Chrisette Michele Hits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Addresses Donald Trump Drama

Published: Thursday 2nd Nov 2017 by David

Chrisette Michele’s decision to endorse Donald Trump (an alleged friend to violent White Supremacists) has spelled trouble for her career.

The gifted songbird shocked fans when she performed at an event launched to celebrate Trump’s presidential win and the last year has seen her pay for that decision in ways she could have never imagined.

How she plans to rebuild what she’s lost?

Find out via her interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’


It seems that the world’s issue with Michele doesn’t lie in the fact that she supported a Republican president but that she supported Donald Trump – a man whose campaign was on the wings of toxic white nationalism.


Your thoughts?

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? November 2, 2017

    Get your money honey

    • ??? November 2, 2017

      lol what money, she got the boot form her label lmao

      • Caleb November 2, 2017

        The inauguration money I presume.

      • Reese November 2, 2017

        Yes label doesn’t get that money from her performances unless she signed a 360 deal. Which don’t matter now.

  2. Achooo! November 2, 2017

    I like Chrisette Michelle music especially her first two cds. As a person she is very articulate but I think the inauguration was a financial decision. Many women suffer miscarriages and I have suffer one in the past but I feel it’s very juvenile and ignorant for people to question if her miscarriage was real. Social Media has destroyed many lives and livelihoods to point one can’t have a different perspective without being bullied or threatened. Yes a person actions can have consequences but to threatened or destroy someone livelihood is where I draw the line. Live and let live!

    • ??? November 2, 2017

      lol she destroyed her own livelihood when she decided to perform for The Orange Racist lol.

  3. Tim Brown November 2, 2017

    Man now let this lady work and make this money! Not everyone can make money as a blogger!

    • ??? November 2, 2017

      lol tell her to go beg trump supporters for work lol

  4. Jasmine November 2, 2017

    She made her decision to support Trump and i made my decision to not buy her music. It is as simple as that. Stacey Dash has more dignity than Chrisette

    • byeChrisette November 2, 2017

      that Stacey comment is a stretch. 2 differently shaped piles of dog sh* don’t make 1 less sh*tty than the other

      • Chile Please!!! November 2, 2017

        @ byeChrisette yes! Okay say dat shyt lol!

    • Caleb November 2, 2017

      Hell no she doesn’t. Chrisette Michelle is taking checks to sing for white supremacists, whereas Stacey Dash is out here defending white supremacists on the Fox channel (or at least she did when she was on it).

  5. Yes November 2, 2017

    ? It was about the money then “which she sold her soul for” and it’s about the money now, because her pockets are taking a hit.

    She’s a clown, and once you dabble with Trump, I will no longer dabble with you.

  6. ??? November 2, 2017

    lol she made her bed, now shes crying cuz she has to lay in it lol. good for her dumb ass, thats what she gets for supporting that clown. and ‘alleged’ friend to white supremacists tgj?? try card carrying member lmao.

  7. Caleb November 2, 2017

    I’ve already seen her on the breakfast club talking bout the same ish earlier this year. Your fans just ain’t riding with you anymore.

  8. TuTaVu November 3, 2017

    I see it clear, Chrisette’s outta here, she have herself, and she made it clear, Trump aint giving her a couple of nevers…. dumb h**

  9. TuTaVu November 3, 2017

    She better start singing at Nursing homes

  10. Anne November 3, 2017

    I think it’s admirable that she’s admitting she was wrong, not making excuses and apologizing. But as a side note, how on Earth could she think that Roland Martin is 30 or 40 years older than her? I got the feeling that she was trying to mischaracterize her age or maybe she has a false sense of youth. At 34 years old (35 come December), she is barely considered a millennial (she’s at the end of the wide age range of that category) and Roland Martin is only 14 years older than her, which is one-half of the lower end of her way off base estimation. Maybe I’m nitpicking but it was a bit deceptive (either intentionally or based on a misperception of her own age) for her to make such a false comparison that was 15 to 25 years off.

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