New Video: D∆wn – ‘LA’

Published: Wednesday 5th Apr 2017 by Rashad

Regardless if you get down with her music or not, one thing you cannot deny is eclectic songstress D∆WN has been nothing but consistent on the visual front.  And, with the accompanying video for her new single, ‘LA,’ she keeps tight with that trend.

A glossy black-and-white affair, the clip comes as an ode to two Stateside locations near and dear to the singer:  the city of Los Angeles and the state of Louisiana.  Tapping Trombone Shorty to assist, tuck in below for the Monty Marsh-directed outing:

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? April 5, 2017

    I wish DK3 kept it together and gave us video’s for lemonade and tell me

    • .LISA LEVINE April 5, 2017

      I’ve never been a fan. However i purchased redemption and its like listening to an edgy SADE. Really good material and production

  2. Ciah’s Turtle April 5, 2017

    Come right on thru Dawn ! Definitely a standout track on the album.

  3. 2bad2bme April 5, 2017

    My heart dropped because I thought this was Brandy! LOL

    • Ciah’s Turtle April 5, 2017

      lol 1 of Brandy’s daughtas, for sure.

    • gina April 5, 2017

      lmao who?

  4. The Wig Snatcher April 5, 2017

    Dawn is creative AF. Diddy should have never slept on her as a solo talent.

    • Ciah’s Turtle April 5, 2017

      I needed just ONE more album from Dirty Money. They were next level smh

  5. Casual April 5, 2017

    This girl is very creative and experimental with her music, but she isn’t commercial at all.

    • JustCoastWitHa April 5, 2017

      I don’t think she was ever trying to be.

  6. SMH April 5, 2017

    I f*cks with Dawn all the way. She has more individuality & creativity than most of these pop stars who use PR bullsh*t to hype up their “success” instead of talent. And if any fan base catches shade from that, take it up with your fave.

  7. C.NelsoN April 7, 2017

    I like Dawn a lot. Music always been innovative a different. Just need her to clean up that drowned out production she haves. Specifically on Leads…If Jhene A come back out hard shes going to over take dawn on the hypnotic smooth synth sound. Just my opinion. But Dawn still dope as s***

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