Rihanna Praises Normani

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2019 by Sam

Rihanna is globally hailed as a Pop royal, but that isn’t stopping her from showing love to the stars on the come-up.

Case in point Normani!

Details below…

RiRi tapped the ‘Motivation’ singer to star in her hotly anticipated Savage X Fenty fashion show, which taped last night and airs September 20th on Amazon Prime.

Following filming, Mani took to social media to express thanks to Rih:

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wow this was legit one of the most memorable nights of my entire existence. thank you to the queen herself @badgalriri for allowing me to be a part of HISTORY!!!!! YOU SET THE BAR YOU HEAR ME ✨ I love you beyond. shit can’t nobody tell me nothing. Thank you GOD

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Ms. Fenty responded in equally endorsing a manner, commenting:

The Bajan belle also gushed about the 23-year old in an interview with ELLE. Check out an excerpt:

How does that extend to what kind of artists you make space for on your stage? Why did you choose Halsey or Normani, for example, to perform in your show?

I wanted to highlight women who are powerful. To me, power in whatever way you master it is very sexy. And with someone like Normani, you know, she’s an incredible dancer, and dance is athleticism. Dance is powerful. It would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to have that kind of beauty and power in the show.

How do you test out your Savage x Fenty pieces for approval? Do you just see how they look, or do you move around in them and dance in them, too?

I do what I can! Look, I’m not nearly as good a dancer as Normani, but I will try. I will dance in these pieces in my kitchen until we get it right! Which is what I did, believe it or not. I only had two-and-a-half hours of rehearsal so I had to, like, get it where I could fit it in. Usually it was while I was doing other approvals. People are like, “Hey, pick this model! Pick this look!” And I’m like this—[She starts doing the opening moves from her dance number.] No, listen, it happens! I’ll rehearse anywhere because I want it to be perfect. If you’re passionate enough about something, you’ll get it done.

We’re loving the love! Can’t wait to see the show!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts September 11, 2019


    Hey CLARKSON (you b***h), why haven’t ANY of the girls endorsed Camilla? LOL!

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      “I’m with the winner, the beautiful Camila cabello, so proud of her”

      Madonna the queen of pop talking about Camila cabello after presenting camila with the video of the year award for her video Havana at the vma’s
      Madonna posted Camila on her Instagram.

      LOOOL. Stamp of approval from the queen of pop herself the one and only madonna

      Sit down bìtch.

      Camila also opened the Grammys, performing along side Latin legend Ricky Martin. What further deal of approval do u need.

      Egg on ur face haters.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        Madonna presented her with the award because Madonna is chasing her youth. I have never heard ANYONE say “Camilla stole the show”, or “Camilla’s performance absolutely ATE.” or “Wow, Camilla was a showstopper.” The only pop girl that respects Camilla is Taylor Swift LOL.

        You keep bringing up Camilla opening the GRAMMY’s but the kii is that NOBODY remembers her lackluster performance! LOL! Keep lying to yourself, hun. Camilla is as basic as a 99 cent roll of paper towels. Do you remember the paper towels once you throw them in the trash? Nope.

        Camilla will have 1 more successful album and then POOF her career will be over. She will be like Megan Trainor (and I love Meg, but lets be real, she’s flopping).

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Gurl madonna is the queen. Getting endorsement from madonna is like getting endorsement from Michael Jackson.
        Madonna posted Camila on her Instagram page
        Ricky Martin a Latin legend performed along side camilla at the Grammys. This is the equivalent of when beyonce performed with prince at the Grammys or Tina Turner at the Grammys.

        Rihanna is hyping normani cause Rihanna wanna sell some bras and panties. Rihanna hyped a drag queen on Instagram cause she wants drag queens to start buying her fenty makeup. Rihanna a smart business woman

      • Miss Salt Gawl September 11, 2019

        Girl. No one even talks about Madonna. Camilla is the Payola’s poster girl. I don’t see ANYONE talking about her but this of stays posting about her.

      • ??? September 11, 2019

        lmfaoooooooo a 99 cent roll of paper towels, i am deceased lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. pat September 11, 2019

    all she needs is the right song honestly

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      Which she will never get. Waves, slow down, checklist all flopped. Non charted after all the promo this chic did
      Motivation is flopping not only in America but overseas.

      Camila already has two number 1’s
      She wrote both number 1 songs also.

