the words of wendy williams ! how you doin LMAO !

  3. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    Rachel kinda weirdly sounds like Amy…
    Do we need another Amy??

  4. YES-IMA-B**** September 30, 2008

    ^^^^^ how the hell did Rhianna’s name get drop into this we all no that Sheep/Goat/Dog aka RI RI cant sing. MS-FENTY VOICE IS SHOT TO BITS HMMMMMM MUST BE ALL THEM ALBUMS SHE BARKED OUT BACK 2 BACK

  5. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    I love Rachel. The first girl didn’t impress me though: she had a nice voice, but the one I’ve heard before.
    Now Rachel is… AMAZING!!! I want her album BADLY!!!

  6. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    Rachel sounds good..

  7. fernie September 30, 2008

    at 3:36…

    reason sam hates rihanna is because he noticed that alien d*** b**** can’t sing!!!
    beyonce is more famous and she sells more and sam doesn’t hate her
    and how are you doing?

  8. MzJGaines September 30, 2008


  9. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    Yeah, and when it comes to Mariah there’s so much hatin too…

    But she’s still the best!!! 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  10. LJ October 1, 2008

    Neither of these girls have the look or appeal to work in today’s market, but they can sing. Still its a no on both accounts for me.

  11. Mark S October 1, 2008

    I really like Alexandra, Rachel has a raw voice, but i dont think she has the attitude for fame, she will abuse it, i can tell.

    Alexandra is a beautiful girl and takes it in her stride. Obv not as strong as Leona, but she has a really good recording voice. I’d buy her album.

    I think we need a new boyband/girlband…possibly boyband.

    I’m still annoyed they got rid of Joelle, she had so much potential, but as she was over 25, they thought she was too much like the under 25’s and it probably wasn’t her time, but amazing voice.

    Thats just my opinion I guess…

    Anything this year will be better than Leon..

  12. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    Man i just have to say that I am for America and thoss two girls can sang!!!! I Love them both one’s a diva (Alexandra) and one’s a bad girl (Rachel)and who dosen’t love a bad girl…..

  13. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    Who believe mediatakefakeout anyways? B’Day was a bad album and sold over 5 million. Alicia keyes just relesed her album and has sold almost as much as Rihalien with just two singles and little xposure in comparision. B**** rihanna is hollywood broke , only eat at KFC. LOL.


  14. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    X Factor is so fake. They pick the winner months in advance so it doesn’t matter who your like or don’t like, becasue they probably wont win anyway.

    And they focus too much on sob stories, we have to hear the same sob story, over and over again, every bloody week until the show is finished! We all got problems – get over it.

    That’s why I don’t watch and that’s why I think the American shows are better, they don’t care if you have kidney failure, or used to work in Tescos or was bitten by a dog once when you were 5!

    Can you sing YES or NO? Thats is what the main focus of the show is.

    And thats my two pence!

  15. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    I’m really interested to see how far Suzie (formerly lead singer of The 411) goes in the competition

  16. Anonymous October 1, 2008

    i don’t think rachel is as good as the judges think she is alexandra is amazing tho but both of them aint got nothing on leona and danni is useless she is the minogue no1 cares about.

  17. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    PLEASE keep posting the best of this show EVERY WEEK! For us here in the U.S.

  18. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    I have been watching it so far and I like Alexandra and Rachel as well. I hope they go far on the show. I am sure they will get signed.

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