will.i.am Unveils ‘#willpower’ Album Cover

Published: Thursday 4th Apr 2013 by Sam

The April 23rd release of will.i.am‘s new album ‘#willpower’ is drawing nearer, hence in a bid to whip up buzz the hitmaker has unwrapped the set’s official cover.

Lead by the Britney Spears assisted ‘Scream & Shout’ as well as the Justin Bieber featured ‘#thatPOWER’, the successor to 2007’s ‘Songs About Girls’ will also host guests Nicole ScherzingerHit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Chris BrownMiley Cyrus, Skylar GreyJuicy J, Eva Simons, apl.de.ap, Baby Kaely and 2NE1.

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  1. speechless April 4, 2013

    that is the most basic cover ive ever seen

    • i slay April 4, 2013

      B**** thats your problem.. get over it will hot

      • speechless April 4, 2013

        lol you’re mad

    • JER April 5, 2013


  2. Kate Middleton April 4, 2013

    Put back on those glasses, nobody wants to see your tired ugly eyes.


  3. Cream April 4, 2013

    I am no longer a bey Stan. She has stolen that Pepsi commercial song.
    I will not support a thief.

    • mr.m April 5, 2013

      Theifyonce is a flop

  4. Kate Middleton April 4, 2013

    Can we get a post for the movie trailer rihanna is in with Seth rogen I think James Franco is In it too, I don’t know I could be wrong.

    James is hot with the cutest smile.

    • Todd April 5, 2013

      you easily became the worst ho up in here, always bringin your nonsense to a higher level , always bashin someone . i’ve never seen u write anything nice that applies to the current topic and dont even dare typing James’s name with your dirty,sticky fingers

  5. QUEEN MINAJ April 4, 2013

    this is BASIC

  6. HIVE April 4, 2013

    reminds me of Frank Ocean Channel Orange cover

  7. KIng13 April 4, 2013

    but nobody is here for him and his basicness…the only reason people would listen is for the arists who are featured on the album such Britney, Miley, Justin and Chris. Hang it Will. You are forever a flop and the only reason Scream & Shout was successful was because Britney was on it. If she weren’t on that song, it wouldn’t have even charted on any chart. Point blank and the period!

  8. Realest April 4, 2013

    To the person who says “nobodies here for him” blah blah blah. He is the black eyed peas and has been checked numerous times for his contributions to that amazing group. You sound all types of retarded. But honestly I need him to reinvent himself I’m getting tired of THIS will. Still amazingly talented, if Michael Jackson was working with him #HesCheckable

  9. Tisha April 4, 2013

    I only care about what’s goof on with 2Ne1, they’re too good to be wrapped up in Will’s fuckery.

    • Tisha April 4, 2013


  10. my forehead tho April 5, 2013

    In more important news:

    1. Pepsi release Beyonce’s Mirrors behind the scene video

    2. Khia takes shots at Lil Kim on her twitter

  11. only facts April 5, 2013

    THIS COVER IS GIVING ME A VERY VERY CREEPY VIBE AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY. I bet there is a bigger reason why the background is orange I bet he had no choice in what the album cover would be. Smh

  12. itistruth April 5, 2013

    THIS COVER IS GIVING ME A VERY VERY CREEPY VIBE AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY. I bet there is a bigger reason why the background is orange I bet he had no choice in what the album cover would be. Smh just wow

    • JER April 5, 2013

      B**** quit double posting under multiple names. Caught copy and pasting s*** under a different name smh

  13. Leaveareply April 5, 2013

    very exciting, artistic and original.

    • XXX April 5, 2013

      what? it’s just his dumb facial expression he makes in every f****** video in front of an orange background…

      so..i will download it, but mainly for the features…he’s the same as timbaland to me…better stick to producing, but stop “rapping” on every goddamn track…there are others who can do it way better…

      how hot would scream and shout be, if it was britney’s track?

      • Leaveareply April 5, 2013

        it was ironic.

  14. JER April 5, 2013

  15. K*** Kruncher Azealia April 5, 2013

    Better Than My Fav’s So Lemme Be Quiet

  16. Raz April 5, 2013


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