      Havana about to be certified diamond
      Havana is the most streamed song by a female artist 1.2 billion streams
      Never be the same is 3x platinum
      Crying in the club (a buzz single) u guys called a flop is platinum
      Debut album certified platinum

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        But “Waves” won a VMA….must not have been too big of a flop. Did “Crying In The Club” win anything? I’ll wait. You are so pressed and threatened by Normani’s talent. Is Normani slaying the charts yet? No. Will she? Yes.

        Its a marathon, not a race. 🙂

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        It a marathon not a race but normani has gotten off to a bad start. How many flop has she released ,waves, checklist, slow down and now motivation all flops. Lol

        Motivation a song written by the current reigning hit girl Arianna Grande, the song was produced by max Martin, one of the greatest hit makers of our time with a video directed by Dave Meyers, a legendary music video director , so why is normani still flopping? Cause she doesnt have what it takes.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        “Waves”, “Checklist”, “Slow Down” were all buzz singles released so that Normani would have content to perform while on tour with Ariana. If you’d like to talk about “flop buzz singles” and being “off to a bad start”, lets talk about “Crying In The Club”, “OMG” “Know No Better” and everything else released before “Havanna”.

        “Motivation” has charted higher than Camilla’s debut solo single, and “Waves” won a VMA. Normani has also been endorsed by several major artists. Meanwhile, Camilla and her disproportionate face have gotten endorsed by…Taylor Swift.

        You are pathetic. And the funny thing is that Camilla is the poster girl for Payola. Watch. 🙂

    • Nicky September 11, 2019

      Only Facts just spilled Facts ????

  3. I Told You September 11, 2019

    Normani is the s*** period.

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      But her debut single cant be found in the top 40.
      Motivation is number 51 right now

      Normani ain’t sh1t. I said what I said.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        But, sir/ma’am/b***h, “Motivation” has already outperformed Camilla’s debut solo single “Crying In The Club”. Yes, CITC was certified platinum, and Motivation will be too. It’s outpeaked CITC, the performance made a bigger impact than CITC’s, and the video marked the beginning of Normani’s legacy (CITC was as forgettable as Camilla’s disproportionate face – ever notice how her jaw isn’t even? LOL. She needs that bow again so she can hide her face).

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        If crying in the club was Camila debut single then waves was normani debut single
        LOOOL. Flop waves didnt even chart anywhere after normani released a high budget music video. She also performed waves on late night television and it didn’t chart anywhere

        Crying in the club was a buzz single and it is certified platinum

        Havana is Camila debut single from her debut album and it hit number 1 and won video of the year at the vma’s , something normani will never achieve.

        Let’s not forget checklist and slow down. All forgettable flops.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        “Crying In The Club” was set to be the lead single to Camilla’s album. But, once the reviews came in from critics panned the song for sounding too much like Sia, and once her “gladiator” performance at the billboard awards was a SNOOZEFEST, the label scrapped it and released OMG and Havanna as duel singles (lets not forget how badly OMG flopped).

        “Waves” was a buzz single, as well as the collaborations with Calvin Harris. Her team released those songs with little to no promo because Normani needed content to perform while opening for Ariana Grande’s world tour. Also, please note that “Waves” won a 2019 VMA 🙂

        “Motivation” is Normani’s DEBUT SOLO single. Trust me, even if this is listed as a buzz single, it’ll still be on Normani’s album. It’s made more of an impact than anything Camilla has done.

        Additionally, I see you ignored my comment above about her being as forgettable as a used paper towel. You’re looking for attention and still cannot formulate a proper sentence. If you’re going to debate with me, proofread your comments first, hun. I continue to tell you that you’re ill-equipped to debate with me, sir/ma’am/b***h

      • ??? September 11, 2019

        lmaoooooooo um, camilicky’s singles that she released last week didnt even impact the hot 100, while Normani debuted at #33. explain that clarkson if camiloofa is supposed to be ‘that b*tch’ lmfaooooooo

  4. Clarkson September 11, 2019

    Hype hype hype, free promo and she’s still flopping. Why?
    With all these hype and free promo u will think motivation will hit the top 20 but it didnt. flop LOOL

    Normani if u were smart u will model ur career after Rihanna instead of beyonce.

