Britney Spears: “Whitney’s Death Is Devastating”

Published: Friday 17th Feb 2012 by David

On Saturday night, those on their way to Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy party learned of Whitney Houston‘s death upon reaching the event.

Quizzed on her death while on the  Beverly Hilton red carpet, Britney Spears shared her thoughts on the tragic news, revealing how much of an influence the late star was on her own career.

Watch below…

Hit the 1.07 mark:

With Davis now under fire for going on with the party,despite Whitney’s body still being in the hotel, we want to know:

Do you think it should have been cancelled?

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  1. Dev February 17, 2012


  2. britqueen February 17, 2012

    this party should NOT have happened for f**** sake her body was two floors above them!!!

    hollywood at its fakest

  3. Onyx February 17, 2012

    God! this site still with this things, leave the woman rest in peace for one time, don’t make a post about her if you don’t have nothing else to post that just s*** like this:

    With Davis now under fire for going on with the party,despite Whitney’s body still being in the hotel, we want to know:

    Do you think it should have been cancelled?

    Like really we are at this point and Britney was not the only one on that video.

  4. Onyx February 17, 2012

    Of course is a shame that the party still going on after this sad lost but Man! she is not even buried yet.

  5. JEREL February 17, 2012

    Well you have to understand that yes it is tragic and I miss my whitney but people have paid money for those seats, rehearsed for that party and all he can’t just up and leave he could have been in trouble for canceling.

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  6. TheMan4u February 17, 2012

    her death and the party was so close together, maybe some events were in place and just couldnt be changed.

    i just love the fact that everything that was said after her death was said when she was alive, her being the gold standard of vocalist and how she influenced almost every singer after her, she knew her impact

  7. lolax February 17, 2012


  8. nikko February 17, 2012

    Fck Can her managment let her breathe!!!! Anyways RIP WHitney!!


  9. MISHKA February 17, 2012

    Are we still on this?

    As far as I’m concerned, I was happy to see Diana Ross and Gladys Knight in good shape.

    Care about those legends when they’re still alive!

  10. Always love you, Whitney (RIP) February 17, 2012

    I guess the media gonna play her death out like they did MJ. Smh. In a way I’m sorta glad. A legend needs recognition. But still they need to let her RIP at the same time without the bs.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE February 17, 2012

    Very devasting… 🙁

  12. 9 February 17, 2012

    whitney forever

  13. JohnVidal February 17, 2012

    Hey! How are you? I´ve been affected for several days. Never happened to me before with a non family member
    RIP legendary Whitney Houston. When a person touches peoples hearts and ears in such a big way in every corner of the world, even if for many that was 1 or 2 decades ago, it ends being shocking to everybody

  14. David Quinta February 17, 2012

    OFCOURSE !!! he wrong for that

    they mustve done some ILLUMINATI RITUAL s*** in the bathtub. Just like GaGa takes a bath in blood

    follow me @MrTooIncredible (TWEET ME)

  15. Onyx February 17, 2012

    Hi i’m fine thank you, but as you said i’m still in shock like everybody.

  16. LA baby February 17, 2012


  17. Remey February 17, 2012

    People act like Clive was her mama.

    Yes, I miss Whitney, but it was the right thing to do to continue with that party. That party cost a lot of money, and last minute cancellations would have been expensive. Whitney’s death was unfortunate, but life had to continue.

    That’s like saying the Super Bowl Half-Time would have been cancelled if Nicki Minaj passed away (not being serious, just making a point). Madonna and Staff would have had to carry on anyway. That may not be the political thing to do, but it happens.

    RIP Whitney

  18. danny b February 17, 2012


    I hear your poin but its invalid and your metaphor is comepletely far-fetched so wrong choice. First off, the Super Bowl half time show cost wayyyy more money than the pre-Grammy party. Billions of dollars go into compared to a few thousand or a million or two. And absolutely no shade or disrespect, but Nicki Minaj is NO ONE to cancel such an event over if such an event of her passing would happen. But the Grammy party is a touchy and different kind of case. Historically, the Grammy has always been Clive’s and in essence, centered around Whitney in a sense. She’s been pretty much the grand hostess or dutchess of each party every year because of her and Clive’s connection and history. It’s not a long shot to say the party usually is about her (not completely, but in some kind of way)… So to go on with a party that has so much involvement with Whitney seems insensitive and just out of pocket. Especially when they were to be tributing her that night. So to compare to two events is a FAIL. sorry. Try again.

  19. danny b February 17, 2012


    And to addto your comment “People act like Clive was her mama”…

    NO… youre right he wasnt her “mama:. But he WAS like her FATHER. She always referred to him as her “DAD”… Just peep the recent videos of her at interviews and things before that night. She even has Bobbi Kristina call him her “Godfather”. So in essence, its like a father going on with a party without his daughter who died upstairs less than 5 hours ago. So again a fail on your part.

  20. @antertain February 17, 2012

    Due to her body being in the building at the time it should have been postponed and then introduced as a post-grammy party with full dedication to Whitney.

    YES the show must go on but in this circumstance that event should have been rearranged.

    If Whit body was out of the hotel it would’ve been a little better but i know 4sure that Brandy & Mo wasn’t performing while their favorite and most inspiring singer was laying dead with investigations going on around them.

  21. well well well February 17, 2012


  22. Matty February 17, 2012

    i think alot of those comments sounded fake. shame.

  23. bs February 18, 2012


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