New Video: Ne-Yo – ‘Lazy Love’

On September 18th Compound Music star Ne-Yo releases ‘R.E.D’, his long awaited new LP.

So, as to give fans an incentive to buy a copy when it hits stores, the performer launched its first supporting video today, for the single ‘Lazy Love‘.

Peep the love fest below…

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax June 11, 2012

    He done went and got s***, no hat or cap and hes in
    the bed room, it don’t get no better than that Neyo…

    • Oh Baby (B****** Will Deal) June 11, 2012

      i normally don’t agree with you LAX but yeasssss child! he done gone and got all gorilla juice-head on us. that six pack,chillllddd! and this song is my s*** now,reminds me of my bf! he’s defo like the girl in that video,whenever i have to go,he has to seduce me again and he knows damn well i can’t resist him coz he got that good good :/ such a weakness.

    • Jasmine June 11, 2012

      Still looks ugly and fruity to me.

  2. Lax June 11, 2012

    He has a cute shaped haed!

    • trucieb June 11, 2012

      lol, is that all you saw? Lol He done went and got right on us. omg Nice.

  3. Lax June 11, 2012

    cute shaped head*

  4. Mr. Popularity June 11, 2012

    Well dayum…. I def need to get on that Ne-Yo get right plan! Jeez

  5. chase June 11, 2012


  6. Chris Is Stuck and Needs Growth June 11, 2012

    See… you know what?/! Neyo is earning my respect. Unlike Ciara, who like him…had a major flop last go, he’s letting his work speak instead of finding some type of gimmick to get a buzz. Def wasn’t checking for his music but he got my attention with this cut. Nice song my dude. Now i’m interested in hearing what’s to follow… and you didn’t need promo pics, a squad name, or interviews of you gassing yourself beyond belief. Just keep releasing good music.

  7. lyric commander lee June 11, 2012

    well damn – neyo done went and got s*** – that body with them lips and that voice—–gotdamn!!!!

  8. shedaman June 11, 2012

    Are we listening to and looking at the thing? This is not first single material. This is an album filler. I like neyo, but if this is the type of stuff he will be releasing, he will deal with yet another flop.

  9. Papa Preached June 11, 2012

    Where in the FLYING F*** was he hiding this S*** all this time?!?!?!

  10. Gr3g June 11, 2012

    I agree with Shedaman. This song isn’t 1st single worthy. I like Ne-Yo more when he isn’t trying so hard.

  11. NE-YO*STAN June 12, 2012

    The song gets better with every listen.

  12. macfac2011 June 12, 2012

    now i’m not hating at all…but does anybody think it’s strange that john legend, robin thicke, and now ne-yo are doing videos with no shirt on? they never showed this much skin before…is this the only way “aging” male singers can stay relavent?

    • the real xoxo June 12, 2012

      although im a fan of all of those artists, i agree. the fact is, horny teenage girls is what has been selling the majority r&b since it began.

  13. the real xoxo June 12, 2012

    been replaying this song all morning, its his best song since the YOTG days.

  14. HeavyHeavy June 12, 2012

    Love the song but the video could of been better. Like a story with the song as a backing track like Beyonce’s ‘If I Was A Boy’, that would of been nice, with a little talking intro how he’s got this big meeting tomorrow and like 4 different scenes of him trying to get to work but being seduced. Look forward to the album, sounds like old ne-yo.

  15. beafan June 12, 2012

    is it only that this song similar to Drake “Take Care”..

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