    • Miss Salt Gawl September 11, 2019

      Beyoncé’s career is doing just fine. Beyoncé has never been a single hit artist. Even when she was super popular, she’s always moved albums.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        But beyonce sold 900 copies in the UK? Album artist my àss
        the gift couldn’t even reach number 1 in the Us
        Everything is love couldn’t hit number one in the us

        Lemonade her most acclaimed album till date struggled to reach 2 million in sales

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @Clarkson, so now you’re trying to discredit BEYONCE? As if Camilla Cobweb Cabello will ever reach the heights of Beyoncé?! LOL. Do you really think putting down every black female entertainer will get the general public to like Camilla Cabello? Like, seriously? Do you think you starting fights with people on blogs is going to get people to like Camilla Cabello? Like, what is your problem? lol.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        @only facts

        Gurl u playing the race card is weak and silly cause I’m black mixed with black. Jokes on u

        I’m stating facts honey. I didnt lie . Beyonce is finding it hard to sell albums today. the gift is a certified flop, homecoming is a certified flop, everything is love is a certified flop. Lemonade with all the hype hasn’t sold 3 million copies in the us. That’s sad

        Spirit was a flop after a big budget video.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019


        Girl, didn’t I tell you to proofread your commentary before posting? You love calling everyone on here stupid, and love to discredit those who are currently pursuing their high education, yet you cannot formulate a sentence properly?

        “I’m black mixed with black.” Uh, okay. Well, you continue to put down only artists of color on this blog (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Normani, Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Chris Brown, etc). The only artists I see you uplift are Camilla Cabello, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I truly think you’re dealing with some sort of self-hatred. I’ll have to do some research, but I’ll get back to you with my diagnosis.

        And did you also say “Lemonade with all the hype hasn’t sold 3 million copies in the us. That’s sad.”??? Uh…you keep talking about all of the hype with Havanna…yet that album just barely got certified platinum. Camilla would be lucky to have even one-tenth of the career Beyoncé has had. You putting down other artists isn’t going to make anyone want to be a Camilla fan. What are you expecting us all to say “You’re right, Camilla is the biggest pop star in the world, she’s better than everyone and she’s going to release her own “Teenage Dream”??? LMAO!

        I wish you well, hun. But you’re ill-equipped for this debate as I have told you in the past.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Gurl ur arguement is void. U are weak that’s why u throw the race card everytime ur losing an argument.

        Camila is a woman of colour and I support her

        Sza is a woman of colour, a dark complexion girl and I support her

        Rihanna is a woman of colour and I support her. I even adviced normani to model her career after Rihanna.

        I support and stan daina Gordon (writer of daddy lessons, sorry and dont hurt ur self), I have been supporting daina Gordon since she released dirty talk back then her name was wynter Gordon.
        I stan fka twigs, she dances well, sings well and her music videos are works of art.
        So u saying I hate black women is false as hell.

        I am giving u facts and u cant handle it.

        Camila opening the Grammys was praised by music critics. It looked like a Broadway show. She invited young thug, Ricky Martin and j balvin to perform with her on stage.
        Havana is an old song but anytime she performs it, she gives it a fresh spin.

        Normani performs like a cheerleader. weak vocals, tacky costumes, twerking and doing flips isnt performing.

        Seniorita is number 2 on the charts right now, while motivation is number 51. Both songs were performed at the vma some few weeks ago. Go figure

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @ Clarkson, once again, proofread your comments before replying to me. I cannot debate someone that cannot speak or type clearly. You even misspelled “Senorita”…the song that you keep bringing up…must not be that iconic if you can’t even spell it right.

        If Normani performs like a cheerleader, then Camilla performs like a glass of water. I’d watch Normani walk through a grocery store and that would be more entertaining than ANY Camilla Cabello performance. She is forgettable and she’ll be the first one exposed after this payola investigation. Rumor is she also pays for likes and follows on insta. How does Camilla have less followers than Ariana Grande, but Camilla’s disproportionate face gets more likes than Ari’s? LOL! Camilla pays for everything and she knows she’s unattractive and basic. You wont see her walking any runways with that face.

        Camilla will have ONE more “successful” album, then her career will fall faster than Katy Perry’s. Bookmark this.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Yes when all fails, start insulting someone’s physical appearance.

        the greatest musicians were not good looking, but they made great music.
        Good Musicians make music for the ears not for the eyes.

        Sza, laryn hill, Susan Boyle, lady gaga, Jennifer holiday, lisa Fisher, fantasia, aretha Franklin, Kelly price, sia, missy elliot, Amy Winehouse, tracy Chapman, prince (he was very short for a man) etc are not conventional beautiful, they were regarded as ugly but they have released great music that will stand the test of time.

