‘Lion King’ Producer: New Beyonce Song “Could Be Bigger Than ‘Circle Of Life'”

Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2019 by Sam

It’s almost time to hear the roar of ‘The Lion King.’

Disney‘s live-action take on the 1994 classic arrives in theaters on July 19th and promises to be a blockbuster of epic proportions.

One of key components of the flick is its music, which fuses songs we’ve know and love with new gems courtesy of Elton John and Beyonce – the latter of whom stars in the film as Nala.

Secrecy has surrounded the diva’s original song – which is still billed as “TBA” on the soundtrack.

What is known is that the cut was worked on by Bey, alongside ‘Lion King’ music maestros Hans Zimmer, Tim Rice, and Lebo M. 

The latter appeared on an African TV show this week and opened up – all be it cautiously – about the mysterious song. And it seems like its seismic in size.

Details below…

Speaking on Queen Bey’s track, he said:

“I can be ambitious and say I have a feeling the song just might be bigger than Circle Of Life.”

His words are notable given that he actually performs on the original version.

With such a description, we’re even more hyped.

‘The Lion King’ soundtrack is unleashed a week before the movie on July 11th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. olusheyi banjo July 4, 2019

    I think I heard a little of it in one of the trailers for the movie on YouTube,I might be wrong.

    • Jasmine July 4, 2019

      I think they should go on and release the song. It will be great promo for the movie.

      • olusheyi banjo July 4, 2019

        I agree

  2. DC3 FOREVER July 4, 2019

    clearly I’m a Beyoncé fan. Do I think anything on this album will be bigger than Circle of Life? NO!

    • Fancy BISH July 4, 2019

      To be fair, he didn’t DARE say that the song could be bigger than Can You Feel The Love Tonight, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold over 11 million singles worldwide! But still, he needs to let this be the very last time he says that in public ? Circle Of Slay is a beloved classic! I’m excited to hear what Yonce cooked up tho! Come through Nala ??

      • Jasmine July 4, 2019

        I agree Fancy 100 percent

    • Rosy July 5, 2019

      I agree I love Beyonce but her voice singing ballads is nail biting I feel no goosebumps hearing her sing ballads like a Celine Dion or Whitney Houston now a booty pop dance song that’s her voice ✋?

  3. Gavinluvsbeyonce July 4, 2019

    This anticipation can lead to many sweet dreams. I’ll start to hear Beyoncé’s vocals in wonder about what’s to come.

  4. K.B. July 4, 2019

    Clearly they meant the production/ package and the visuals she will bring to the song! We all know she will be over the top.

  5. Kerry Johnson July 4, 2019

    Yea right ? lol over-rated much

  6. Brent Christopher July 4, 2019

    ?every single individual who works with Beyonce, offers the same lame, over exaggerated sentiments about her work ethic, song material, basic booty pop choreography & sub par “surprise” albums.

    Beyonce has not released an incredible, spellbounding song since 2008. she does NOT deliver memorable, classic records that impact global charts or worldwide audiences, a la the whole “Old Town Road” Mega hit.

    I wish the mass media & ground level music lovers would accept the fact that aside from her money & popularity, Beyonce’s Catalogue really isn’t that much greater than her female contemporaries. honestly. remove the visuals that accompany her album releases, and the records alone are mediocre.


    take away the high art video concepts for the Lemonade project & that entire project was forgettable by summer 2016.

    Beyonce’s solo track on this soundtrack is going to be as surface, lyrically one dimensional & rhythmically stale as any “American Idol” contestant song that the finalists sing during the finale competition.

    Beyonce cannot write & she isn’t a thinker.

    We haven’t even heard the strength of her voice since she sang the Star bangled banner during that media press conference to make up for being caught lip synching the week before.


    watch how foolish everyone is going to feel after hearing this late mess.

    • Dc July 4, 2019

      Agree ??

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 4, 2019

      Yet Bey has 4 CLASSIC albums:


      and MANY more CLASSIC Songs

      NO NO NO

      Very Few of her peers even have half this amount of CLASSIC material and yur mention of old town road (albiet a MASSIVE HIT) is laughable

      Just admit u simply have a different TASTE than what bey has to offer and move out instead of announcing yur DELUSIONAL thoughts ?

      • Brent Christopher July 4, 2019

        Do you realize how far back in her catalogue you have to reach in order to honor classic, worthy material? You have gone as far as her work produced alongside the likes of the other Destiny’s Child girls. Serves my point very effectively.

        Thank you for your contributions & honesty.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 4, 2019

      And The song Dangerously In love which she WROTE bte is also a CLASSIC not to mention Dreamgirls and Goldmember are 2 CLASSIC movies bey stared in. Bey herself is a CLASSIC entertainer… Possibly the only one of this entire generation outside of MAYBE Adele in a few more years

      • Fancy BISH July 4, 2019

        I’m so glad you brought up the song Dangerously In Love ❤️ My favorite Yonce song! ? She slayed that one ???

      • I hate blaccck n whyte July 5, 2019

        Yup Dangerously in Love , that is when they found out she cannot sing like Whitney Houston.

        And yes Whitney The Voice Houston recorded I Will Always Love You in one take.

      • Shayla Queen July 5, 2019

        Girl keep dreaming.

    • Jeans July 4, 2019

      True tea ☕️

    • Jasmine July 4, 2019

      I agree Brent BUT Bey is a businesswoman first, wife second, mother third, and artist last. I love me some Bey and I love her hustle. If she were to put out a quality R&B album like her 2003 solo debut I’m not so sure her old head fans would still buy it and this new generation proves themselves to be anti-music with soul so Bey puts out music that will sell because she is a businesswoman first and wants to your. I would rather her singing than talk-rapping any day but it is what it is. These soundtracks she is contributing has some singing. At the end of the day if you want to HEAR a singer u should listen to Avant, Jasmine Sullivan, Toni Braxton, Fantasia, Donell Jones, etc. if you want to SEE an entertainer then watch Bey, Janet, Chris Brown, old footage of MJ, or old footage of James Brown. It is very rare to get an entertainer that can sing and dance (James Brown / MJ / Prince). Bey has the potential but her businesswoman sense holds her back from releasing true funk on stage. Chris Brown had potential as a teen but he is a druggie now strangely with no competition. And then there is Mr. MIA aka Usher. Usher keeps missing out on making comeback money bags and suffering real estate losses over and over.

      • Keith July 5, 2019

        @Jasmine: Love this assessment of Beyonce and the current R&B marketplace!

    • #TheTruth July 4, 2019

      Beyoncé isn’t a thinker ?
      I’m no stan or whatsoever. But this is an understatement.
      She has a great team but she knows what she’s doing.

    • Marshawn July 5, 2019

      If Beyoncé was concerned with making
      Mega hits that would have been done a long time ago. She makes the music that she wants to make, it’s far from being on trend unless it’s some feature that shes jumped on. Beyoncé isn’t really concerned with making top 40 records. Lemonade and most of the tracks from the self titled album are proof of that. She is a true artist, meaning she does what she wants. She could easily gather a bunch of a list producers and give us a album full of bangers. That’s obviously not her priority right now.

    • Tyty July 5, 2019

      We should all take your very biased, hate-filled opinion over people who actually interact and work with her? You who’s never even breathed the same air has a better grip on the workings of Beyonce as opposed to the man who has worked with her? For someone who claims to be intelligent, you are very delusional. You rant the same tired tropes over.

      • Paulo July 5, 2019

        ??? pretty much. And I love how haters always pick on and cling to the most ludicrous stuff and never address her vocals cause they KNOW at the end of the day she has been the top contemporary pop vocalist for over nearly two decades now.
        Beyoncé has had plenty of cultural milestone events but she no longer needs to pull out those cause she IS the event and the milestone. Let that sink in. ☕

      • Paulo July 5, 2019

        Nearly two decades***

  7. Dc July 4, 2019

    Ok let’s stop right now hell no never stop gassing this overrated lounge singer

    • Tyty July 5, 2019

      No need we all know you will be streaming and listening to the song when it comes out thanks for the support.

  8. Lmfao_Hoe July 4, 2019

    Here we go ? let the audience and fans alike be the judge of that please ?? literally let the music do all the talking

  9. Unnatural July 4, 2019

    Jumping way ahead of himself ain’t he now? And what if isnt? This is a remake of an amazing classic that really doesnt need it. So nothing done in the remake is going to be better than the original, I dont care how much they try to bee-hype it up.

  10. Kevon July 4, 2019

    Bigger than the circle of life.. hahaha guy your pretty funny

  11. #TheTruth July 4, 2019

    I really like you Bee… but it’s hard to top a classic like that.

    Sonically speaking I just hope they stick to live instruments and not the same ol ones. I want to hear African drums and everything.
    I want to hear traditional chants, a choir, background vocals, whatever they want.

    But it better not be your average Pop formated song with African flavor just to stick to the theme.

  12. Pedonika July 5, 2019

    They better pray that song will sell more than 14k lmao

  13. I hate blaccck n whyte July 5, 2019

    Whitney the voice houston would have blew Beyonce out the water. Beyonce eating up Whitney Houston’s crumbs off the table.
    Cuz the rich love Whitney

    • I hate blaccck n whyte July 5, 2019

      Can Blu ivy breathe now b****,

      The party said last nite ..

      Whitney Houston would have never slammed her baby’s face in a blanket….
      And Disney just forget

      Will Blu be at the premire, or was she just be a flower in the Attic like that book.

    • XYZ July 5, 2019

      But she is dead. So what?

      • I hate blaccck n whyte July 5, 2019

        So is Michael and Elvis….

        Beyonce have not replaced Whitney she cannot hit the notes…or have the class she don’t even inhale and exhale like Whitney Houston

      • XYZ July 5, 2019

        What the hell does Whitney even has to do with this topic?!

      • XYZ July 5, 2019


  14. XYZ July 5, 2019

    Cant people be quiet and stop hyping things up?

  15. K.B. July 6, 2019

    Lies!LOL! they also stated that a Star Is Born featuring Lady Gaga would be bigger than The Bodyuard Soundtrack..LMAO!

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