        Besides Camila is prettier than normani by far. Camila looks like an exotic queen with beautiful long hair, normani looks basic as hell. Normani dark skin complexion isnt even exotic like lupita colour , normani dark skin colour is basic, go to the hood every black girl look like normani with that cheap tacky wig and awful make up.

        Payola? Then explain the 1.2 billion streams Havana has. Camila is the female artist with the most streams for a song, Havana.
        Seniorita already has 700 million stream , this song was released 2 months ago.

        Gurl pls just stop. Ur embarrassing ur self

    • Only Facts September 11, 2019

      Did you really just type “Normani dark skin complexion isnt even exotic like lupita colour , normani dark skin colour is basic, go to the hood every black girl look like normani with that cheap tacky wig and awful make up.” Yeah, you just exposed yourself as racist. And if you are in fact “black mixed with black” then you are a self-hater. That was a disgusting comment and exhibited the signs of an individual that is truly sad and unhappy with themselves.

      Let this get through your mind, Norman, a dark-skinned chocolate Queen, will go down as an icon before its all over. Meanwhile, Camilla Cabello will be forgotten about.

      Remember doll, what goes up must come down 😉

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        But u always call Camila ugly.

        Normani basic looking. Nothing special about her or her voice

        Camila is unique . Everybody wanna bed this girl.
        38 million followers on Instagram
        Normani has 4 million followers on Instagram, even drag queens on Instagram have more followers than normani. ????

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        I never called Camilla ugly. I said jaw is disproportionate…which it is.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        Those 38 million followers couldn’t get her two solo songs to debut on the billboard hot 100 after 1 day of tracking? SURELY if Havanna was such a hit (without payola), her two new songs would have charted right?! HA! She pays for followers, streams, likes, comments, articles, etc.

        38 million followers but not on the hot 100?!? HA!

  5. Nique Nique September 11, 2019

    Normani is hot! She just needs the right song to push her over the edge. They are trying to market her as the Black Ariana Grande (who can dance) and that’s a definite no!

  6. Tyty September 11, 2019

    Ahhh two black queens supporting each other loving it!! Bless Normani she is cute nice to see a dark skinned sister get shine and not pushed aside… she is growing all she needs is the right material and boom. She is a slow burner but when she lands that hit it’s over!!!! Cause chile apart from her the pop tarts leave a lot to be desired ? Why do people even pay attention to that tranny clarkson this blog is it’s life… nobody who spends all day on a blog obsessing over black women is sane. You’re just feeding into its mental illness and delusions. Trolls need to be starved.

  7. Sweetnothings78 September 11, 2019

    When I read the comments below and how people write back to each other, it reminds of when I was 8 in primary school and said to people ‘my mums prettier than your mum’.

    Only thing now is we’re not 8 and the person I was speaking to won’t care and doesn’t care because we grew up…….

    • rt September 11, 2019

      AMEN. You said it, the rude/keyboard coward reply’s are menial and petty in the worst way. Your opinion can be stated without tearing down others; it speaks volumes of how uneducated you are.

  8. Jason September 11, 2019

    Queens supporting Queens!! We love to see it! ❤️❤️??

  9. Billboard Genius September 11, 2019

    Rihanna’s first single Pon De Replay peaked at #2 on Billboard Hot 100 and sold over 2,000,000 real singles. A real success. Rihanna’s third single she ever released to the world was S.O.S. giving Rihanna her very first Billboard Hot 100 #1. I can name two other SOLO mega-stars that came up around Rihanna that didn’t take long to reach Top 20, Top 10, Top 5 or even Billboard Hot 100 #1 for that matter. Even the LEGENDS OF ALL LEGENDS of course didn’t take long to do exactly what I just stated. Normani marketed Motivation as her “breakout moment”…..slight shade thrown……..strike one. If by single #3 she is still not at least Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 or has a memorable song she can sing for the rest of her career…..she isn’t the NEXT big anything. This is a music business. Real talented solo stars have a gifted ear for hit songs or write them themselves. She doesn’t have to be a huge star, but I suggest stop marketing yourself like you are if deep down you don’t have an ear for hit music….lol.

    • Only Facts September 11, 2019

      You sound dumb as heII. It wasn’t until Janet’s second album that she became Janet Jackson. And I love Rihanna, but it’s clear that Rihanna didn’t become “RIHANNA” until GGGB. Those first two albums were forgettable, even though the lead singles were smash hits. So, sit the heII down and do some research.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Gurl in this day and age and this music climate not record label is going to give a musician a second album when their first was a flop

        Janet got a second album cause of her last name.

      • Urg September 11, 2019

        @-Only Facts to add had I’d not been for GGGB Rihanna would have been dropped from her label. ‘Umberlla’ not only saved her carrer but I made Rihanna the superstar.

      • Billboard Genius September 11, 2019

        Control was Janet’s third album. Get it right. Don’t even try it. I knew you clowns would try and bring up Queen Janet as a comparison to Nomoney, I mean Normani. Chile please. Queen Janet was already a child star from Good Times and Different Strokes. Her label didn’t know what to do with a “child star”. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis saved Janet from that first record deal. Queen Janet then co-wrote the legendary Control. Then they actually started marketing her like the next big thing….and it WORKED!!! Normani is trying to do that now…..it’s not working…..lol. If Normani wasn’t trying to be the next big thing I would not be saying this in the first place…lol. Janet’s first single off Control went #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Don’t you ever compare Nomoney to the Queen born May 16, 1966 in Gary Indiana to Queen Katherine Jackson. LOL

        Wasn’t Normani in 5th Harmony? With a bunch of albums that have nothing I can recall? lol Time is ticking!

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @ Billboard Genius (self-proclaimed genius, eh? Kinda like our current leader #45? #loser)

        Anyways, you sound ridiculous. And yes, thank you for correcting me about Control being Janet’s 3rd album 🙂 And Normani isn’t doing anything except making music and performing. She isn’t claiming to be the next big thing…the general public and the music industry is saying that. So, read a book and learn how to form a proper sentence.

        Internet forensics is a rather revolutionary thing, right? 😉

      • Billboard Genius September 11, 2019

        #45??? what are you even talking about your gap tooth loser? lol

      • Tyty September 11, 2019

        Nobody is denying Rihanna had it factor but to pretend like the GP were running in shops purchasing her music pre GGGB era is an outright lie she was going to get dropped that’s a fact!! It was down to her stealing fefe Dobson look, dating poster Rnb boy Chris brown and the right material that really began her career. Again what’s to stop Normani from doing the same??? With all the other mediocre pop stars out right now you’re saying Normani isn’t talented enough to for bigger things? That’s hating ass b*******!!

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        #45? As in the 45th leader of our country? Moron. Read a book and watch the news.

      • Billboard Genius September 11, 2019


        With respect to you, Donald Trump is the LAST thing on my mind right now…lol. We are talking music. I will say this to explain why I was a little annoyed with your comments. Michael, Whitney, Janet and Prince opened doors and broke glass ceilings for young black musical pop artists that is beyond groundbreaking. It is the Genesis!! Normani can’t be compared to Janet because there was no blueprint for the kind a career like Janet’s until her brother, Whitney and Prince. Record labels honestly had no clue what to do with young black talent except sing R&B. Motown was the only label that knew how to first but not even close to the gigantic pop numbers of Michael (solo), Whitney, Janet and Prince. And Madonna came up with Janet and Whitney so they had to look to each other for their triple and quadruple threat careers (that included acting). So Normani, the doors have been opened by the legends. Walk through and do great things if you want to be the NEXT Queen. Any door that was still closed was Bruce Lee Kicked opened by Beyonce with shoes designed by Tina Knowles…lol. Choose your singles wisely and carefully.

      • Not sold September 11, 2019

        Chris Brown had Run It
        Ciara had Goodies
        Destinys Child took No no no into a remix
        Mario had Just a friend
        B2K had Uh huh
        Jennifer Lopez had If you had my love
        New Edition had Candy Girl

        AS DEBUT introductory first singles that were hits and a solid part of their catalogues.

        Normani music keeps being labeled buzz single 1 2 3. She need better producer really fast.

    • Tyty September 11, 2019

      Rihanna was going to get dropped from her label despite a couple hit singles.. she wasn’t shifting albums. It wasn’t until GGGB did she become a star. Clearly not that much of a billboard genius. Normani is coming up from a girl band where she wasn’t even at the forefront like her peer Camila. Yes motivation had all the right elements image and video wise it just wasn’t a strong song. Hell even Ariana grande didn’t solidify herself as a superstar until a current album came cause judging by her sweetener she was on her way out!!! Which means its always about the right material and you don’t always get your sound the first time around.

      • Billboard Genius September 11, 2019

        I’m the only one with Billboard facts in here. Rihanna was the NEXT big thing though and Queen Beyonce herself told Jay-Z that this is the girl that you guys should be pushing not Teairra Mari. Rihanna was then finessed by L.A. Reid and Jay-Z. Rihanna had already proved she knew what hits sound like regardless of what you are saying!!! You can try to caress that flop Motivation all you want. It won’t work. She picked the wrong single to play dress up Britney and Beyonce with…lol.

  10. Nicky September 11, 2019


    Poor Camicky

    Flopping new songs with no features

    And no endorsements.

    Who needs Camicky, when we have Normani. The industry is ending Camicky career because we see the real star. !!!! ??????????????????

    Maybe Camicky can release another feature?!! ??????????????

  11. Nicky September 11, 2019

    ????????????@ Clarksdaughter writing multiple essays

    If Normani wasn’t such a Star, why do you need to write essays?


    The Richest Female Musician has spoken. ????????????????????????????????

    Camicky is not respected by her industry peers since true talent is shining through now ????????????????

    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      The richest musician has spoken cuz Normani is not a threat in anyway….well maybe except dancing but Rih has acknowledged that. She’s done incredibly well for someone that’s not the best mover on the dance floor. Women are jealous creatures and Rih is no exception. Normani offers nothing threatening to Rihanna; Rih thinks she’s slick.

  12. Nicky September 11, 2019

    In order to have longevity in this business, you must be a good performer.

    Sorry Camicky!!!!!!!

    Your career is over!!!!!!!!


    All Hail Queen Normani co-signed by the Richest Female Musician and Future Billionaire

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      “In order to have longevity in this business, you must be a good performer.”

      Tinashe is a good performer, where is she today

      Amerie is a good performer where is she today

      Ciara is a good performer where is she today, she selling tacky cheap office shoes

      Normani is a good performer where is she on the charts today? Number 51. LOL

      Camila can’t relate. 2 number 1’s

      • Nicky September 11, 2019


        Where is Camicky today

        Not being cared about by her peers, releasing 2 flop singles that will not go anywhere and “dating” a gay man


        Bye Camicky!!!

        Normani 2 smash hits and Motivation outperformed Crying In club thus far ????????????????

    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      Rihanna has been having 9 lives being not a good performer. I remember ppl would say she’s going to flop now. Longevity is hit songs nothing more nothing less.

  13. Only Facts September 11, 2019

    Dear That Grape Juice Staff,

    Please begin monitoring and blocking comments. The hate that is spread in the comment sections on this site is honestly like nothing I’ve seen before and the common denominator is the Clarkson person.

    This site needs to have a moderator who approves comments before they are posted. But to have a poster like this Clarkson individual is not only driving the site’s reputation down, but is also promoting hate.

    One of the respectable commenters

    • Nicky September 11, 2019


      The Grapejuice staff will probably begin block his comments.

      Clarksdaughter had a nervous breakdown when that happened.

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      Triggered haters.
      They hate to hear the truth, so they try to censor the truth. If I dont say it another person will


      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        Hey Clarkson, what number is Camilla on iTunes right now? What number are Camilla’s two songs “Liar” and “Shameless” at on billboard? Don’t mention “Senorita”, mention her two SOLO songs….does she need a feature?

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @Clarkson, alright at this juncture it’s not even funny how sick and delusional you are. Scroll above and read your RACIST comment. You said quote “Normani dark skin complexion isnt even exotic like lupita colour , normani dark skin colour is basic, go to the hood every black girl look like normani with that cheap tacky wig and awful make up.”

        I only said Camilla’s jawline isn’t proportionate. Which is a fact. My mother is a plastic surgeon and said that she should get it fixed.

        Your comment however is racist, demeaning, and shows the trash that you are. Do not message me again. You’re ill-equipped for this as I keep telling you. You’re the same loser you were in high school I bet.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        I cant be racist cause I’m black myself

        Saying normani’s dark skin tone is exotic like lupita’s isnt racist, it the truth. Normani is not that dark compared to lupita or black dark skin models on the runway. Her complexion is basic as hell. Go to the hood u will see many girls that look like normani, dance like normani, dress like normani and sing like normani. She’s basic.

        U have lost this argument . Go home

        Normani was on dancing with the stars, lol. Which serious new artist starts their career on Dancing with the stars. LOOOOL
        Dancing with the stars is a show where has been go to cause they need the money.

        Normani destroyed her credibility by going on dancing with the stars. Camila could never.

    • CO September 11, 2019

      What a b**** move. You dont like what someone says so you ask the moderator to block them? Nothing Clarkson said has been wrong. With all the hype Normal gets, you’d think she’d be sitting at the top of the charts, she isn’t! How many more buzz singles are going to be needed to an artist who already has a fanbase? There are new artist right now that didn’t take that long to break the top 20 solo. She’s had several hit duets but none of her solo stuff is sticking. This is a testament to how social media hype doesn’t often translate to sells.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @CO you’re an idiot.

        1) Yep, I reached out to the blog to get RACIST comments blocked and censored. Clearly you missed the comments regarding Normani being dark-skinned and ugly.

        2) “translate to sells”?? B*tch, I think you mean SALES

        3) Clearly, you’re Clarkson under a different screen name (computer forensics is wonderful 😉 )

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Gurl you’ve been put in ur place.

        I have never called normani ugly. Calling someone dark skin isnt an insult.

        U are the one always calling Camila ugly. I have never brought up normani’s looks before. I brought up chart records and achievements and u got angry and started bringing up looks. Calling Camila all sorts of derogatory names.

        Of cause u will play the racist card even tho I’m black myself. Lol ur a loser.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @Clarkson, alright at this juncture it’s not even funny how sick and delusional you are. Scroll above and read your RACIST comment. You said quote “Normani dark skin complexion isnt even exotic like lupita colour , normani dark skin colour is basic, go to the hood every black girl look like normani with that cheap tacky wig and awful make up.”

        I only said Camilla’s jawline isn’t proportionate. Which is a fact. My mother is a plastic surgeon and said that she should get it fixed.
        Your comment however is racist, demeaning, and shows the trash that you are. Do not message me again. You’re ill-equipped for this as I keep telling you. You’re the same loser you were in high school I bet.

    • Tyty September 11, 2019

      Stop giving that demonic entity clarky attention. It doesn’t even reside in America it hates on any black woman who is posted on this site… and if they happen to be dark skinned well look at its obsession with Normani. It spends all day on this site on every post. You are wasting your time it despises black woman because it wants to be one. Its a white trans who wants to be black made obvious by it’s racist remarks and the fact that it has shown on several occasions it’s desire for black man but very suspicious remarks about black women.

      • Oh na na September 13, 2019

        Girl not even black women wanna be black with all the lace wigs we keep gluing to our hairline risking our edges just to hide the naps. Let’s keep it all the way real. That’s what black women pat themselves on the back for right? White women have said they’re trying to look Latina not black

    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      Oh stop. The race card is a weak card to pull. Blacks don’t want someone to even say the word dark skin they’re ready to freak. I understand what clarkson means and you do too. Stop feigning racism to have something to be up in arms about. Normani has that dry boring color while Nupita has a unique glossy dark color. And yes Normani is basic and facially very unattractive. Better looking dark skin girls are everywhere.

  14. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 11, 2019

    Like with Whitney Houston Mariah Carey has never celebrated her you had so many words and lyrics yet there are no words and lyrics for Whitney Houston.

    F*** Mariah Carey

    • ERIC September 11, 2019

      How did Whitney and Mariah get into this? Mariah respected Whitney in life and in death. Her respect doesn’t have to be made into a song if that’s what you’re saying.

  15. Are You Kidding Me? September 11, 2019

    Secure people embrace those in their shadow instead of being threatened. Like how Madonna was with Lady Gaga smh

    Starting to think that the “trolls” on here are sanctioned by the website to create drama and increase clicks. The trolls are here too quickly under a post writing dissertations and theses they couldn’t defend in front of a graduate school committee.

  16. Oh na na September 13, 2019

    Rihanna I love your music but if Normani was getting #1 hits left and right you wouldn’t call her a queen or even invite her. You know your ass is jealous and petty. Taylor Swift come to mind? You can’t stand Taylor is more successful and you accept it from Adele because she’s fat and not a threat.

  17. Oh na na September 13, 2019

    Rihanna jealous of Taylor but can accept Normani cuz she’s not a threat looks wise or chart wise

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